Knicks Morning News (2017.11.24)

  • [SNY Knicks] Hornacek’s “explicit” halftime talk impetus behind Knicks’ 28-0 run
    (Thursday, November 23, 2017 2:52:20 PM)

    Courtney Lee admitted that he and Jeff Hornacek exchanged words at halftime of the Knicks’ 108-100 win against the Raptors.

  • [SNY Knicks] Warriors’ Kerr defends ex-Knicks president Jackson’s reign
    (Thursday, November 23, 2017 11:08:36 AM)

    Though he opted not to coach under him, Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr defended ex-Knicks president Phil Jackson’s tenure in New York.

  • [SNY Knicks] Hardaway scores 12 of 38 points in Knicks’ dominant 28-0 run
    (Thursday, November 23, 2017 8:53:54 AM)

    Knicks guard Tim Hardaway Jr. scored 12 of his career-high 38 points during New York’s crucial 28-0 third-quarter run in Wednesday’s 108-100 win over the Toronto Raptors at Madison Square Garden.

  • [NYPost] How Tim Hardaway Jr. is justifying his huge contract
    (Thursday, November 23, 2017 2:56:05 PM)

    Tim Hardaway Jr. is making his return to Atlanta at the perfect time. He’s emerging from a career-high 38 points and arriving at Philips Arena on Friday with a team that is the one of the biggest surprises in the NBA at 10-7. When Hardaway left Atlanta, he felt he made the right choice, and…

  • [NYPost] Last season’s Knicks feel-good story is still waiting for an encore
    (Thursday, November 23, 2017 1:29:19 PM)

    Ron Baker has become a true New Yorker this season, moving from Westchester County to the Upper West Side, even taking the subway twice to the Garden for games. But unlike his rookie year, when he was a storybook revelation as an undrafted free agent out of Wichita State, Baker’s career arc has been derailed…

  • [NYPost] How Tim Hardaway Jr.’s Hawks exit unfolded from Knicks perspective
    (Thursday, November 23, 2017 8:27:08 AM)

    Tim Hardaway Jr. is making his return to Atlanta at the perfect time, emerging from a career-high 38 points, arriving at Philips Arena on Friday with a team that’s the surprise of the NBA at 10-7. There was early panning of Hardaway’s signing in July, but sometimes you can come back home. Hardaway felt he…

  • [NYTimes] Knicks 108, Raptors 100: Tim Hardaway Jr.’s 38 Points Carry Knicks Past Raptors
    (Thursday, November 23, 2017 3:23:34 PM)

    Kristaps Porzingis finished with 22 points and 12 rebounds and Hardaway scored 12 during a 28-0 third-quarter run at Madison Square Garden.

  • [NYDN] Hardaway Jr. and Lee thriving on court as Knicks next face Hawks
    (Thursday, November 23, 2017 8:17:37 PM)

    The two swingmen have thrived on the court concurrently, and perhaps never more than during the Knicks’ insane 28-0 third-quarter run.

  • [NY Newsday] Tim Hardaway Jr. beginning to live up to that contract
    (Thursday, November 23, 2017 10:11:41 PM)

    Some NBA players are great from the start. Some have greatness — and $71 million — thrust upon them.

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    Happy Black Friday!

    Tonight’s a good test. Hawks aren’t very good, but we’ve mostly played badly at home. Also, will returning to ATL, on top of acclaim for his career night, lead TH2 to jack up too many shots? Or is his head permanently on right?

    Even after that amazing game, and nice SRS, 538 has the Knicks finishing 10th in the East with 41% chance at playoffs.

    Just on a note on SRS.

    SRS includes the quality of competition, but it does NOT include Home and Away or rest adjustments. So if one team just happened to play way more home games than road games, its SRS would tend to be inflated a little and vice versa. The further you get into the season, the less significant it becomes, but right now the Knicks SRS is inflated by the home heavy schedule.

    I have a spreadsheet process that makes adjustments for that. It the same exact formula as SRS but it includes things like Home and Away (including things like Denver and Utah being more home friendly than other cities due to altitude) and number of times the team played back to back games, 3 out of 4 etc.. but I don’t bother with it anymore because I don’t use SRS as part of my gambling anymore.

    One of the wages of wins guys has a playoff prediction model and I think the Knicks were at 47%. That sounds a bit low to the old gut test, but the middle of the east is better than people expected and all those road games might be a problem.

    Just missing the playoffs would be among the worse possible outcomes for the season – after a catastrophic injury for KP – but we should have a better idea by end of January about what we are at this stage. Record inflated by all the home games, but the overall results don’t feel like a mirage in the way last year’s decent start always was.

    Do the Knicks even have a bad loss yet?

    Detroit, Cleveland, Houston, @Boston, @OKC, @Toronto, @Orlando (no KP)

    The Detroit and Clevelands losses are annoying since we had 20+ point leads in both of those games, but as things stand currently those are losses to good teams. If the Knicks keep up this type of home performance and take care of business against the cellar dweller teams on the road mixed in with random big wins like the one in Cleveland, they should finish right around .500, which from a tank perspective would be annoying, but would qualify as a pleasant surprise.

    I think I’ll be more comfortable assessing the team come the end of December, but for now I’m happy with the effort every night and the performances of KP, THJ, Kanter, McDermott, Frank, etc. It’s been a fun ride so far.

    Also one thing I liked about KP’s game against Toronto is he had a huge impact on the game without scoring efficiently. His defense was palpable and he grabbed 12 boards, many of which were contested and not just empty calorie empty boards like he feasted on in his rookie season. That he can still positively impact a game without his shot falling is great while he figures out what are and aren’t good shots.

    Surprising stat — based only on opponent win percentage (ignoring home v away), the Knicks have played the fourth most difficult schedule in the league so far. Another surprising stat is that the East has a winning percentage against the West so far.

    I think whoever comes out of the West should be heavily favored in the finals against whoever comes out of the east, but as a whole the east is better this year than it has been recently, especially if Cleveland gets their shit together. Boston & Toronto are better than most teams in the west, and aside from Houston and Golden state the west doesn’t have anything that looks like a strong title contender at the moment

    Yeah, the East is slowly but surely coming into its own. Part of that seems to be that the talent keeps gravitating towards a handful of teams, so the low-level West teams are in pretty much the same boat as most East teams.

    The East seems to have the better stable of young, next generation talent as well.

    Yeah, a few years ago you had GS, Hou, SA, OKC and even the clips (when full strength) as teams that had a legit shot at winning a title. The Clippers best player went to Houston, OKC’s best player went to GS, and SA got old (and their best player is hurt), so it’s a much more top heavy conference.

    bill simmons threw out this all star lineup a couple of weeks ago…. kp, giannis, embiid, ben simmons and lebron….

    the east already has arrived…

    kp, giannis, embiid, ben simmons and lebron….

    Is Giannis a forward or guard on the ballot?

    Also, Kyrie will get voted on. Can KP get enough votes to start this year?

    Ugh. Bill Simmons.

    I don’t know if he said this, but this year once selections from the east and west are made players are going to be divided up by two captains. Those guys he mentioned may not even be on the same team. As fun of a big lineup as that would be.

    I have to imagine Giannis and LeBron will be on the ballot as forwards and will be selected to start along with (1) either KP or Embiid; (2) Kyrie and (3) either DeRozan, Wall, or Beal, perhaps Simmons.

    Did Z-man really say that Ntilikina hasn’t been getting that many steals? Uh, he leads the league in STL%.

    This can’t be real.

    Story with @mcten filed to ESPN: Cavaliers guard Derrick Rose is away from team and evaluating his future in basketball, league sources tell ESPN. Story soon on site

    I don’t blame him. He’s been consistently hurt for the past how many years??? It has to really take a toll mentally especially when at one point you were the ‘MVP’.

    still a massive joke the knicks ever pursued him.

    Well, I dont necessarily blame Rose for being frustrated and all, it sure must be hard to go from MVP to below replacement level player (even though it’s arguable whether he was ever at a MVP level anyway), but a large part of it it’s on his refusal or incapability to adjust.

    Imagine how hard it was for Grant Hill to go from potential legend, teaming up with T-Mac to dominate the league to playing 48 games in his first 4 seasons with Orlando, and yet he managed to adjust his game to his limited physical capabilities and was a very solid role player until he was 38.

    As much as I think Rose has some serious issues and I don’t wish anything bad to the guy, he still tries to play as if he had good knees. If he rather not play basketball anymore than try to adjust to his condition, it’s obviously his choice and it’s respectable either way.

    What would role player Rose look like, though? What skills does he have other than getting to the basket?

    Essentially none. He could still get the occasional off-ball cut ala Dwayne Wade but he’d have to improve his jump shot and defense at the very least to be a passable bench player without his athleticism. It’s worth noting that his athleticism is still there, just not near the levels it used to be at. The problem is likely mental.

    Yeah, where Grant Hill could adapt his game, Rose really can’t. I totally get how he would be frustrated enough to want to retire.

    Well, Rose did average about 7.7 assists in his last good season for Chicago, so it’s not like he can’t pass, and there are guards who learned how to shoot the 3 decently later in their careers. He’s still capable of driving, like he did many times with the Knicks, he just refused to pass and was so done as a finisher (and a terrible shooter) that he was hurtful for the team.

    I agree there’s not much room to adapt, but watching him play the entire season with the Knicks and those few games with the Cavs he barely seems to be trying to. Again, I don’t blame the guy, it’s definitely not easy.

    If Rose could improve his shooting and D a bit, he could find a spot as a backup PG somewhere playing 12-15 minutes. However, it is doubtful at best that he would be willing and able to do that. And, it may just be that he’s tired of always being hurt.

    I think he’s still an NBA caliber player though certainly a backup or maybe even a third point. Cleveland is a terrible fit for him since he can’t shoot and LBJ does everything DRose does ten times better. Plus they have no rim protection to make up for his lousy defense. The guy’s made over 100m and maybe he’d rather not have to deal with the blow to his ego that would go with being a 10 minute a night, minimum salary guy.

    A league source believes the Cavs would consider a Jordan-Tristan swap, first rounder would likely be in there too

    If I’m Cleveland I’d probably do that swap if it included their own pick but not the Nets pick. I think that would get them into the finals. If Thomas comes back healthy then I might consider the Nets pick- that’d be a scary team for anyone to face (though I still think GS would be favored).

    IT, LeBron, Love, and DJ at full strength would probably beat the Warriors. That would be really interesting, and then IT, LeBron, and DJ all expire this off season.

    The Clippers are probably fully committing to at least a rebuild, so it makes sense to try to get something out of Jordan when he can opt out next summer, but Thompson has been awful this year, is hurt and has 3 years on a quite large deal, he will be 30 when it ends. I don’t see them doing this deal without the Nets pick, when Jordan could fetch a better price elsewhere, like Boston maybe or Toronto. The Nets pick is surely what the Clippers are primarily after.

    I’d trade Kanter for DJ straight up, but Kanter’s too valuable to team morale.


    Kanter out with back spasms. It’s Willy.

    Time for Willy to take it vantage of a real opportunity. Also be interesting to help us calibrate our ongoing debate about the value of Kanter.

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