2016-17 Game Thread: Knicks @ Nuggets

The Knicks finish their road trip tonight with a visit to Denver to take on the Denver Nuggets, Carmelo Anthony’s old team. Melo will play tonight, so let’s hope that he has a good game in his old stomping grounds.

The Knicks are 2-2 on this road trip, so it sure would be swell to have a winning record on the trip.

Derrick Rose is out tonight, which will make things a bit more difficult.

Every game until (and including) Christmas, I’ll be including a clip from an old school TV Christmas Special.

Today, we’ll go with the classic David Bowie/Bing Crosby “Peace on Eart”/”Little Drummer Boy” performance from Bing Crosby’s final Christmas special (Crosby actually passed away before the special aired). Bowie wrote the lyrics to “Peace on Earth” when he got there! Crazy…

Let’s go, Knicks!

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The worst announcer in pro sports, Mike Crispino, is doing this game tonight. I may have to watch on mute.

Although that was a really dumb foul. I will say this about Jokic. He looks like a doughboy. A little bit of that Marc Gasol not looking the part type of thing.

Melo hitting some tough shots tonight. Think he should have gotten the foul call there.

It’s obvious how important DRose is to this team. He is the difference

Is KP in game resting again? He needs to wake up.

Also, what’s the use of playing big when you are not playing through your bugs?

Willy willingness to shoot an jumper earlier in the game set up Jurkic right then to go for the pump game and rim run.

Ultimately, it’s bad defense. Jurkic should give up the jumper every time.

this is the kind of game where kp needs to get to the line but he’s playing so soft on both ends…


not watching – but, we’re down in just about every statistical category…

Jennings should really not be starting, noah shouldn’t be playing and kp shouldn’t be this bad…

That in close hook shot by KP should be cultivated. It’s Jabbar like.

I think I too could play good defense against Melo if the refs give me the green light to foul him without much concequence.

Another question why is Jennings choosing this game to fight over screens when everyone knows Mudiay can’t shoot? Why not play off like he did against Rubio?

The only reason we’re in this game is that Denver is doing their best Knicks impersonation with really stupid fouls. And of course Melo 8-10.

We’re on a run. Let’s keep it going this time. Do it for Sasha.

Oquinn took that crazy 3 point shot early in the possession. I don’t think that Horny liked it.

I don’t think Rose is very good, but clearly his absence reshuffles our lineup in a terrible way. I can only watch Jennings do his best parking cone impression for about 10-15min a game.

Rose is a winner. The difference in the team when he plays is striking.

Done watching this garbage for tonight, see ya on Tuesday when Paul George will likely go for 50 against us.

oquinn’s been one of our best players this season… he really needs to have a longer leash than that… esp when so many guys have been doing worse things on defense…

When will Lance learn just to stay outside the 3 point line and just catch and shoot?

I’m only speculating about O’Quinn. Maybe he’s nursing an injury?

well, at least if the Nuggets get to trade Faried for anything relevant, they’ll have to send the Knicks a check for making him look like a star, right?

I just sent KP a personal tweet advising him to shoot more hook shots. I told him it reminded me of Abdul Jabbar. Expecting to see more of them in the future. You’re welcome.

I wonder if KP would have played this bad if Jeff would have rested him in the 4th last game

That kind of direct beeline drive to the basket only happens against our guards. I don’t see that when i watch other teams. Stop the damn ball!

Not playing O’Quinn was foolish if it was because of that one 3 pt shot.

Mudiay could have a hell of a career if he plays against the Knicks 20-30 times per season.

That Phoenix game was a killer, this could have been a house money game and a nice 3-2 road trip.

No way that Mudiay does this to Rose. Fans don’t all realize how valuable he is to us.

why is KP still playing? why are O’Quinn and Kuz suddenly glued to the bench?

I’m glad the Knicks got a defensive guru in Rambis…

On the plus side, after a game like this, no way that Hornacek can plant Willy on the bench going forward. He’s earned Noah’s minutes.

on the plus side… this is a helluva game from wily although he’s been pretty wack on the defensive side…

KP took 2 hook shots and made both of them. I hope he continues it.

The Nuggets backcourt of Mudiay and Harris 15-22 tonight.

But that’s probably typical for them.

home team commentary so much better..
“KP plays a bit like JR”
“Carmelo got his best ovation so far since the trade”
“Ron got that shot in against three Nuggets, dunno how”

please fire Rambis.

If you had to bet on which 2015 lottery pick would have the best game tonight, I don’t think the odds would have been very good on it being Mudiay.

The only thing standing between Mudiay and the hall of fame is that rule that says that Brandon Jennings can only play on one team at a time

This the Knicks team like last year. Losing winnable games. I think a pg is a difference maker. Hate rose but he is significant with our success. Though he is expected to be injury plagued. Hope we can get an above average pg moving forward. I will happy for a right price Rubio or g.hill or holiday or Bledsoe. We can win a lottery with C.paul or we have a drose type of nightmare.

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