Knicks Morning News (2016.12.15)

  • [NYDN] Knicks won’t enjoy benefit of facing resting stars vs. Warriors
    (Wednesday, December 14, 2016 7:08:11 PM)

    Unfortunately for the Knicks, Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green and Kevin Durant are all expected to play on Thursday.

  • [NYDN] Kristaps Porzingis out for revenge on Draymond Green
    (Wednesday, December 14, 2016 3:54:44 PM)

    Nobody last season outplayed Kristaps Porzingis quite like Draymond Green.

  • [NYDN] Kristaps Porzingis hopes to recruit free agents to Knicks
    (Wednesday, December 14, 2016 3:07:31 PM)

    Ever since LeBron James uttered “Taking my talents to South Beach,” the NBA has been obsessed and defined by the formation of Super Teams.

  • [NYDN] Derrick Rose not happy about likely missing Knicks-Warriors
    (Wednesday, December 14, 2016 2:44:48 PM)

    The sense from practice was that the Knicks will likely have to try to beat the Warriors on Thursday without Derrick Rose.

  • [NYTimes] N.B.A. and Players’ Union Agree to New Labor Deal
    (Thursday, December 15, 2016 3:47:45 AM)

    The new deal, set to run through the 2023-24 season, was a pre-emptive move by both sides to avoid the possibility of a labor stoppage next season.

  • [NYTimes] Suns Behind Him, Jeff Hornacek Coolly Contemplates What’s Next
    (Wednesday, December 14, 2016 11:08:15 PM)

    A loss to Phoenix, his old employer, may have been bittersweet. But the Knicks’ coach has other priorities, like bringing out the best in his new team.

  • [NYTimes] Chauffeur, Shootaround and Boneless Chicken Wings: Living Large With the Nets
    (Wednesday, December 14, 2016 4:38:15 PM)

    Some people have it all, but still crave luxury, novelty and access without irksome hurdles. At Barclays Center, that’s the Nets’ Brooklyn Experience.

  • [NYTimes] Knicks 103, Kings 100: To Carmelo Anthony, Phil Jackson’s Comments Are a ‘Temporary Black Cloud’
    (Wednesday, December 14, 2016 9:00:07 PM)

    The Knicks star dismissed the team president’s remark that Anthony sometimes holds the ball too long.

  • [NY Newsday] Derrick Rose still questionable to play against Warriors
    (Wednesday, December 14, 2016 8:12:02 PM)

    Derrick Rose, who did not practice, is listed as questionable with lower back stiffness for Thursday’s game against Golden State, which is 22-4 overall and 9-2 at home.

  • [SNY Knicks] Report: NBA, players association reach agreement on new CBA
    (Wednesday, December 14, 2016 7:53:58 PM)

    The NBA and the NBA Players Association have agreed to a new seven-year collective bargaining agreement, reports Adrian Wojnarowski of The Vertical.

  • [SNY Knicks] Porzingis shows fighting side in loss to Suns
    (Wednesday, December 14, 2016 9:45:35 AM)

    Kristaps Porzingis reacted strongly to being shoved to the floor by the Suns’ Marquesse Chriss in the third quarter of the Knicks’ 113-111 overtime loss on Tuesday night.

  • [SNY Knicks] Rose questionable for Thursday’s game
    (Wednesday, December 14, 2016 5:28:17 PM)

    Knicks guard Derrick Rose is questionable for Thursday’s game against the Warriors with a sore lower back, the team announced Wednesday.

  • [SNY Knicks] Anthony fails to deliver in crunch time on Tuesday night
    (Wednesday, December 14, 2016 1:45:14 PM)

    Even as Kristaps Porzingis continues to rise, Anthony is the centerpiece of this team as currently constructed. Unfortunately, he’s not acting like it.

  • [NYPost] Derrick Rose’s latest ding shows how fragile the Knicks really are
    (Wednesday, December 14, 2016 9:38:15 PM)

    SAN FRANCISCO — Derrick Rose meant well when he said it. He probably even meant every word. This was a few weeks ago, just as the game he was bringing to the floor every night was starting to match the one from his — and everyone else’s — memory. “My goal is to play 82,”…

  • [NYPost] Kristaps Porzingis’ goal: Solve Draymond Green riddle
    (Wednesday, December 14, 2016 6:12:04 PM)

    SAN FRANCISCO — If Draymond Green really wants to get under Kristaps Porzingis’ skin Thursday at Oracle Arena, he can whisper in his ear: “Zinger.’’ That’s the nickname from Spain Porzingis still loathes. Not that Green needed to do any trash-talking last season in their two meetings, which Green dominated against the rookie. Porzingis claimed…

  • [NYPost] What’s wrong with Carmelo? Maybe his tired knees
    (Wednesday, December 14, 2016 4:30:46 PM)

    SAN FRANCISCO — You can blame it on Phil Jackson getting in his head, broadcasting to the world Carmelo Anthony holds onto the ball too long. In truth, Anthony’s recent malaise likely is due to fatigue, as he has looked worn physically after playing the first 25 games for the first time in his six…

  • [NYPost] The limits of Jeff Hornacek’s creativity with Knicks
    (Wednesday, December 14, 2016 6:43:38 AM)

    PHOENIX — The night began with Suns coach Earl Watson, who replaced Jeff Hornacek following his firing in February, singing his former boss’s praises. “Jeff is very creative and needs space to be creative,’’ Watson said before the Suns stunned Hornacek’s hot Knicks, 113-111, at Talking Stick Resort Arena. “He understands basketball on another level….

  • [ESPN] Thursday’s Knicks News: Porzingis plans to recruit free agents to New York
    (Thursday, December 15, 2016 6:13:15 AM)

    Thursday’s Knicks News: Porzingis plans to recruit free agents to New York

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    I like this new piece of the CBA a lot, as it allows teams to hang onto promising prospects who aren’t ready for NBA minutes yet, without sacrificing depth on the main roster:

    Maximum roster size, though, will rise from 15 to 17 players, with the extra slots earmarked for players on “two-way contracts,” as seen in the NHL. Those contracts stipulate that a player’s salary is based on NBA minimums when the player is “up” and an estimated $75,000 when the player is on assignment in the NBA Development League.

    Some interesting stuff in the new CBA.
    I love the 2 way contracts — will make 2nd round picks far more valuable, and my guess will probably encourage more high schoolers to play in the D-league rather than go to college. $75K/year with a chance at getting pro-rated near $1MM/year if they get called up to the big club — that’s a reasonable chunk of change.

    A quick look at RealGM looks like we are net even in terms of incoming/outgoing future 2nd round picks, so that’s not so bad.

    Does anyone know when this CBA actually takes effect? Does it start for the new league year, or as soon as it is ratified?

    I want guards and wings all day, Frank. Assuming Phil doesn’t trade anybody, I’m more than happy with KP, KOQ, Billy, the zombified corpse of Joakim Noah, and Marshall Plumlee as our big man rotation, especially considering that Melo and Lance also slide to the 4 sometimes.

    Honestly I’d just take the best talent available. Short of Noah (and maybe Melo if he really falls off a cliff) there are no bad and/or untradeable contracts on this team, and so if there ends up being a logjam, someone could be traded. And any rookie probably won’t really be able to contribute (whether wing, guard, or front court player) for a couple years anyway.

    In short – if they think this 7’2″ Latvian dude is a great prospect and could play next to KP for the next 10+ years, absolutely draft him even though we have KOQ/Noah/Hernangomez already clogging the middle.

    I think that we’re solid, for a long time, in the front court too. KP, Noah, Willy, O’Q, Plumlee, Melo, Kuz and Thomas are all signed for a while and I like all of them. We also have Lee at SG. We need to focus on the back court.

    I only like drafting for fit when you’re stuck between two prospects with different skill sets who you evaluate as approximately equal in future productivity. It’s more of a ceteris paribus thing.

    I want Nikola Jokic even though I already have Porzingis. On the other hand, I think there’s plenty of good guards in this draft so drafting for fit so long as we’re in the range where the good guards and SFs are is perfectly acceptable to me.

    Dragic is definitely an upgrade but I wouldn’t trade away picks for him.

    Top 5 Knicks writers are
    1. Chris Herring (former)
    2. Stefan Bondy
    3. Al Iannazone

    Who else? I refuse to include Berman or Isola on this list.

    I think Miami is the perfect destination for rose, flashy player in a flashy town. I like rose and his attack mode offense.

    Nice overview of the 2016 recruiting class aka the freshmen in college right now, for those of us who are slowly beginning to tune in to NCAA games.

    Consensus seems to be no foreseeable generational talent (ala towns / AD), but plenty of guys who are expected to be tremendous nba players — lotta depth.

    If Rose or Melo miss extended time and we end up in the late lottery, there are guys available who if they were in last year’s draft would have been picked much earlier.

    hey KnickFanInCelticLand if you out there today…

    re: Rose Assuming it is a muscular problem, I am not surprised by what happened last night. Muscular injuries are at their worst 2 days after the first game level function. Think of doing a strenuous activity for the first time in a while. Eccentric muscle overload causes soreness that starts about 17 hours later and peaks at 48 hours before improving. Assuming he is getting the proper treatment and the problem is what I think it is, the negative refractery period should shorten and not be as severe with each game he now plays.

    not to be weird – but every time i read what you write i feel like i should be taking my clothes off and getting ready to grit my teeth and bend over…

    Who would you say are the top 5 beat writers covering the Knicks?

    of all the “local” rags – i’d say the times does the best job…Mike Vorkunov???

    Any word on how the new CBA will affect the Knicks going forward? Sounds like top free agents are going to be harder to get now that their team can offer six years instead of five. I like having the two flex spots on the roster.

    Lonzo Ball and Markelle Fultz are generational talents as far as I’m concerned.

    Also, Harry Giles is unbelievable when he’s healthy. Imagine if Amar’e Stoudemire could defend and be a double digit rebounder. That’s Harry Giles.

    If Mike Francesa were a Knicks beat writer instead of a radio pontificator, he would be way better than all of them.

    Believe me. has Ball’s jump shot rated a 7 out of 10. This is a guy with a TS% of .690 taking over half his attempts from behind the arc. What a great website!

    Sources say teams are interested in #Knicks big man KOQ. NY tried to move him in the summer had no luck. Now several teams intrigued in him.— Sports News (@JSports_ent) December 15, 2016

    I say if they call change the focus to Noah, Lance or Melo. Would any of you trade O’Quinn for, say, a mid first round pick this year?

    How dumb is it for another team to be interested in KOQ now? Obviously they’re not trading him now, you dummies! Why would you even bother asking?

    (This is different from whether the Knicks should be willing to trade him – it’s just clear that they have no interest in trading him now when they’re right smack in the middle of the playoff standings).

    howdy reub…

    I say if they call change the focus to Noah, Lance or Melo. Would any of you trade O’Quinn for, say, a mid first round pick this year?

    nope – draft picks are a total crap shoot, particularly once you leave the lottery slots…

    i wouldn’t let KOQ go unless somehow it can help our precarious point guard situation…

    i hate to say it – but, i’m keeping a bit of hope in Knick Fan In Celtic Land statement…hopefully rose is “okay” by saturday, or, at least next tuesday…considering his playstyle of hurling himself head first towards the basket…we really need a plan c…

    At this point, KOQ is definitely worth more than a first rounder–the Knicks could definitely negotiate upwards.

    If I got a really good offer I would trade him, but man, he’s good, and I would really hate to given his contract.

    Lonzo is Curry-esque from behind the arc.

    O’Quinn has gone from doghouse to untouchable status very quickly, it seems.

    It’s just the nature of running a team as a “Win now” team when it isn’t really a “win now” team. You can’t afford to trade any of your good players, even if it actually does make sense for the future of the team.

    If you trade your good players then how do you ever become good? Quite a paradox.

    Does it actually make sense for the future of the team right now to trade OQ?

    I’m not sure why you give up a guy playing well on a contract like his unless you could get something like 2 guys playing well on equally team friendly contracts…

    How much better do we think KOQ is than Hernangomez? As good as KOQ’s contract is, Hernangomez’s is even better, right? Plus he’s younger (albeit not as good as KOQ at the moment. I think we should absolutely try to trade high on KOQ. His contract, while it’s a good reason to want to hang on to him, is also a big reason why we can get a good return if we trade him.

    But what kind of return are we looking at here? I guess if we could get a mid-lottery pick I’d do it, but he’s playing about as well as you’d hope for someone drafted in that range…

    Given how small KOQ’s contract is, the return would have to be almost entirely in draft picks.

    I’d like to hold onto the guy for now because he’s balling, and we don’t know yet exactly what this team’s ceiling is. But if, a month or so from now, Rose is still sitting out with back spasms more often than not, Jennings is being exposed as a starter, Melo hasn’t appreciably broken out of his slump, etc., then I’d look to move him for a good enough offer — which would also have the benefit of making the present team worse, which would help us in the draft.

    But as part of Team Optimist, I’m not ready to go fire sale just yet.

    You don’t usually get a guy with O’Quinn’s talents for a midrounder, though. Again I would try to pivot the conversation to Noah and/or Thomas.

    We might actually be able to get Jokic if Denver is dumb enough to think they could make the playoffs and wanted to trade for OQ and Lance

    This is all spitballing though

    Lol, that’s not how it works…

    Team X: hey we’d like to trade for Kyle Oquinn

    Knicks: how bout you trade for joakim noah instead?

    Team X: we’d like to trade for Kyle Oquinn….

    I think we should absolutely try to trade high on KOQ. His contract, while it’s a good reason to want to hang on to him, is also a big reason why we can get a good return if we trade him.

    While I agree that they should trade high on him (Mozgov, for instance, got the Cavs two first rounders! And KOQ is playing better than Mozgov was at the time), there’s just no way that the team is going to deal one of their best players when they are right in the middle of the conference standings.

    “Sorry, not interested in trading Kyle right now. But we do have another guy even stronger and more active. True his shot is not equal but his intangibles more than make up for it.”

    Kyle O’Quinn is definitely expendable with Noah and Hernangomez on the roster. IMO he’s the best player of all three this season and obviously we want to move the 31 year old Noah over 26 and 22 year old Hernangomez and O’Quinn but I would do it. Just give me a young player on the rise or a 1st round draft pick.

    That Minnesota trade would be an excellent haul

    Minnesota is a great trade partner w us in general. Phil hates Thibs though, for some not-so-Zen reason.

    The best person covering the Knicks is me if we’re all being honest

    If we’re all being realistic

    The best person covering the Knicks is me if we’re all being honest

    If we’re all being realistic

    hold on now – this is a fan’s site…honesty and realism have no role to play here…hell yeah dred kills it…them other fools are all just spitting out words for dollars…

    I know I don’t know everything behind the seems but I thought the reason why they couldn’t trade Kyle in the off season was before the Lopez trade they were trying to package him with Calderon.

    Also, R.I.P. to Craig Sager. My prayers go out to his family, friends, and fans.

    No reason to trade KOQ unless we’re dumping Noah’s contract also. Assuming the rookie scale is going to go up at least somewhat with the new CBA, you’re not going to get much better value at that price than what KOQ is bringing right now.

    I don’t know if I want LaVine as much as I want Tyus Jones and their 1st round pick (that they technically can’t trade because of a lottery protected 1st rounder they traded for Adriean Payne).

    The Knicks technically don’t need anything. The Knicks only need the star players to actually play like stars. If Melo, KP, and Rose were all playing good ball we’d be a complete team with a great group of supporting players around an All Star nucleus. But KP has been inconsistent and Melo and Rose have been overrated at best so far this season. We just need those three to ball out.

    The reason I like a LaVine for O’Quinn swap straight up is because it gives Hernangomez minutes while allowing LaVine to learn defense (because the kid can score straight up) and be the 3rd PG on the roster. Minnesota would actually be a better team in the short term for it because O’Quinn is just a better player than LaVine, but LaVine is also a 21 year old whose numbers compare favorably to guys like DeRozan and Klay Thompson when they were 3rd year players. LaVine just doesn’t fit what Minnesota does on either end. He’s the third scoring option behind KAT and Wiggins on a team where they need to surround those guys with role players. They don’t need more offense.

    Looks like Melo is resting tonight. I had forgotten he dove onto his right shoulder a couple games ago and now it’s sore. Maybe that’s why his shooting was so horrible the other night.

    So Melo and Rose get rest, which probably equals KP playing 45 minutes tonight. I actually almost hope the blowout is on early so he can get some rest. I see no chance of winning tonight.

    I’ll consider this game a win if we lose by 25 but KP lights GS up

    Craig Sager 🙁

    Yeah, I like the idea of resting Melo, but not if it means running KP into the ground.

    No way in the whole wide world we can get Zach Lavine, who is 21 and has improved a ton in the last few years, for KOQ. I mean I guess you never know with Thibs since we have no idea of what he is like as an GM, but i would think that that would be a stretch.

    On top of that, we would hear no end of it from the WoW folk – to trade KOQ (who I love) for a guy who literally does nothing but score. They might like his 58.4 TS though.

    The thing about Sager that stands out the most is the fact that NBA players who, let’s be frank, can often be too much in their own heads (which is fair enough, of course, as competitors often are like that), all really, really, really cared for that guy. That’s amazing. He must have been just a wonderful guy.

    I wonder whether the Knicks are having their players where biometric trackers during games/practices etc. Hornacek WAS in PHX for 3 years and must have picked up a fair amount of what the training staff does there. And you would think he also knows very well that his long-term success rides in large part on being able to keep KP healthy.

    Long-time lurker, first-time poster, good friends with Silky Johnson IRL…

    In the framework of the new CBA and salary cap expansion, what is everyone’s ideal plan to rebuild the NYK around KP moving forward?

    man…i hope i display a tenth of the courage craig and and others have shown when facing such a daunting challenge…

    thanks for those crazy outfits and the smiles 🙂

    O’Quinn is a great “surplus value” player, and Noah is not a guy you can count on to play a ton of minutes, so I think the Knicks need to hold onto KOQ unless they get dazzled by an offer.

    What this team needs desperately is a lockdown wing defender or two. I’d be looking to move Noah for a really good wing defender (easier said than done) and use Melo more at the 4, then go with a KOQ/Porzingis/Willy/Melo rotation in the frontcourt.

    My Japanese body pillow Kumiko has achieved sentience and started talking about basketball

    Why rest Melo and Rose?

    How many times are we gonna get the opportunity to see these two ‘superteams’ (don’t blame me, blame Derrick ‘Extend Him’ Rose – those are his words) fight it out, their powerful rosters ready for a preview of what could easily be the NBA Finals?

    I think a better idea than trading KOQ is starting him. If Noah wasn’t a poor fit for the scoring-challenged second unit it would be an absolute no-brainer. Still- KOQ should be getting 30 minutes a night right now.

    KOQ, the new Lance Thomas, is having his fan-bestowed Shumpert ‘untouchable’ moment.

    Extend him. Fuck it, un-retire Clyde and extend him, too!

    You’d have to be fucking blind to think Kyle O’Quinn and Lance Thomas are in any way comparable in productivity over the past few years L-M-A-O

    Let Jowles be the negative because he’s so much better at it

    You’d have to be fucking blind to think Kyle O’Quinn and Lance Thomas are in any way comparable in productivity over the past few years L-M-A-O

    They have 2 things in common, though:
    1. they are not very good at playing the game of basketball
    2. they are the beneficiaries of Knicks fans wanting their players to be better than they really are, only to hate them once they are no longer with the team.

    Remember what people here were saying about Shumpert when some teams expressed interest? Remember what fans were saying about Landry ‘The Glue’ Fields after two months of promising play?

    Well, KOQ is now better than Lance Thomas, but Lance Thomas was better than KOQ until he started being Lance Thomas again. So, KOQ wasn’t as good as he is now, but he will sooner or later be as bad as he was before he became the present and fleetingly great KOQ, thus becoming the KOQ that no longer is!



    Long-time lurker, first-time poster, good friends with Silky Johnson IRL…

    howdy AlectosWaifu – you a gamer?

    glad to have you aboard so i can officially no longer be the noob here 🙂

    oh yeah – i don’t think anyone will hold any previous or present relationships against you…


    If I had to describe your opinion about Kyle O’Quinn, largely insofar as it relates to your overall intelligence, or the intelligence of anyone who could say a single ill word about a guy putting up O’Quinn’s numbers so far this year, at virtually any salary, much less the bargain-basement deal that he’s playing on, Mike K. would permanently ban me from the site. This opinion speaks to a grave, inexplicable stupidity that I just can’t abide by.

    Truly, this is the dumbest and hottest take you’ve ever had. Check yourself, dummy.

    Please, for fuck’s sake, stop,


    Well, KOQ is now better than Lance Thomas, but Lance Thomas was better than KOQ until he started being Lance Thomas again. So, KOQ wasn’t as good as he is now, but he will sooner or later be as bad as he was before he became the present and fleetingly great KOQ, thus becoming the KOQ that no longer is!

    dang!!! that was some good shit right there…don’t bogart that joint my friend – pass it over to me…

    Jowles, KOQ’s greatness is temporary as was Lance Thomas’, as is your relationship with the truth. Just give it some time.

    Oh god this thread is getting painful

    What’s the line on this game, -18.5 GSW?

    the best posters are those who never even try to back up their opinions with any sort of evidence.

    I’ll have you guys know that I predicted Theo getting banned before Christmas. Take that pessimists.

    i don’t know kevin…i think theo made a pretty valid point in that there should be no “untouchables” in regards to trades – other than kp…everyone else should be on the market…

    we have to do something about our point guard situation (still clinging to knicks fan in celtic lands thoughts on rose’s back)…and, ya gotta give something to get something…

    Line was -16.5 Warriors when I locked in my bet 30 mins ago… O/U 221.5.

    Ended up with a 2.7:1 odds, 5 point teaser of:
    Bulls +5
    Spurs -3
    Blazers +7
    GSW -11.5

    Melo and Rose are out. Good. Sit KP too. Start Plumlee, Kuz and Baker in their places. Let’s try and lose this game by 90. Losing by 1 and losing by 90 is the same and there was a 1% chance of winning with both Melo and Rose. Now it’s closer to 0.000001% so just tank and let KP rest. That’s what the top echelon teams do (Cavs, Spurs) so we need to start behaving like them.

    RIP Craig Sager.

    I’ve lost some friends to cancer. It sucks.

    Yeah, gonna be tempting for H. to rest KP. I think he’ll start and play him. If the game is out of hand by the 3rd quarter, then he might empty the bench.

    I’d like to see KP at least prove that he can get some things done opposite Draymond, who manhandled him thoroughly in their last meeting, and then sit him once it’s obvious we have no shot… i.e., probably by the second quarter.

    Yes. RIP Craig Sager. He was one of the good guys.

    I lost one of my best friends (and a huge Knick fan) to pancreatic cancer a few years back and I have a friend that’s in recovery now from acute myeloid leukemia (things are looking good so far!). It’s a dreadful disease.

    Here are KOQ’s stats for first 275 minutes of this season compared to first 275 minutes of the previous 2 seasons:
    ……………….. 14-15…………. 15-16………..16-17

    Stats are comparable though blocks/ORs did spike this season. These splits plus going even further back suggest he starts the season strong and then fades. Doubt Thibs would be interested in KOQ but if he offered Tyus Jones for KOQ, now might be the time to sell high.

    @31 & @32: I’d like to hold onto O’Quinn (bc saying “hold onto KOQ” is, well, you saw what I just did there) to at least see how long his improved play is sustainable. I actually agree with Reub that the best scenario i/r/t KOQ and WillyBilly is to continue to develop them so that their production and skills make Noah ultimately expendable (hopefully by this time next year?). It’d be nice for the Knicks to make a deal from a position of strength for once in our lives, no?

    I would be inclined to hang on to KOQ. He’s putting up good numbers, appears to be pretty well liked and a good locker room guy and he is on a pretty damn good value contract. I get the sell high mentality, but unless we can get a Mozgov package, I say hang on to him.

    This game today could either be a non-event or become intriguing. Warriors playing full strength, but it’s the kind of game that the Knicks could just fire up for and cause an upset. Doubtful given how predictable the NBA is at the moment.

    My only fear for KP going up against Draymond is for his nads. Hope he is wearing a cup. Wouldn’t mind see Plumlee get some minutes just to get a bit dirty with him.

    No Melo No Rose? I bet the Knicks still make it a competition. And by competition I mean “I bet they don’t blow us out by 40.”

    well, it would seem the majority of us would prefer to keep KOQ in hand…

    hopefully horny can get kp out of there as soon as possible and do this:

    My only fear for KP going up against Draymond is for his nads. Hope he is wearing a cup. Wouldn’t mind see Plumlee get some minutes just to get a bit dirty with him.

    it’s nice having a plumlee on your team…

    The Nuggets got two lotto-protected 1sts for Mozgov. I wouldn’t take that for Oquinn

    well, it would seem the majority of us would prefer to keep KOQ in hand…

    Noise aside, KOQ should be kept not because he’s great – he is not. He should be kept because he is on a good contract and can be a solid bench player if he more or less continues his disciplined play. Give Horny credit for the adjustment.

    hopefully zanibar’s numbers will now play out throughout an 82 game season now that o’quinn’s gotten himself in to excellent shape…

    still, personally either we need to find someone horny trusts at the point through the 10 day contract thing in early january – or, let baker sink or swim in the next few weeks…

    Draymond is the prototypical player to stop Porzingis. Strong and mobile player to body him up and Porzingis hasn’t quite learned how to use his height advantage yet.

    Any word on how the new CBA will affect the Knicks going forward?

    It’s hard to tell but rookie salaries are going up approximately 50% and so are the salaries for the various exceptions, such as the MLE. This will have effect of reducing cap space around the league because cap holds for vacant roster spots will be bigger. The Knicks have 12 players who are either under contract next year or whose cap hold is set by their current salary, so their cap hold probably won’t be affected by this.

    The raise in the MLE might make it easier to re-sign Jennings because, if we’re over the cap, we can offer the MLE which will now be more money.

    The MARSHALL will be on duty tonight ready to restore law and order if that thug Dray tries to pop KP’s plums.

    I’m worried about traumatizing Baker if we throw him into the oven tonight for too long. He might end up like Admiral Stockdale: Who Am I? Why am I Here?

    It’s Dec 15 boys, you know what that means? The trade machine’s been activated to include free agents signed this past summer! Rose/Melo/Noah are turning into pumpkins. Holiday’s regressing. KOQ’s due to regress. Only bright spots are KP and Willy. Time to pivot Phil: Just add Wolves first round pick to this trade.

    Note that this analysis assumed that the minimum roster size for cap purposes doesn’t change. Since it seems that each team will be able to sign two additional players and put them in d-league on two way contracts, this assumption isn’t 100%

    Any word on how the new CBA will affect the Knicks going forward?

    I see the Knicks being better prepared for the new CBA than in years past, because we finally have our draft picks. The new CBA will make it easier for teams to keep their studs and to pay them a truckload of money. So it makes it tougher to build through free agency and makes the draft more important. We’re probably around the middle of the pack for draft picks that we have.

    The good thing about the new CBA is that the Knicks will be able to give Melo a six-year max deal in 2019 when they used to be restricted by how much they could give him in the old CBA.

    not to be weird – but every time i read what you write i feel like i should be taking my clothes off and getting ready to grit my teeth and bend over…

    My training was as a podiatrist. I have treated foot problems for weekend warriors as well as professional athletes, Olympic champions, and world record holders. I am a past national and world class athlete myself. So podiatrist, yes…no as a proctologist. Although there are some trolls on this board that sound well versed in Proctology.

    BTW, if the proctologist puts one hand on your shoulder during a prostate exam, it is okay. If he puts two hands on your shoulders, you should worry.

    I would prefer the proctologist keep his hands off my shoulders entirely.

    What sport, KFICL?

    What sport, KFICL?

    I don’t know your abbreviation jargon. However, if you mean my sport, I represented the USA in the World Masters Cross-Country championships in ’95 and am 3 time New England mountain racing champion. I started as a basketball player but gravitated to many running sports.

    I don’t know your abbreviation jargon.

    Hehe, it’s literally just your user name. 🙂

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