2016-17 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Kings

The Knicks continue a nice string of winnable games with tonight’s matchup at home against the Sacramento Kings.

The Kings are not a terrible team, but nor are they particularly good. It will be fun to watch Boogie Cousins play, though!

Joakim Noah practiced in full today, so I suspect he’ll play. It would be great to see him play in an actual win for a change.

Let’s go, Knicks!

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Big game tonight. A chance to get 2 games over .500 with a road trip in the near future…

….a TOUGH road trip. It is an important game. This is one which the optimists swing the Knicks way. This is a game that the pessimistic Knick fan expects to lose. I think it’ll be a struggle. After this, prepare for a cool-down because of that brutal road trip that looms.

honestly feels like a loss to me

If we can’t beat a 7-12 team at home that is on the 5th game of a 6 game road trip, we’ve got some serious issues.

This game is not a gimme but it’s a game we can win.

Anthony was quoted as saying “I felt like I had my legs under me” against the T-Wolves on Friday. Maybe he should have sat on Saturday vs the Hornets. It was an away game, the second of a back to back. If missing a game here or there makes him better and prevents slumps, it should be considered.

In less than 5 mins the Knicks have been called for 5 fouls already. Yet Melo gets a bloody lip on a drive and doesn’t get FT’s.

Funny after we spend the day arguing about how good Rose makes the other players and hes the only one having a good game

If LT sticks to being a 3 and D guy he’ll be fine. It’s when he tries to do too much on offense where yeah he’s tough to watch.

Rose has been the reason we came back that first quarter. He looks better and better with each passing game.

O’Quinn is becoming my favorite player in this team!

Sacramento is like a DC darkest timeline / nightmare-world Knicks: if every one of the problems the Knicks have was turned into a concrete entity and amplified, the result would be the Kings.

I’m glad LT is hitting 3s. We may have a legit bench on our hands ladies and germs

@33 that’s a great post

“Funny after we spend the day arguing about how good Rose makes the other players and hes the only one having a good game”


The Kings awful shooting leads me to believe they were hitting the clubs hard last night.

Hernangomez will have the best post game on planet Earth in 5 years.

Well, next to KAT of course

encouraging start from Rose and it’s good to see LT can still contribute, even if it’s just to boost his trade value, and the Kings are so bad that the Knicks might be able to win even without Melo or KP doing anything…

would be a perfect night to get Melo and KP some rest, keep them fresh, give Willy / Kuz / KOQ extended time out there.

would be a perfect night to get Melo and KP some rest, keep them fresh, give Willy / Kuz / KOQ extended time out there.

Good idea.

You’ve gotta love the depth on this team. It’s a far cry from where it was when the season started. How much confidence do we have in O’Quinn, Hernangomez, Kuzminskis, Jennings and Holiday?

Willy H with the low post spin and then contests the shot on the other end, Rose keeps them in the game until KOQ comes in to take over, there’s a lot to like about this team.

Willy, spinning, winning and grinning!!!!

Baby Oak and the bench is doing it again.

Loving Holiday as well!

DRose is balling folks..

Kings are -10 per 100 without Cousins this year and watching them it’s hard to see how it’s not worse

I love Porzingis.

misses another 3, doesn’t get fazed, drives and reverse dunks… that’s the attitude.

the Kings might be the most absolutely badly constructed roster I’ve seen in years… my god.

none of the parts fit, it’s a patchwork of ineficient scorers, terrible defenders, washed up dudes and Cousins scoring, rebounding and screaming at everyone lol.

might be a testament to how incredibly good Cousins really is, that this dumpster fire of a team is still somewhat dangerous.

Anytime we feel like complaining about the Knicks just remember at least we aren’t Kings fans.

I feel bad for Kings fans. They were robbed of an NBA title back in 2002 and its been downhill ever since.

BJ with the disrespect and the Knicks with the good shooting. If we blow these guys out with a bad night from KP I will be very pleased.

We really need to put this team out of their misery, they look like they don’t even want to be here.

Despite the ratings Sacramento has to be the worst defense we’ve seen. Those guys don’t try

I mean, we talk about how bad the Knicks were drafting in recent history, well… don’t look at the Kings history of picks.

there’s Cousins, there’s Isiah Thomas (who they traded for a 7 million exception and Alex freaking Oriakhi), Hassan Whiteside (who they waived after 2 years) and literally nothing but busts or useless players until Kevin Martin in 2004.

they found 3 players in the draft since 2004, 2 in the 2nd round, and managed to lose them both for absolutely nothing lol

If we blow the Kings out and Boston doesn’t does that make us the better squad?


well, the Kings inexplicably beat the Raptors twice this season, so I don’t know anything anymore

This game would be a lot closer if the Kings could hit a layup. We haven’t exactly been great on defense.

If Melo had a 1st half like KP most people here would be asking for Melo to be benched for the rest of the game lol.

I don’t know what I would do if the Knicks had Rudy Gay as one of the team’s stars.


that’s kinda the difference between a 21-year old sophomore who averages .587 ts% and a 32-year old veteran who averages a .539, isn’t it?

Wow the Pistons started off the game great behing 4 threes from Morris in the 1st.

I totally agree Bruno, I have no problems with KP having a rough shooting stretch. It’s gonna happen especially with 21 yo 2nd year players. He’s contesting shots and rebounding well tonight at least. I was just poking fun at the level of Melo hate on this site that’s all.

I understand, I agree that it is too much sometimes and I am a repeat offender in that sense lol.

it’s just that seeing Carmelo for the past years in a Knicks uniform and seeing him repeating the same struggles without improving is so frustrating sometimes, it forces overreactions out of people.

i think the problem is that it if rose isn’t hitting shots like he has he’s not helping much…. the optimistic part is that he’s turning the ball over less…

his shooting efficiency is probably still going to be a problem… but when the shots fall it’s nice…

@83 – But Rose is one of a trio now that can come in and dominate. Melo, KP and Rose can all handle the offensive burden. So if one slumps (like KP tonight), we still have a guy that can put up points.

This is why the Knicks don’t blow teams out. They went up 20 and have allowed 5 3pters made since.

love the fact that Rose is exploiting the kings complete lack of defensive effort and driving whenever he can, that’s how he should play all the time

Derrick Rose might be playing well just to spite all of the posters on KB today.

Those damn turnovers, though.

Derrick Rose probably didn’t complain this much about foul calls when he was a Bull. Just saying.

Wow you cannot allow any contact on a shooter’s elbow. That one was egregious.

Lmao the Knicks let the Kings get within five. We might be watching the worst defensive teams in the NBA tonight.

please… this would be the worst loss in the season so far, the knicks can’t possibly blow this up

Either the refs are out to get us every game, or the Knicks are a terrible defensive team that fouls a lot. I lean towards the latter myself.

I’ll tell you why we’re losing.


Lance is really bad, and if that wasn’t enough, he’s taking some of Kuz’s minutes which enrages me.

It’s not the fouls on the defensive end, it’s Melo getting a busted lip on a drive and Rose getting clearly hit on the elbow on a shot and getting no calls that are annoying. Knicks get whistled for everything on the defensive end but hardly get anything on offense even when it’s seemingly blatant.

I liked Hornacek’s rotations a lot better when the LT option was not available. I don’t understand why he gets so much playing time. Lee being out is no excuse.

Absolutely. They call it supremely liberally when the Knicks are on offense and then everybody is James Harden when the Knicks are playing defense.

All those Lance Thomas travels would have been 3PAs or extra passes by Kuz.

Sacramento has a UCLA backcourt and sadly neither guy is better than Lonzo Ball is right now. That’s hilarious.

Lance Thomas is dreadful. He’s only on court for comedic purposes tonight.

I can’t wait to read the article 10 years from now when DeMarcus Cousins repents for all of his transgressions as a young hot head.

the game looks like another one which will end up with the last possession in either Rose or Melo’s hands.

I probably would’ve played Kuz instead of LT to start the 4th. LT already had 10 minutes in his first game back. He needs to earn more than that.

If Sacto could hit layups we’d be down 5 instead of up 3. We’re getting slapped around.

Derrick Rose might actually be turning a corner. Just stop turning the ball over bro.

Who would have thought our PGs are crushing it. They may not be CP3, but I’m glad they came to play tonight.

If the Knicks can play just below average defense instead of awful defense they could be pretty good.

I was looking forward to keeping a team from scoring under 100 points tonight. Shame it won’t happen.

There’s always Miami!

I hated the Noah deal, the moment I learned the details. But even I feel bad for him this season.

HOLY SHIT Melo didn’t settle for a 3pter and instead attacked the big off the dribble!!

Why has KOQ played so few minutes tonight? He’s making an impact every minute he’s out there.

I just want this horrible game to end, please, the Knicks can’t possibly lose this.

KP did a great job defensively and rebounding tonight. It’s going to be fun when he can do this on defense and have a good offensive night at the same time.

I’ll take a win any way we can get it. It’s good when we bend but don’t break. Knicks winning with consistency at home. We’re seeing some team depth. We’re seeing some chemistry. There are issues, but the Knicks are winning.

Now for that long and dangerous road trip. If we win 3-4 these next 7 we can call it a good stretch.

Great PG game today alsoโ€ฆ Jennings and Rose led the offense

The shooting was great but to many turnovers.

Horny playing Lance over Kuz better not be one of those inexplicably dumb trends like Fisher playing Seraphin over O’Quinn was last year.

Wow, this was another ugly win. However, I’ll take it! The boys lost plenty of games like this over the last couple of years so it’s good to see us pull these out and beat inferior teams.

Like I said a couple of years ago, it used to be EVERY single opposing PG having career nights against us. Now it seems like every decent big is killing us.

I agree with everyone else about LT. He should not have taken Cheezus’ minutes. No way, no how.

It’s amazing how many football players hate football. Earl Thomas is 27 this year and is talking about retirement. Guys just play it to get paid. Ever since I found out about how NFL teams lied about the concussion problem I’ve been turned off from the game and only watch when the Jets play.

I wonder how fun it must be for guys like Ron Baker. It’s like being a fan up close. Lol

Yeah forgot they were 8-6 last year. Read a stat that said this is only the 3rd time since 2001 the Knicks are at least 2 over .500 thru 20 games. That is beyond sad lol.

KP had his first dominant game off the glass of the season. These are the types of games he can have. Very proud of the effort.

so 20 games in to the season – and I guess we know now who these knicks are as a team?

you’re haunting me with the monitor- ‘no knicks lead is safe’…I instinctively begin to start clenching my teeth every time I see it…

This team is better than the one we saw the first ten games of the season, and that’s mainly because Derrick Rose is doing less of the 7-17 with 5 TO nonsense we were seeing in November. We’ll see what we look like in a month, but the floor is open for criticism.

I think we should try to swing a trade for MKG. He’s 23 years old and he doesn’t seem to fit in with what Charlotte is doing strategically. They’d be better served moving Batum to the 3 and getting a good 3 and D guy at the two since MKG’s value is mainly in being a Shawn Marion type of 4 IMO. I dunno how and what other team we’d need to get it done, but MKG and Porzingis would be a great modern front court.

Gotta like this recent Derrick Rose, though. I could see him sitting around 20, 5, and 5 for the season.

Shouldn’t Noah have been practicing his free throws considering all of the time he’s missed?

Boogie out-Carmeloed Carmelo

9-30, jesucristo that is an awful line (not quite 10-35 in a playoff game, but close)

Brandon Jennings da real MVP

side note: NFL is a shit product by a corrupt organization

Cousins 4-10 from 3pt line. Just checked Nets box score, Lopez 3-9
NBA coaches need to tell their bigs to stop taking threes and take it to the hole, except maybe KP

Weirdly, Rose’s stats are similar to his ROY campaign, except that he doesn’t dunk anymore.

The EC is really the wild west right now. The Cavs (!!) Raptors and Celts are probably still the class of the East, then the Bulls, Bucks, Hornets, Knicks, Pacers and Pistons are within 1.5 games of each other. The Magic may work themselves into the mix, and the Hawks have been exposed and are dropping like a stone. It’s still to early to get a feel for how things will work out, but I like that the Knicks have been down a couple of “starters” + Lance (all prominent rotation players going in) and are still winning games they should win, i.e. they’re deeper than people gave them credit for early on.

Good times, good times…

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