2017-18 Game Thread: Knicks @ Rockets

As I noted last night, if the Knicks wanted to make a statement about the early season narrative about how their record had a lot to do with their inordinate amount of home games, then the way to go about doing so sure as heck was not to lose to the Atlanta Hawks on the road. Now, if they could somehow defeat the Rockets on the road, that would be one hell of a statement!

Even in a League where the Boston Celtics have won 17 of their last 18 games, the Cavs have won seven in a row (doing their typical, “Oh, right, we have Lebron James – we can’t be that bad, right?” routine) and the Warriors are, well, the Warriors, the Houston Rockets have somehow become the hottest team in the NBA as they’ve now brought Chris Paul back to the team and have integrated him into their rotation and they are just annihilating teams in the three games since Chris Paul has gotten healthy and returned to the Houston lineup.

However, while yes, their home record was compiled mostly without Chris Paul, it is worth noting that they’re 9-1 on the road and 5-3 at home, so if there is going to be a game where the Knicks could shock the world and show them that they are to be taken seriously this season, this would be the game.

Enes Kanter is likely out tonight, though, so it’ll be tough (well, even if he was healthy, it’d be tough).

EDITED TO ADD: Oh, and KP is out, too, so now the only hope is “tortoise and hare” syndrome, where the Rockets are just so confident that they somehow get distracted.

Let’s go, Knicks!

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I can’t wait to get blown out by Houston just to see a 4th quarter played entirely by Frank/Dotson/THJ/McD/Willy.

I’d also wager that Paul and Harden will be the first couple of teammates with 30/15 since I don’t know when.

This has got to be one of the lowest chances we’ve had at winning a game in a while and I’m fully including the 17 win year

Is Noah still in NY? O’q and Willy are gonna get lots of PT. Beasley and McDermott too.

The Knicks let me down last night as I predicted them to win a close one. Won’t get fooled again!

Rockets 118
Knicks 102

Man, this Rockets PA guy is particularly harsh when reading the away team’s starters. He sounds like he’s totally dejected.

Nice start. If we can at least be competitive that’s the best we can hope for with no KP and Kanter.

Houston too good to stay this cold, but Knicks D been good. Ball movement is nice too atm

shouldn’t we have a plumless or jorts we can toss in if Willy can’t hack the minutes?

Man those 2 Anderson 3’s. If we can at least get a hand up on that you can live with him shooting from the carpark.

This game has been so damn fun so far, I can’t believe were witnessing the Walking Bucket in full force.

Credit to Beasley coming in and producung despite playing once on the last 5 games. Not easy to come in and be in rhythm like that.

The Knicks should now contact WC contenders and shop Beasley as a “Rocket Killer.”

Anderson is just the prototypical perfect player to wreck the Knicks, still allergic to closing out on corner 3s.

Have the Knicks ever lost a game by 20 after leading by 20?? Tonight it’s definitely possible lol.

Since when can mbah mute shoot the 3? Does everyone who plays for Pringles just start magically shooting the 3 better?

They need to get Willy out of there. He is cancer in the paint on both ends.

Seriously, who thought that the Knicks would be leading at the half? Sure, it won’t matter, but the team has played hard.

I feel like Chris Paul would murder a ref and his whole family if we didn’t have laws against this kind of thing

If you had have told me the Knicks would be up by 3 at the half against the Rockets on the road on a back to back, then you take that every day of the week.

Why is Noah not even with the team? I heard Mike mention his name but didn’t quite catch what he said.

They said Noah’s been ill. Hey, just let Willy get as many minutes as possible, whatever the case.

If the Knicks are to have any slight chance at all in the 2nd half, THJ will have to get real hot…

Noah was apparently ill and didn’t travel with them. Amazing how these “too much depth” problems rarely stay that way for long…

At this point it sure seems Noah is closer to retirement than of contributing anywhere for this team in the next 3 years.

I mean Noah was suspended for 20 games over 2 seasons plus about 5 DNPs and now that we really could use 15 minutes from him he’s out with a mysterious illness. Is he allergic to basketballs or something?

Yeah we’re going to lose by 20. How can Timmay be so hot and cold?
Looking forward to seeing Dotson, Frank and company later on.

The Good, the Bad and the Beasley.
Seriously, he needs to be off the team.
It’s a bad look for Hornacek that he lets a guy who refuses to make an effort on defense back in the game.

The Knicks have developed a bad pattern of losing games when up double digits this season including I believe 3 times losing after leading by 20+ points. Of course they have already had more 20+ point leads than I thought they’d have all season.

I was just going to say, wow….Houston’s still playing D, up by 20 midway thru the 4th, but then Jack scored and now I feel stupid

I thought after the play where he stayed in the back court, forcing the other guys to defend 4 on 5, that he would be taken out for the rest of the game. Maybe he had a legit excuse?

I’ve decided that it pretty much does not matter whether you defend Houston’s threes. They are either hot (usually), or not, and there’s nothing to do to stop it. Just try to defend the penetration and offensive rebounding, and pray.

i don’t really blame beasley for channeling his inner melo and literally giving the game/ball away…

he’s just being beasley…

real disappointed in horny for letting things go in that direction…

seriously, did he need it to flash – things are going south fast – before trying to fix it…

to be honest though…i hit fast forward about 2 minutes in to the third…

beasely’s locker should be stocked full of caffaine, ammonia, coke – whatever it takes to wake him up…he acts like he’s so baked he’s operating on a 5 to 10 delay…

for those of you whom have achieved a state of bakedom in your life…you know what I mean…

a couple of games ago I may some what, sort of promoted an accelerated pace for getting frank in to the starting five…yeah, let’s forget about that…

i’m confident he’ll get there at some point this year…unless they’re able to cover for jack on defense…jack just has a way of getting guys easy shots…it’s cool to watch cause he doesn’t seem to do it much with penetrating to the hoop…

hardaway, o’quinn, and particularly mister beasley, counted for 12 out of the total 18 turnovers for the game…

most of them seemed to come during the 2nd and 3rd quarter…

mike woodson wouldn’t have allowed 18 turnovers on his shift…just saying horny…

Hardaway took the night off last night. McDermott is good, but only every third game. Willy hasn’t been good even once this year. Noah is the greatest because he doesn’t even have to show up to collect his paychecks.

Frank Ntilikina’s stat lines are becoming worrisome. He has a lot of talent and we’ve seen it time and time again, but his approach is too conservative for my liking. Even if he can’t break down defenses there’s no reason why he can’t affect the game with his perimeter shooting and play 25 solid minutes a night.

Also, it’s looking like we will not be able to trade Enes Kanter. He’s a vital part of what we do, so we really need to be looking into how we can move on from Joakim Noah and Courtney Lee’s contracts if we plan to have any flexibility.

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