Knicks Morning News (2017.11.25)

  • [NY Newsday] Knicks squander 17-point lead and fall to Hawks
    (Saturday, November 25, 2017 1:26:31 AM)

    ATLANTA — The Knicks already are in the holiday spirit: They gave away a game Friday night that they appeared to be in position to win easily.

  • [NY Newsday] With Enes Kanter hurting, Willy Hernangomez gets more playing time for Knicks
    (Friday, November 24, 2017 11:57:07 PM)

    ATLANTA — Enes Kanter took the blame for the Knicks’ 116-104 loss to the Hawks because he was “in the locker room crying like a baby.”

  • [NYTimes] Hawks 116, Knicks 104: Knicks Falter in the Second Half Against Atlanta
    (Saturday, November 25, 2017 5:01:07 AM)

    The Hawks earned just their second home win by out-hustling the Knicks with a 24-5 advantage in second-chance points.

  • [SNY Knicks] Kanter takes blame for Knicks’ loss, calls himself a “crybaby” for sitting out with back spasms
    (Friday, November 24, 2017 10:53:40 PM)

    Enes Kanter is taking the blame for the Knicks loss to the Hawks while calling himself a “crybaby”.

  • [SNY Knicks] Knicks lose to Hawks 116-104 despite Porzingis’ 28 points
    (Friday, November 24, 2017 10:21:16 PM)

    After a fast start, the Knicks were outscored by 27 points in the remaining three quarters in their 116-104 loss to the Hawks.

  • [SNY Knicks] Knicks’ Enes Kanter (back spasms) out against Hawks Friday night
    (Friday, November 24, 2017 6:30:09 PM)

    Enes Kanter (back spasms) will miss the Knicks game against the Hawks Friday, opening the door for Willy Hernangomez.

  • [SNY Knicks] Tonight’s game: Knicks at Hawks, 7:30 p.m.
    (Friday, November 24, 2017 5:30:00 PM)

    ATLANTA — The Atlanta Hawks hope their recent success against the New York Knicks can carry over to this rebuilding year and help them end a three-game losing streak.

  • [NYDN] Kristaps Porzingis gets called for technical, curses at ref
    (Friday, November 24, 2017 8:40:20 PM)

    In how many languages can Kristaps Porzingis curse?

  • [NYDN] Enes Kanter will be ‘game-time’ decision against Rockets
    (Friday, November 24, 2017 8:38:21 PM)

    If Enes Kanter played Friday night, the Knicks probably don’t lose to the woeful Hawks.

  • [NYDN] Knicks’ road troubles continue with 116-104 loss to dismal Hawks
    (Friday, November 24, 2017 8:37:50 PM)

    For those playoff aspirations to get real, the Knicks still have to prove they can win on the road.

  • [NYDN] Enes Kanter out of Knicks lineup against Hawks with back spasms
    (Friday, November 24, 2017 2:53:02 PM)

    The Knicks were forced to shuffle their lineup and rotation Friday night because Enes Kanter woke up with back spasms.

  • [NYPost] Why Enes Kanter blames himself for disappointing Knicks loss
    (Friday, November 24, 2017 7:40:44 PM)

    ATLANTA — It was unclear which hurt more after the Knicks’ 116-104 collapse to the awful Hawks — Enes Kanter’s back or his heart. Kanter missed a game for the first time as a Knick, suffering from back spasms after waking up Friday morning unable to walk. He put the blame on himself for the…

  • [NYPost] Knicks lay an egg with late collapse against terrible Hawks
    (Friday, November 24, 2017 5:17:02 PM)

    ATLANTA — The Knicks suffered their own Black Friday in a horrible 116-104 loss to the Hawks at Philips Arena. The Knicks proved they can win without Carmelo Anthony. They proved they can’t win without starting center Enes Kanter, or on the road, even against the NBA’s worst team with a no-name young roster. The…

  • [NYPost] How Tim Hardaway’s Hawks tenure can help the Knicks
    (Friday, November 24, 2017 8:47:31 AM)

    ATLANTA — Tim Hardaway Jr.’s defensive improvement in his two-year stint with the Hawks has been well-documented. But something else valuable occurred here — something he hopes all of his Knicks teammates can experience, too. Competing in the playoffs. Hardaway, after not seeing the postseason in his first two years with the Knicks, played in…

  • [NYPost] Jeff Hornacek on ‘harsh’ speech: That was nothing back in my day
    (Friday, November 24, 2017 7:55:54 AM)

    ATLANTA — Knicks coach Jeff Hornacek was shocked the players deemed his halftime speech Wednesday against the Raptors extremely harsh, saying it was nothing compared to when he played for former Jazz coach Jerry Sloan. Whatever tension occurred in the locker room worked wonders as the Knicks blew out the Raptors with a record-setting 41-10…

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    How lame was it to leak that they were “shocked” by Horny’s halftime speech?

    By the way, is Ron Baker really just that bad at practice? They gave him a two-year deal and promptly never play the guy. Shouldn’t they at least give him sort of a chance? The way things are going, he’s certainly going to opt in, so shouldn’t they at least make use of him while they’re stuck with him?

    I can’t decide if last night was the worst loss of the season or the Houston blowout, or Cleveland which is why it’s fair to say I’m not feeling optimistic about tonite. after the raptors win and last nite debacle this roller coaster of emotions is too much.

    We need some serious perimeter defense. And a breakout game from our bench collectively.

    Trey Burke deserves a hard look. He’s been terrific for the W’s and can actually dribble.

    I can’t decide if last night was the worst loss of the season or the Houston blowout, or Cleveland which is why it’s fair to say I’m not feeling optimistic about tonite. after the raptors win and last nite debacle this roller coaster of emotions is too much.

    We need some serious perimeter defense. And a breakout game from our bench collectively.

    From a basketball perspective, last night was the worst loss. They lost by double digits to a shitty team. From an emotional perspective, I think the Cavs loss is tops.

    The Bulls are really dumb giving away the next Draymond for cash.

    It was dumb if he was just a decent player. It was one of the most aggravating moves of the entire draft.

    1. If I had any doubts about Kanter’s value (and I did), they are substantially reduced now. I can’t imagine Atlanta getting as many 2nd chance points if he was playing C instead of an uninspired O’Quinn and soft KP. I also think his energy would have helped inspire the rest of the team.

    2. O’Quinn has periods where he plays inspired high energy basketball and periods where he makes ridiculously foolish mistakes and plays without energy. He’s going through the latter right now. When he’s playing like this, he’s hard to stomach. He should lose his spot in the rotation. Willy still can’t play defense without fouling. So we are either going to get a revolving door on the inside or 3 quick fouls (probably both) from him. If we want to win games, the right thing to do is to play Noah as soon as he’s well. If we don’t care about winning, we should probably play Willy to begin finding out if he’s more than a backup.

    3. Jack can’t play defense at all.

    4. At least Frank proved he’s capable of getting a block with those long arms.

    5. Baker is still hurt. He’s practicing, but not all out yet.

    6. KP still takes between 3 and 5 DUMB shots per game.

    Even before he injured his shoulder in the G-League, though, they weren’t using him.

    I’m all for replacing Frank with Trey, at least for a few games. As a PG, Frank was terrible once again. In his last 6 games he has 8 assists, 13 turnovers and 15 fouls. But feel free to continue the denial.

    It’s hypocritical to play Frank and not play Willy or Dotson. I know the PGs ahead of him are not very good, but he has been woefully overmatched lately. Honestly, I think Dotson could play PG as well as Frank has over his last 6 games, and Sessions has been significantly better in his limited minutes.

    Either develop the kids or don’t. If you’re gonna play Frank, play Willy, Dotson and when he’s healthy, Baker, and even Burke, or don’t play any of them unless they are earning it.

    There is a 0% chance that the Knicks would play Trey Burke over Frank. Frank is only 19 years old. He was expected to go through growing pains. You deal with it because he has way more upside than Burke (who is 24) and he needs NBA minutes to develop. If they decide that Burke is playing too well to ignore, they will bring him up to replace Sessions.

    Even before he injured his shoulder in the G-League, though, they weren’t using him.

    He had a badly sprained ankle and was not 100% fit. He was sent down to the G league so he could get a lot of minutes and work himself back into shape. Then he hurt his shoulder. I think he will eventually be given minutes once he’s 100%, but I’m not sure what his role will be. He’s not going to get Frank’s minutes at PG. So unless he can win the starting job from Jack, he’ll probably get a mix of minutes from Jack, Hardaway, and Lee. I don’t think he should get a lot of minutes unless he shows he’s better than Jack. That’s what made it such a ridiculous overpay even if not particularly damaging.

    Either develop the kids or don’t. If you’re gonna play Frank, play Willy, Dotson and when he’s healthy, Baker, and even Burke, or don’t play any of them unless they are earning it.

    Kanter (at only 25) is making a good case for being part of the team long term. He’s better than Willy now and should be playing. You can argue playing Willie over O’Quinn because O’Quinn has been bad lately, but he was playing very well early and he’s our mostly trade chip. So you want him playing.

    I could see giving Dotson more minutes over someone like Lance just to see what he can actually do, but I’m going to guess they know from practice he’s not ready to displace guys like Hardaway or Lee at SG.

    There’s a balance going on between development, winning, and long term strategy. It’s not black and white.

    Maybe Hornacek should go with a starting 5 of KP/Lance/THJ/Lee/Jack tonight and give Beasley, KOQ, Ntilikina, McBuckets, and Dotson decent minutes off the bench. I think that’s the best matchup options against Houston that he has with Kanter out. Another decent option may be starting Willy and KP at the bigs with the hope that Willy would be a good matchup against Capela as well as helping to win the rebound battle. If Houston gets second chances consistently, they will bury us under an offensive onslaught- as if they aren’t already difficult to defend.

    I’d rather see KP chasing Capela rather than Anderson. He would be closer to the paint that way.

    See, I disagree, it is black and white. Either you are going to try to win as many games as possible or you are trying to tank, either directly or indirectly by deferring to younger players even when the older ones are better. Anything halfway is half-assed, mainly because you screw yourself out of draft position, especially in a top-heavy draft like this one.

    Dallas should play Smith Jr. as much as tolerable because they are tanking. Same with Sacto and Fox. Same with Phoenix and Jackson. Same with Chicago and Markannen. Mitchell has 30 assists vs. 16 turnovers and 14 fouls in his last 6 games, and he’s not even playing PG!

    And he’s older. I hear it argued that “Frank is only 19” as a reason to keep him up here and play him no matter how badly he plays, when in fact it’s a reason NOT to keep him up here and play him…he has plenty of time to develop, so why keep giving him preferential treatment? Why subject him to being an obviously terrible PG night after night when he’s clearly not ready to play PG in the NBA, and he’s arguably hurting the team in terms of W’s and L’s? What is the downside of sending him down? Is it going to hurt his confidence at age 19? If he’s that fragile, then he’ll never be a good NBA PG anyway.

    In a nutshell, what I’m saying is that he needs more than just reps vs. NBA PGs and defenses, where he is largely failing at everything except spot-up shooting and passing in transition. He won’t be able to correct that up here, and it’s only going to get worse as opponents have more game film on him. If I were an opposing team, I’d pressure him every time he has the ball, force him to drive left, and hedge to the roller and dare him to finish on every P&R where he’s the ball handler. It’s so obvious that the only thing he can do is hit 3’s and spot-up 2’s, and has weak ball skills, especially going left.

    Denialist opinion of the day:

    The Knicks are +4.5 with Ntilikina on the floor this season, the best mark between him, Jack and Sessions.

    I have to ask Z a serious question…. Does Frank have pictures of you with farm animals or something? I mean seriously. The guy has been the first guard off the bench on a team that is 10-5 when he plays. H contributes plenty for a guy just getting his feet wet in the NBA.

    Trey Burke played his way out of the NBA on his own merits. Dotson is a 2/3 not a 1 and he is stuck behind Lee , THJr and Mc D who are all on reasonable heaters so he isn’t getting minutes til he out plays one of those guys or more likely there is an injury and he gets some run. I love Dotson after the draft and I’m praying for him to get in, but where???

    Based on results so far it’s obvious- keep Kanter

    Houston is really good right now, Knicks are in trouble today with or without Kanter

    I have to ask Z a serious question…. Does Frank have pictures of you with farm animals or something?

    Being from Vermont, you must have lots of experience with farm animals…are you worried that I’m hitting on one of your favorites?

    Seriously, considering his stats, we’re 10-5 in games that he’s played in spite of him, not because of him. And it’s getting uglier by the game.

    But predictably, any criticism of Frank immediately draws a personal response. Please show me where any of my comments above had an edge directed at any individual poster.

    Bruno, in 5 of his last 6 games, he posted a negative +/- and in the only one in which he had a +9 he shot 3-8, had 0 assists, 1 turnover and 4 fouls. Raw +/- might be the silliest stat of all to use in determining an individual player’s level of play, which I would hope you are smart enough know but are choosing to ignore it out of convenience rather than ignorance. Obviously you will look at any stat you can to put lipstick on his pig-poor performances.

    But the trend is towards less minutes, so at least Hornacek’s noticing.

    Let’s be fair to Ntilikina. While his stats aren’t eye popping and he hasn’t played very well these past 4 games, the team plays better with him than without. That’s a good thing. I do think it’s reasonable to expect better play out of a lottery pick- even if he’s a 19 year old PG. I don’t necessarily think Z Man is wrong- as his comments about Ntilikina have been closer to reality than harshness.

    That said- we should all expect a roller coaster ride with Ntilikina. He’s a 19 year old PG! Traditionally, PG is the hardest position to adjust to coming into the league. Personally, I’m quite happy with Ntilikina at this point. He’s not gonna get worse. His work ethic and desire to get better reminds me of KP when he came in the league. I think Hornacek is doing the right thing with his PG rotation. It feels like he’s waiting for Ntilikina to get more experience and then switch his role with Jack. Ntilikina will start this season. I also think it’s wise to wait until Baker is fully healthy. Hornacek wants to give minutes to Baker and Ntilikina, but not until they are ready. At that point Jack will become the only vet mentor on the team. I don’t know what will happen with Burke though. His play for Westchester feels like fool’s gold- but he’s worth a shot

    Z-Man, even if we accept the premise that there are clear-cut better options than Frank if all you care about is winning games this season (I personally find it doubtful, Sessions/Dotson/Burke/Baker isn’t exactly a juggernaut), the idea that the Knicks should only try to win games or only try to develop young players is faulty and not supported by NBA history.

    Even teams that are obviously in “win now” mode take into account their future to some extent. Everything from finding minutes for recent draft picks, to minute limitations, to not going full Billy King on your draft pick stash are examples of this.

    The argument is even more faulty for a team like the Knicks that has no clear incentive to win every possible game and is merely exceeding low expectations. I mean, if we win 38 games instead of 41 (I think that’s the most charitable projection possible of switching from Frank to scrappy doo or whoever else) because we made a point to develop Frank will you really be upset?

    A Phil Jackson-esque “hybrid” approach is dumb as hell because it involves capping yourself out with guys on the wrong side of 30 while still clearly not being good enough to take advantage of what’s left of their primes. A situation in which you win more games than expected because players who actually could still be good in ~3 years are playing well is completely different, and does not necessitate doing everything you can to win every game.


    Here’s the edge!

    I’m well aware that on/off stats are problematic. I used them because your argument was simple: Ntilikina is terrible, and if the team wants wins, he should get zero minutes. The on/off stats suggest you’re wrong, since the team has apparently played better with him than with Jack or Sessions. You suggest replacing Ntilikina with Burke, and yet is fine with Jack being on the roster. Another thing you also conveniently ignore is that Jack, who has a worse on/off split than Frank, plays the majority of his minutes with Porzingis, who has a staggering +16.5 so far, and it’s still behind Frank in net gain. KP and Ntilikina as a two-man lineup has a 120 ortg and a 90 drtg. Porzingis + Jack, 110, 106.

    And you argue that Frank should be gone and Jack should stay… that was my issue. I’ve pointed out in the last few games that Ntilikina has been playing terribly, and stand by that. No edge against you, just against your insistence on being right.

    Frank is certainly going through a rough stretch though some of that may be attributed to the fact that he was under the weather for a couple of games. That said, if he continues to struggle with ball pressure and continues to ignore clear paths to the basket I don’t think a few games in the G-league where they tell him to forget about turnovers and attack the basket would be the worst thing in the world. Still, he’s good enough defensively (though I think he’s slipped a bit on that end as well) that he’s still probably a better option than Sessions right now if the Knicks want to win games so just waiting to see if he can play his way out of it is the best bet.

    Z-mans anti-Frank crusade is truly baffling.

    It’s not an anti-Frank crusade. It’s a difference of opinion about how to handle him right now. Why does any criticism of him or how he is handled trigger such a personal reaction by a few here?

    And don’t the stats I posted in @9 speak for themselves? Do those look like aspiring PG stats to you? Here’s another one: out of 84 shots this year, 12 have been inside of 10 feet. He shoots fewer shots at the rim than Iman Shumpert did during his rookie year, and at a lower %. His assist% (the lowest of all rookie PGs) is lower than his TOV% (highest by far of all rookie PGs.)

    I disagree that playing him more is going to make those PG-centric stats improve; if anything, I see them getting worse as teams go at him more aggressively. And this is nothing new or unexpected; the same shit happened in France, which is why he played almost entirely off the ball.

    If he’s going to be a PG some day, it’s not gonna happen just by throwing him out there no matter how he plays. He needs to play big minutes in games where he can be consistently successful at it. That’s not hating on him, it’s an opinion based on any reasonable measure of PG effectiveness.

    I think you can make a case that playing Frank helps us win. He is young and has a ton of variance to his game. Sometimes he is a net positive, sometimes a net negative and sometimes a total liability. Sessions is always a net negative, probably never a total liability but playing him ensures bad PG play. Playing Frank gives you the chance of positive play that will hopefully become more frequent as the season progresses. Looking forward even just to the end of this season supports playing Frank because the hope is by the end of the season he is consistently helping the team. Also as the hopeful future starter, which as a lottery pick he is, you need to invest time in him.

    Dotson and Willy don’t have the same situation. Both have good players playing well in front of them. Playing them means benching more effective players. Also with Dotson the hope is eventual rotation player, not starter, and the stakes are a lot lower for his development. With Willy he’s been playing like shit and while we hope he can be a starter he needs to get back to his last season form before we start ringing our hands at his lack of playing time.

    Farm animals??? Carry on…

    How am I supposed to respond to a comment like danvt’s? If I offended anyone other than him, my apologies.

    @28, mostly fair, although I have no more “insistence on being right” than any poster here on any matter we discuss. We all post as if we are right. At the end of the day, it’s an opinion. That’s a given. No need to get personal if mine is different from yours. But that happens time and time again when it comes to Frank.

    Ben, I disagree. Willy played a lot of minutes at a statistically high level last year. He could have been worked in 5-10 mpg without hurting the team. Dotson has played well statistically and has been lauded by Hornacek for his play. It wouldn’t kill the team to spot them in.

    tnfh, I probably sounded too absolute, there’s always a gray area, but largely stand by my point. I’d rather see them rotate all the kids in rather than play Frank every game and freeze Willy and Dotson out.

    I actually agree about Dotson. I’d love to see him get 10 minutes consistently, but I do understand why he’s not. I was mainly stating he is not in the same boat as Frank. As for Willy, now that O’Quinn is struggling we definitely need to start playing him more but to start the season I was okay with him sitting.

    Here’s the problem with the “play the best players” strategy: the Knicks front office built this roster. It didn’t just happen by accident. The only players in the rotation right now who probably don’t have trade value are Kanter and Hardaway. Everyone else is or likely was at some point over the summer at least dumpable for a protected 2nd rounder or whatever. So if the Knicks should be playing Dotson and Hernangomez, the fact that Lee and O’Quinn are still on the team is not an excuse for not playing them because the team chose to keep those two players on the roster.

    The Knicks were never going to intentionally tank anyway, I’m 100% sure the preseason talk of playing the young guys as a priority was literal bullshit coach / GM talk to secure themselves in case this team was terrible from the start, which most of us expected to happen.

    Now that they’ve won some games, there’s no way in hell guys like Hornacek or Mills are ever intentionally tanking.

    Ntilikina is getting minutes because he was a top 10 pick, because he can defend and the other PGs are terrible. Dotson is not because Lee and Hardaway have played well and are much more reliable. It’s quite simple to be honest. I’m pretty sure if the Knicks had a legit good Point Guard Frank would be playing Dotson minutes, even though I would disagree completely with that.

    A guy ends his first post with “But feel free to continue the denial”, then accuses everybody else of taking things to a personal level, while playing the “hey I’m just a neutral observer talking about facts” card.
    Rinse and repeat every fucking day. It got old a long time ago.

    @39 my comment about denial was probably unnecessary, but it clearly wasn’t aimed at any particular individual. If someone says “to all the Frank doubters out there..” I wouldn’t take it personally.

    But wait, why do I even bother responding to anyone who is so insecure about his intelligence that he has to confirm to the world that he understands math?

    I’m all for replacing Frank with Trey,

    What a shock.

    The key thing here is that there are few stats for revealing the impact players have a defense. I’m pretty sure that’s why Frank is a net positive. Ok, raw +/- is a problematic stat, but is it meaningless? Is his steal percentage meaningless? There is a lot he can’t do on offense yet. But there is a lot he IS doing on defense. That’s why people think you have your head up your ass.

    No, he’s not good. He may never be good. But Ben is rational in explaining why he’s getting time. I for one appreciate a player who can defend – this team has been so brutal to watch for so many years because they couldn’t disrupt the offense.


    There is a lot he can’t do on offense yet. But there is a lot he IS doing on defense. That’s why people think you have your head up your ass.

    No, the reason people like you think I have my head up my ass is that they have a reading comprehension problem. I have said over and over again that my problem with him is that he’s a terrible PG on the offensive end, despite being a decent defensive player for a rookie. Sure, he gets a few steals (although only 3 in his last 5 games and none in his last 3), but so did Shumpert, and that didn’t make him a PG (the Knicks tried him there for an extended period during his rookie year, if you recall.) Should Bruce Bowen and Tony Allen have been converted to PG? By your logic, maybe they should try Lance as a PG, since he can play D and get us a few steals. He’ll even get a few assists, although he’ll probably turn the ball over a lot.

    Any objective reading of his stats thus far would suggest that it’s the people who think his play thus far (or in France) bodes well for him being an effective 2-way PG any time soon (like in the next 3 years) have THEIR heads up their ass.

    I have no problem with Ben’s explanation. I disagreed with it. Ben seemed to have no problem with my disagreement, he responded politely. I don’t understand why you brought him up.

    And as to replacing Frank with Trey for a few games, Trey, at age 25 where lots of PGs start figuring it out, is playing extremely well in the G-League, playing 37 mpg to a .195 WS48 and scoring 22 pts/36, 5.6 assists/36, 2.5TO/36. 1.8 steals/36, and shooting .490/390/850. I’d love to whether Frank would post post better numbers than that down there as a 37 mpg PG. Although if he keeps playing like he has these last 6 games, we should find out soon enough.

    To say that the knicks are 10-5 IN SPITE of Frank is total BS. Both of their big come from behind wins were catalyzed by Franks D and that’s factorial.

    Also…. point guarding is hard! Please point to any of the wonderful PG’s in last year’s draft that are lighting it up? The Magic Johnson/Jason Kidd clone Lonzo Ball…. he of the blistering .013 ws/48? The feline quick D’aaron Fox (-.025)? . LOL tastic every Knickerblogger favorite (OMG Phil’s such a moron) -.068 Dennis Smith?

    I’d love to whether Frank would post post better numbers than that down there as a 37 mpg PG.

    Is this a roto league????? I’m sure Derrick Rose would tear up the G league. And that would translate into precisely what?

    The Knicks had Trey and a crippled up Jack in camp and made an easy choice of non G players….

    @44 Frank is shooting better and getting more steals than Fox, Ball or Smith Jr. but he is worse in PG-centric categories, namely ast%, TOV% and fouls/36. Those guys look like PGs who are struggling to shoot. Frank looks like a 2 who is trying to convert to a 1 and failing.

    @46, agreed, any NBA-level PG should tear up the G-League. So what if Frank DOESN”T tear up the G-league, would that be telling? Sounds like you and others are concerned about finding that out. I, for one, would like to see him tear it up as a PG somewhere, as he has never done it on any level and certainly isn’t now.

    I am not terribly worried about Frank’s fouls/36 as I wasn’t by KP’s last season. Figuring out the league has a lot to do with that. I am also not terribly concerned that he kicks the ball around a bit because he is an effective and willing passer and I don’t think his ball skills have peaked at 19. His vision and willingness to pass are unquestioned as is his defensive ability for a neophyte.

    While I don’t think sending Frank down is at all necessary right now, he’s precisely the kind of guy a stint in the G-League might help. He’s really tentative on the offensive end (which makes his high turnover rate a little worrying) so having him get 4 or 5 games where he’s playing 36 minutes a night and told to not worry about turnovers etc… and look to be aggressive on the offensive end might actually be really good for his development. That he does enough defensively (plus the lack of other options) to warrant time here doesn’t change that fact.

    Tearing up the g league isn’t a prerequisite for being an outstanding NBA player. I would imagine a selfless defensively oriented player probably would develop anything other than terrible habits trying to TEAR UP the g-league.

    Do you want a roto league stats driven player or do you want a SURVIVOR like challenge for Frank in the g league?

    @50, all fair points. I worry more about fouls/36 for PGs because it suggests that they can be attacked off the dribble by crafty higher-usage PGs who usually have the ball in their hands to start the possession. He fouled a lot in France too.

    @52, I disagree. If you can’t dominate statistically in some way down there, or at least put up stats that would look good in the NBA, you are probably not ready to be a NBA rotation player…ESPECIALLY as a PG.

    Look, hopefully Frank starts playing better and all this becomes moot. But he shouldn’t be immune from criticism for now, no matter how old he is or where he was drafted.

    Wouldn’t the Knicks have to drop someone to add Trey Burke to the roster?

    Yep, although Sessions seems to be an easy cut whenever necessary.

    Tearing up the g league isn’t a prerequisite for being an outstanding NBA player. I would imagine a selfless defensively oriented player probably would develop anything other than terrible habits trying to TEAR UP the g-league.

    Refusing to drive when the lane is open is a terrible habit as is turning your back and looking to get rid of the ball as soon as any ball pressure is applied. If he’s going to play the point he’s either going to have to be a Calderon/Hill level shooter or he’s going to have to get used to getting into the paint at least a little bit. The idea that playing 4 or 5 games in the G-League and being asked to be aggressive is going to turn him into a selfish player is pretty far-fetched. He’s really tentative and having him get a lot of game time where he wouldn’t have to worry as much about making mistakes might be good for him.
    Look he might just snap out of this funk on his own any game now. I’m not suggesting sending him down right now- I’m just saying that the G-League exists to help with player development and it’s possible that Frank might actually be helped rather than hurt by the experience.

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