2017-18 Game Thread: Knicks @ Hawks

The next finally go on the road for two games in a row, but luckily their first opponent is the Atlanta Hawks, who are not very good at all.

The Knicks could get four games over .500 tonight, which would be amazing!

While they are there, the Knicks should thank Budz for all the work he put in with THJ. Damn, that guy is a hell of a coach.

EDITED TO ADD: Kanter is out. Willy will get his chance to play tonight!

Let’s go, Knicks!

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Kanter out. Willy gonna play. Should be interesting data for two ongoing KB debates: 1)What’s going on with Willy? 2)How valuable is Kanter, anyway?

Willy is a 23 year old Enes Kanter the way Dotson is a 23 year old Courtney Lee. The only thing is Lee was voted team captain and Kanter is the heart of the team.

Any news on whether or not the Kanter injury is something we should worry about? If not I kind of like the timing of seeing what Willy can do.

maybe tonight’s game will answer the question; what is more annoying…..that “people talking sports” commercial, or Dennis Schroder’s hair?

It makes more sense that KOQ starts instead of Willy. He was always the guy who first came in for Kanter. They have to face Dedmon and Plumlee. They ought to do OK (I hope).

Tough game. Atlanta stinks, but the Knicks don’t play well on the road. Kanter out. Holiday.

Knicks 106
Hawks 102

advanced stat question: Can a guy be percolating when he hits his first shot of the game?

Knicks have 20 points less than half way through the quarter, and a some of them came from very open looks. No wonder Budenholzer called time out.

For once, I don’t agree with Clyde, I’m happy Porzingis is trying some passes. It’s something he could improve, and now is as good a time as any to work on it.

The Hawks are tanking soooo hard, but a nice 1st quarter anyway. Willy seems motivated!

wow, the knicks are looking/playing like an incredibly confident team…

that’s interesting to hear courtney was voted team captain…

he seems to be really coming alive this season…

Did you notice that come from behind block by Frank at the rim? That was impressive.
Plus a nice pass to Willy underneath.
And a long three to boot.

Nah, just the game evening up a bit after the Knicks shot ridiculously well in the first quarter.

UFO sighting.
Timmay playing really, really well.
Frank is aggressive out there and standing up for himself with the refs. He’s going to be special.

Harlow was talking about his Willy was working on getting stronger. I think he got pulled pretty quickly by Hornacek because of his defense. He should work on that.

Yeah KP doesn’t close out well on the threes and he does his best work defensively at the rim.

Our defense has actually sucked this game, Hawks have missed a ton of open 3’s and have made a ton of layups

Even when Courtney Lee goes 8 for 8 he doesn’t get a mention on here.

Wait, he missed. Trade the bum.

This is a really weird thought, but the Knicks seem to miss Kanter on defense.

@39 I was thinking the same thing. Kanter’s defense is better than what I’ve seen tonight.

The Knicks aren’t making the playoffs if they can’t win games on the road like this.

The Hawks have been running wild out there. Lance and Frank might have slowed them down some.

Considering the Knicks are going to get destroyed tomorrow night in Houston they better find a way to win this game tonight.

What was that from Lee?

So many sloppy plays, stupid mistakes, lack of concentration…

Coaches need to make a list of who can and can’t eat turkey the night before. We’ve been asleep for two quarters.

O’Quinn … what the hell happened to this guy. And Willy has zero mojo. Whatever this team is right now , it seems to have passed him by. And why doesn’t he jump for rebounds. I’m not even sure hes a good rebounder anymore. He just tries to tap the ball to spots.

Willy is awful all over the court. Sorry. He’s playing terrible one on one and team defense.

I agree. Willy looks terrible on defense. They’re running PNR mismatches on him so much it seems like there’s a gameplan in place.

Kanter is very important to this team. O’Quinn is no more than a slow backup and Willy is very disappointing. Will Noah be ready by Memorial Day?

Well, if we were doubtful about how important Kanter was for this team, I guess this game is a good indication…

Willy is being embarrassed by dudes who literally were in the G-League yesterday.

Aside from missing Kanter … O’Quinn and willy have been so bad it’s been twice as bad as missing kanter Additionally. Just not getting anything from Doug or Lance tonight. We need a little something from either. Frank with another weakish game as well. So a few things not going so hot.

I had a long phone at the half and just got back to the game. What happened?


Well, against him, we see why he’s not playing, if he’s practicing like this…

I just left to walk my dog after the 2nd quarter and now I return to a 7 point game.

WTF happened?

I mean 10-9 to start the season is alot better than we all expected so can’t complain too much I guess.

Can we do what Cavs did against us sans Lebron. Have mcbuckets heave up a few 3s. Just a couple in the korver mold

@72 True but Willy can never be ready for prime time if he’s just been practicing.

Mini-Melo and Big-Melo are taking turns hero balling now then?

I would agree but it’s the damn Hawks, he got outplayed by a dude on a two-way contract. That’s unforgivable if you want minutes in the Nba.

O’Quinn can never be a starter. Petpetual backup. I’d rather play Willy and hope he can turn it around.

that’s funny – the knicks got confident, then cocky, then sloppy, and then beat…

pretty much a team loss…fucking pussies…

i can’t believe I actually wanted noah in the game tonight, at one point beasley too…

For some time we wondered why KOQ never got more minutes here or in Orlando, I think the last week or so had provided an answer.

Other than Lee’s first half, and a run down block by Frank, was there anything good here?

This team isn’t talented enough to win by playing lackadaisical and with no effort defensively even with a 17 pt lead in the 1st quarter. Harsh lesson was hopefully learned today.

Beasley’s mostly useless but games like this where the only guy making shots is Lee seem like the ideal time to see if he’s cooking. Wouldn’t have hurt us on d, they were already getting all the open looks.

Pretty hard to lose when you shoot 51% but 20 dumb turnovers and giving up 13 offensive rebounds will kill you every time

I can’t believe I’m saying this but without Enes Kanter our defense was a trainwreck.

In a time of rapid change with our roster (and the outside world), at least Marco Belinelli unceremoniously killing us is one constant we can always rely on?

Anyone else watch the end of the Cavs-Hornets game? We really should appreciate Breen and Clyde, those Cavs announcers are atrocious

I wouldn’t be surprised if a few years from now that Collins is one of the best players from this draft. Once he gets a little stronger and stops fouling so much he’s going to be a beast.

Ugly effort by the Knicks tonight. Road warriors they are not.

Rose taking time off for “personal reasons” to contemplate his future in basketball- LOL. So glad we moved on from that dysfunctional point guard.

You can’t drop games to the Atlanta Hawks. Way too many turnovers tonight.

If a team wanted to kill a narrative that they were propped up by a bunch of early home games, the way to do it was definitely not lose on the road to Atlanta. Hopefully they somehow steal a game in Houston. It could happen!

I’ve never been more sure of a loss than tomorrow Brian. Only way we have a chance is if Houston shoots 10% from 3pt land.

Oh, it’s not likely to happen, but it could happen! This team just beat Toronto on the road with a 28-0 run! And the Raptors beat the Rockets in Hosuton earlier this year. By the law of transitive wins (which is totally a real thing and not something I just made up), the Knicks have a chance. Also, the Rockets have also lost twice to the Memphis Grizzlies! It isn’t likely, but the Knicks could pull this off.

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