2016-17 Game Thread: Knicks @ Rockets

Happy New Year’s Eve, everyone!

The Knicks head to Houston tonight to end 2016 with a tough matchup against the Rockets.

This is a very difficult test for the Knicks, made even more difficult with KP, Lee and O’Quinn missing tonight’s game, and I would hate to see them enter the New Year with a losing record, so hey, maybe they’ll shock us!!! The Rockets did play last night (dropping 140 on the Clippers), so maybe they’re tired?

What? A fella can hope, can’t he?

Let’s go, Knicks!

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Shump Shump.

In this prerecorded new years thing where they are asking they players what they do when they are not playing basketball, I thought Baker was going to say, I try to figure out why the fuck Sasha is playing over me.

Jennings and Rose will start in the backcourt and Thomas will replace KP.


I’d like to see Thomas defend against Harden. He had a few decent games playing against him in the past.

Melo is actually a league average or below player now his defense is so atrocious

I agree but I disagree with Clyde because Melo was actually running tback with Decker in the corner.

Luke Kennard had another awesome game and Harry Giles had 8 rebounds (4OREB) in 13 minutes. They lost but the guys looked good.

We really need this win in Houston though. Lets see if we can pull it out. Too much Lance might sink us though. For sure.

That right there is why I don’t like Jennings. We’re down 8 points on the road and the home team is on a run. So you decide to throw a high risk pass to Lance fucking Thomas?

Haul up the anchor boys! The Ntilikina is leaving port!

The tank might not be happening but you can’t rule out the possibility of the accidental tank

If we don’t make playoffs this year can we reasonably expect phil to be fired by Dolan

Because that would be nice (unless what replaced him was even worse.)

Phil’s too rigid and proud and too much of an ass to tank in any way shape or form.

Remember when OKC traded Harden so they wouldn’t pay the luxury tax? Lol.

Was that the worst trade of all time? It’s up there with Eddy Curry.

I don’t know if this is even controversial anymore but we might be better without the 2016 version of Carmelo Anthony

It’s like the knicks are a good team when they get above average play from their backcourt players.

Justin Holiday is a terrible match for Harden. Length doesn’t bother Harden; he just forces you to foul him. And when Holiday tries to body up on Harden? He’s too scrawny and too slow so he’s gonna just bulldoze him on the way to the basket.

Really though if we get this Joakim Noah consistently there’s no way we don’t win more than 45 games.

Houston is gimmicky but very impressive. Harden is other worldly. And the Rocket’s unselfish play in general is so cool to watch, especially given Harden’s rep as a ball hog.

Good effort, though. I would have liked to have seen more Kuz in the 4th, he seemed to have it going when he was taken out.

Happy New Year, KBers!

Harden posted the 25th highest Game Score of all time. Frickin’ HECK.

Are we Ntanking for Ntilikina yet?

Fun fact
Famed D. Rose December TS: .513
Brandon Jennings December TS: .513
Lance Thomas December TS: .513

Was anyone guarding Harden? I know he’s good, but giving up 53 points, c’mon at least put up some resistance

Harden was lucky. We played hard. I’m proud of our team. We’ll be a force in the New Year. Tanking is for quitters. Quitting is for losers. The Knicks are winners going forward and will make us all proud. Onward to the playoffs and I’ll take Kennard instead of Nkitilina.

At least the Knicks’ schedule the next week or so doesn’t have any awesome teams in them. The back-to-back against Milwaukee is the toughest part. And the Knicks finally get a Sixers game!

Last night (to me) was obvious how much better we could be with better guard play. Or maybe we should just play Kuzminskas over LT. That might work too.

Happy New Year, everyone!

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