2016-17 Game Thread: Knicks @ Hawks

After the top two teams in the Eastern Conference, the rest of the conference is a shocking mass of mediocrity from #3 to #12. However, despite the parity between these teams, two of these teams will get home court advantage in the playoffs. One of these teams will get home court advantage in the playoffs and avoid playing the Cavaliers in the second round. Determining which teams gets those two spots will most likely be decided in games between the ten teams currently ranked #3-12.

Therefore, tonight’s game featuring the Knicks playing the under .500 and yet still somehow the #5 seed in the Eastern Conference Atlanta Hawks, is huge.

The Knicks have done very well this season against teams under .500. That’s very important. You can’t afford to lose against teams under .500 and the Knicks are doing a great job of avoiding those pitfalls.

Let’s hope that they avoid those pitfalls tonight, as well!

Let’s go, Knicks!

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I’m sooooo glad we have this game thread up! Enough with that last thread.

I think we’ll miss Lee, but I like the fact that he’s not changing the roles of the rest of the team. I want that second unit intact. I like their chemistry. Hopefully it’s Kuz instead of Thomas.

BTW, with Thomas and his plantar fasciitis, we should just have him be the 15th guy. Ndour deserves time ahead of him right now. He needs to heal his heel.

Only took 4 minutes to hit a shot. Yet we’re only down 3…this is going to be an ugly game. Fortunately we’ve been pretty good in those types of games.

We should have a drinking game: every time Breen says ” ______ left WIDE open” everyone does a shot.

But we might not make it to the end of the game.

We should have a drinking game: every time Breen says ” ______ left WIDE open” everyone does a shot.

But we might not make it to the end of the game.

That’s a good way to get someone killed.

Melo forcing a shot against multiple defenders while KP is all alone in the corner makes me die a little inside.

this game looks like a contest to see who will end up being less bad by the end of the game.

KP is the Latvian athlete of the year. And playing like it.
Our future is bright.

can we just fire Rambis and hire someone who actually works with defense?

Atlanta is getting open looks everytime, thank god Sefolosha, THJr and co are crap at hitting shots.

this is the classic Knicks game where one dude on the other team has a career fucking night.

you’re welcome mr.Schroeder.

what happened my cable went out for a few minutes but we were up like 6 and Atlanta was playing like garbage

what a fucking childish move.

just as I thought I couldn’t be more fed up with Melo…

Not watching because my ‘Canes are becoming “back” but Melo flagrant 2?!?!

he put his hand on Sefolosha’s throat, then touched him in the face… what did you expect?

Sasha has been bad. Jennings too. Holiday missing. Rose’s floater still in NY. Baker time?

Yeah that’s a flagrant 2

Now we get to watch even more Holiday. Yeesh

@42 I mean, it was not a legit punch, it was softer than that… I didn’t have a better word to convey that idea lol

well, at least we have a clear culprit if the Knicks do lose.

Like, IRL, he didn’t do anything remotely damaging to sefalosha. But you intentionally hit a guy in the head/face and you’re taking a shower, that’s just how it is now.

Man, if this is going to turn into the “Rose thought he had to step up and be ‘the man’ and take 30 shots” game I might just check out now.

Rose and Holiday taking over with Melo gone. Was he holding us back?

the game is still winnable, Atlanta is pretty terrible

Rose needs to calm the fuck down and start looking for his teammates a bit more, and this is very, very winnable.


Clyde recognized it was an ejection, Breen was more sceptical… in the end they both agreed it was an ejection, but kept saying that it was uncharacteristic of Melo and Sefolosha must have done something before that to trigger the reaction.

They basically said that’s a flagrant two these days and any time anything remotely intentionally near the head region happens it’s gonna be called as such

Clyde thought that Melo had malicious intent

Courtney Lee isn’t particularly good, but we’d probably have a nice lead if he’d been playing.

Joakim Noah’s stat line for the first half:

6 points (2/4 FGA, 2/2 FTA), 10 rebounds (5/5 OR/DR), 2 assists, and 2 steals. This is why he got $17M a year. He’s a beast.

Joakim Noah’s stat line for the first half:

6 points (2/4 FGA, 2/2 FTA), 10 rebounds (5/5 OR/DR), 2 assists, and 2 steals. This is why he got $17M a year. He’s a beast.

Well you kinda hope you get that level of production more than once every 20 games when you’re paying that much.

I agree that Noah played well. Oak didn’t. More shots for KP please.

this is where I don’t understand Hornacek, why the hell is Kuz glued to the bench now,?

We really need an upgrade for Sasha at this point. Which means he’ll probably make 6 threes in the second half.

Joakim Noah’s season per 36 numbers:

8 points, 13 rebounds (5OREB), 4 assists, 1 steal and 1 block.”

If you give the guy minutes he tends to produce. He’s known as a guy who has to play himself into shape and now he’s appearing to be in shape. Like my friends say, it’s lit bro.

We’re competing with three guys out there who can’t make a shot. Lance Sasha and Noah.

Rose and KP will be arm weary shooting this half. That’s a good thing.

Nice not to have Melo endlessly bouncing the ball with no purpose. When Rose has it we are much better off.

KP’s defense is looking elite in this game.

Good thing, because his offense looks bad.

They’re doubling Rose but it won’t work when we hit em with Rose and Jennings.

I would love to see Hornacek trying to explain why Kuz is on the bench with Sasha and and Lance getting all the minutes.

one thing Lance allows is for the Knicks to hide Rose on a worse player then Schroeder, but that’s all I can think of.

we’re watching the regression of Holiday live, and it’s not been pretty.

the Hawks are terrible and the Knicks are shorthanded, this will be a scrappy one.

and still no Kuz.

Our finishing lineup should be Rose Jennings Holiday KP and Noah tonight. I hope.

I’d say the one redeeming quality Sasha has over holiday late. An important one. Is that Sasha seeks out a guy to box out.

Jennings has been pretty terrible, in this sort of lineup they need to setup Hernangomez and KP to try something, but they have barely touched the ball.

it’s gonna be Rose hero ball to end the game, let’s see what happens this time.

Why do people cheer when an opposing star player gets tossed?

Who the fuck pays $100+ to go to a basketball game to watch the scrubs play 40 minutes?

This is a good lineup for us. I actually prefer it to having Melo in there.

Jowles just called Melo a star, possible Russian hack in play

Perception, at least. Plus when I see pro basketball in person, everyone looks like a star. I mean, shit, I saw the Pistons at the Garden in ’08, Walter Hermann played like five minutes and I was like, “Whoa, that dude is so tall and athletic.”

Walter Hermann.

Holiday is keeping us in the game with some nice shooting, but we can’t expect him to be the saviour… can we just please, please, at least try to run ONE set to get KP in inside position to score?

@140 I can’t understand why they don’t ever set up KP inside either. We need to use him like Kareem in there.

@143 KP is not shooting well, but the Knicks offense also makes zero effort to set him up for easy shots, it’s always perimeter stuff or really hard shots off the dribble.

Fucking Rose got owned by shroder there but we’ll take the OT. Someone get the old Cole inhaler ready for Noah.

Millsap is 4-18, THJr is 0-7, and this is still an overtime game.

being a Knicks fan is rough sometimes.

I really don’t see how 8-26 is that bad. I mean, could Jerian Grant have done better?

come on, that was a bullshit call, but as a coach you just cannot take this STUPID STUPID technical.

okay so Porzingis is pretty tall and can jump pretty high and I like him

Gotta watch korver running around. No doubles. Don’t be afraid to leave ur Man. Team defense

Jesus Christ, lord deliver us from these washed up hogs.

Just purge them from Knicks existence so I can live to see actual team basketball.

Sorry for the language but it’s getting out of hand

no, I think it’s a fucked-up travesty also but I’m Cock Jowles, pleased to meet me

Welp chalk this up as a painful but valuable lesson for Young Kristaps.

We caught a lot of breaks. We shouldn’t have needed them. Wasted possessions. Even our D clamped down nicely in some spots. And we ended up with same old shit

So many fucking wasted possessions in 3rd and 4th… it was literally mindless. With 14 seconds left. I couldn’t have felt better… and then Roses one track Melo like mind took over. I am so fucking fed up with this Shit.

by the way, without Hornacek’s stupid tech, this was a winnable game in that last possession.

We played without two of our starters on the road and we almost won. Not the worst loss ever.

I don’t blame KP – he was actually the defensive cornerstone. But he needs to stop rushing shots.

I always wanted Melo out of this team, but if it means Rose is taking 28 goddamned shots, I would rather live with iso-Melo forever.

That was some bad vintage Derrick Rose tonight. 9/28 even if most of the looks were good. Then an awful turnover at the end. There will be a lot to look at in film session tomorrow.

Refs were awful but it’s tough to overcome missing 2 starters and a 9/28 night.

On a happy note – Noah’s resurgence looks kinda real. He was pretty damn good tonight.

Yeah the loss is on KP. Fumbled an offensive rebound out of bounds with score tied and 7 seconds left. Then choked on that free throw. He should be sent to the D league.

What bothers me about Rose – aside from his shitty defense on Schroeder – is the fact that he takes Melo leaving the floor as a greenlight to go insane and chuck shots. No bueno.

Terrible reffing + Derrick Rose = lost basketball games

Can’t wait for Rose extension!

The tech on Horny was completely uncalled for and just totally absurd

Noah was really good, though, that’s true.

played good defense, really tried on the boards against a strong rebounding team and was even decent to good on offense.

Not having Lee was huge tonight. Without Melo AND Lee, a Rose Jennings Noah team is going to have a really tough time getting any space inside. Holiday has been pretty solid but no one is afraid of just him behind the arc

Anyone think it was a coincidence our defense looked so much better with more Noah and less Melo?

It was a fun game – like watching a disaster movie. We couldn’t have shot ourselves in the foot more.

Melo ejected
Hornacek’s T
Rose losing the ball
KP missing the FT

Balls getting thrown all around. Just a mess.

Look, we can shit on Rose all we want but unless we can find a guard who defenses fear off the dribble this is the best we’re going have. A shame we probably won’t have a low enough draft pick to get one though.

Honestly I couldn’t tell if we were playing better defense or Atlanta is just really awful


I agree it was better Ras, but the Knicks were facing the immortals Thabo Sefolosha and Kent Bazemore as the Hawks wing players… not really the toughest assignments, and Millsap was dreadful.

Also reminder that we need a competent two way point guard more than any other team in the league

But at least Derrick Rose broke down the defense!

This loss is on everybody. What a fucking shit show. Should have kept Thomas in, at least he plays defense. Could have used that in OT.

this was exhibit A on how rose loses games… those drives look nice from time to time but if he has the greenlight to do that with all those pullups it’s just not efficient….

rose needs to wipe the stickum off his hands…

hmmmm, if we’re building around KP, maybe we do need to find a pass first pg…

pretty sure this qualifies as a bad loss…

Rose wasn’t that awful tonight, but he gives back whatever he brings to the table on offense on the other end.

one more reason to not believe when people say Derrick Rose plays “passable” defense.

Melo and Lee missing. Jennings Sasha Lance Kuz Willy O’Quinn Baker Plumlee all were missing in action tonight. That’s 10 players who did next to nothing for us. Rose can only do so much. Plus KP choked.

A lot to takeaway from a lot of different perspectives tonight … I saw none of first half. As soon as I put on TV in 3rd I was immediately disgusted with what I was seeing from Rose… most of our non Rose sets was meandering nothingness. It was bad and yet somehow we had real chances to win… ATL did not play well…nor did we… but we sealed our own fate. Hornys Tech wasn’t even the primary nail and they gave him that for almost nothing… it was the continuous rose/meandering offense that ended it

Honestly Rose was getting stuck on screens but it wasn’t until late that they started bringing Noah up to hedge that PNR rather than hanging back and letting Schroder his wide open 17 footers. Yes you’d like to see him get over those screens better but the big has to give help. Unless of course the plan was to let Schroder shoot those.

Unicorn hits a huge three in OT …and before his monster putback I thought he actually came up with the block. I wasn’t sure. I don’t get mad at guys missing foul shots. Everyone misses foul shots. It’s unfortunate he missed a big one… but what i can’t stand is terrible decision making or no decision making and that’s what we got a lot of tonight, from one guy in particular …

I mean, this is still Schroder were talking about, he’s not even a top 15 PG and he was still shredding the Knicks.

And rose couldn’t be any lazier going over screens. The guy has me raging right now. He turns into a friggen noodle going over them.

Can anyone explain to me why Horny wanted KP to miss the last free throw? They could have fouled and had 3 seconds to tie with a 3 with an inbounds from half court (like they did). And that is even after Millsap making both free throws which wasn’t guaranteed. At first I thought they had no timeouts because it seemed like a no brainer to make the last 2 with a timeout.

And KP was the only knick doing anything positive near the end of regulation and in OT so you can’t blame this loss on him. This one’s on Rose and the refs to a lesser extent.

Why was Sasha in the game down one?? Wouldn’t having somebody who could set a screen and possibly get on the glass be a better option? Bad move by Hornecek. Also, KP has to set better screens up top. He basically takes one step towards the guard and immediately fades out to the three point line- pretty useless. And yes Rose (along with every other guard) stunk too.

Can anyone explain to me why Horny wanted KP to miss the last free throw? They could have fouled and had 3 seconds to tie with a 3 with an inbounds from half court (like they did). And that is even after Millsap making both free throws which wasn’t guaranteed. At first I thought they had no timeouts because it seemed like a no brainer to make the last 2 with a timeout.

Yeah, I didn’t like that call, either.

Damn, the league’s best offense is getting worked right now.

one more reason to not believe when people say Derrick Rose plays “passable” defense.

He doesn’t pass on Offense, why would he do it on Defense?

Derrick Rose needs to shoot less put shots and replace them with jumpers or lay ups. The put shot seems to be post ACL-tear D Rose’s thing, though, and that’s not good.

I’m not great with math, but I feel like 9 for 28 is not a good percentage of basketballs going into the basket hoop.

like if you could score points by angrily pounding the ball against the court after giving up an easy layup or being real slow to give the ball to the ref after you turn it over on an offensive foul, David West would easily lead the league in PER

do you hate david west or mo speights more

i bet it’s still mo speights

they’re very similar, but Speights was really awful… West can’t take those horrid 20-footers nearly as much as Speights did

also, what the fuck is wrong with GSW in the 4th?

Hope we can get a w before 2017.
We are expected to lose this games based on the odds but this could have been a won game. The basketball breaks are just not in our favor.
Bounce back Knicks.

David West was a good basketball player who is now too old. Never hate a guy for getting old. Death comes for us all.

Death comes for us all.

Something tells me that GM DRed is a Star Wars fan.

: (

Serious. Can we package Derek Rose and Melo for a half-eaten ham sandwich?

I say we hold out for a couple of decent second round picks.

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