Knicks Morning News (2016.12.07)

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  • [NYPost] Derrick Rose may miss Cavaliers showdown with back spasms
    (Tuesday, December 06, 2016 10:32:48 PM)

    MIAMI — At least it’s not his knees. Derrick Rose’s status for Wednesday’s showdown against the Cavaliers is up in the air after he suffered back spasms in the third quarter and made an early exit from the Knicks’ 114-103 victory over the Heat on Tuesday night. Rose said it was not just his back,…

  • [NYPost] Carmelo beats up on depleted Heat as LeBron awaits
    (Tuesday, December 06, 2016 5:05:51 PM)

    MIAMI — Bring on The King. The Knicks started a seven-game stretch Tuesday that features six road games and one mighty home game — against the defending champions. Tuesday was the easy part. The hard part comes Wednesday at the Garden, where an angry LeBron James will be waiting. The Knicks made it difficult on…

  • [NYPost] Stars coming out for Knicks-Cavaliers game at MSG
    (Tuesday, December 06, 2016 4:28:07 PM)

    Tracy Morgan and Katie Holmes are just a few of the celebrity guests attending the game.

  • [NYPost] Phil Jackson doesn’t buy LeBron’s ‘posse’ fury
    (Tuesday, December 06, 2016 1:38:00 PM)

    Phil Jackson may be stirring more controversy than peace in the aftermath of his “posse” comments concerning LeBron James and his black business partners. The Knicks team president expressed regret Tuesday for speaking about another team’s player and for his “word choice,” but skirted around the term’s racial connotations that inflamed James. “We are not…

  • [NYPost] Hack-a-Noah is latest Joakim headache for Knicks
    (Tuesday, December 06, 2016 8:43:26 AM)

    MIAMI – Joakim Noah is working on his free-throw technique with Jeff Hornacek as tutor, so “Hack-a-Noah’’ doesn’t become a thing. The Knicks coach believes Noah’s nightmare free-throw shooting is more “in his head’’ than due to a flaw in his technique, though Noah’s form always has been unorthodox. It’s the latest issue in Noah’s troubled first…

  • [NYPost] LeBron dismisses Phil Jackson peace with a single word
    (Tuesday, December 06, 2016 6:15:29 AM)

    It took one word for Phil Jackson to land permanently in LeBron James’ doghouse. And it took one word for the reigning king of the NBA to dismiss having any kind of peace summit or make-nice conversation with the Knicks president when the Cavaliers visit Madison Square Garden on Wednesday. “No,” James said Monday night,…

  • [NYDN] Carmelo Anthony scores season-high 35 in Knicks’ win over Heat
    (Tuesday, December 06, 2016 8:02:16 PM)

    There was no LeBron James to stop Carmelo Anthony. No Dwyane Wade. No Chris Bosh. Not even Justise Winslow.

  • [NYDN] Derrick Rose could miss Knicks’ game vs. Cavs with back issue
    (Tuesday, December 06, 2016 7:47:39 PM)

    Derrick Rose’s goal of playing all 82 games is in jeopardy.

  • [NYDN] Knicks’ Phil Jackson says he shouldn’t have brought up LeBron
    (Tuesday, December 06, 2016 1:31:20 PM)

    Phil Jackson may or may not regret using the word “posse.”

  • [NYDN] Noah agrees with LeBron, wouldn’t want to stay in Trump hotel
    (Tuesday, December 06, 2016 12:37:16 PM)

    For once, Joakim Noah and LeBron James can agree on something: boycotting Donald Trump.

  • [SNY Knicks] Carmelo leads Knicks in 114-103 win against Heat
    (Tuesday, December 06, 2016 10:12:31 PM)

    Carmelo Anthony matched a season high with 35 points, and the New York Knicks beat the injury-ravaged Miami Heat 114-103 on Tuesday night for their fourth straight victory.

  • [SNY Knicks] Rose exits game early with back spasms, return not expected
    (Tuesday, December 06, 2016 9:35:23 PM)

    Derrick Rose exited the Knicks game in Miami early on Tuesday night and is not expected to return.

  • [SNY Knicks] Jackson regrets choice of words, no plans to meet with Lebron
    (Tuesday, December 06, 2016 6:05:10 PM)

    Lebron James has lost all respect for Phil Jackson after the Knicks’ team president referred to James’ business partners as his ‘posse.’

  • [SNY Knicks] Knicks head to Miami to take on Heat
    (Tuesday, December 06, 2016 2:10:22 PM)

    The Knicks travel to Miami to take on the Heat Tuesday night.

  • [SNY Knicks] Not re-signing Derrick Williams hasn’t hurt Knicks so far
    (Tuesday, December 06, 2016 11:30:08 AM)

    Derrick Williams, who played 80 games for the Knicks last season, has appeared in just 11 of the Heat’s 20 games so far in 2016-17.

  • [NYTimes] After a Setback, a Season Watching From a Distance
    (Tuesday, December 06, 2016 10:59:00 PM)

    After Tom Thibodeau was fired by the Chicago Bulls, he spent the next several months on a listening tour. The strategies he learned prepared him for his next job in Minnesota.

  • [NYTimes] Klay Thompson Pours In 60 Points, in Just 29 Minutes
    (Tuesday, December 06, 2016 4:02:43 PM)

    The Warriors guard’s total was the highest in an N.B.A. game since Kobe Bryant scored 60 in his final career game last spring.

  • [NYTimes] Knicks 114, Heat 103: Phil Jackson Moves Past Spat as Knicks Climb Three Games Above .500
    (Wednesday, December 07, 2016 4:23:45 AM)

    With the Cavaliers visiting Madison Square Garden on Wednesday, Jackson said his disagreement with LeBron James is “water under the bridge,” while his team earned a road victory over the Heat.

  • [NYTimes] Coached by the Zen Master, the Knicks Try Mindfulness
    (Tuesday, December 06, 2016 4:51:00 PM)

    Phil Jackson, who introduced mindfulness exercises after becoming team president, now leads the sessions himself.

  • [NY Newsday] Carmelo Anthony scores 35 in Knicks’ win over Heat; Derrick Rose hurt
    (Tuesday, December 06, 2016 11:25:21 PM)

    MIAMI — Carmelo Anthony used to have to battle LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh whenever he made the trip to South Beach. But the Heat is an injury-riddled team in transition that has some players you wouldn’t know without a roster sheet or boxscore in front of you.

  • [NY Newsday] LeBron James won’t talk to Phil Jackson when Cavaliers visit MSG
    (Tuesday, December 06, 2016 6:36:00 PM)

    LeBron James has nothing to say to Phil Jackson and apparently has no interest in what the Knicks’ president has to say.

  • [NY Newsday] Joakim Noah frustrated by free-throw woes
    (Tuesday, December 06, 2016 12:26:00 PM)

    MIAMI — Right now the only thing Joakim Noah hates more than taking free throws is talking about his free-throw shooting.

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    From a couple days ago from the esteemed THCJ:

    Even when the Knicks win, the “optimists” have no idea who’s responsible for it.

    I assume what he meant by this is that last night’s nice win was more about Kyle O’Quinn than it was about, say, Carmelo Anthony. And I’ll agree wholeheartedly with that (even though Melo was a +25 in 36 minutes). KOQ has been freaking unreal so far this year. At P&T the recap suggested (at least so far this season) that KOQ and Jennings are Mason and Starks-ish, and I’d have to agree — they are that much fun to root for. KOQ has been a revelation, and one of the most important players during this little run.

    Whiteside was pretty awesome last night, but you see why some people are/were a little skeptical of his amazing block numbers. He goes block-hunting like crazy, leading to tons of offensive rebound opportunities. Props to Joakim Noah who had 7 offensive rebounds last night (and KOQ had 5). Even though Whiteside is the best individual rebounder and shotblocker in the league, somehow by 4 factors on/off the Heat are still a worse rebounding team with him on the court rather than off (opposing ORB% 24.8 with him on the court, 23.7% with him off the court), and give up a higher eFG also (48.7% with him on the court, 48% with him off the court). I’m not saying he’s not great, just that for whatever reason some of his individual stat greatness doesn’t seem to translate amazingly well to team stats — unlike, say RoLo, who always seemed to have the opposite (poor individual numbers but much better team numbers when he’s on the court rather than off).

    Great to see Lance Thomas look like he’s remembered how to shoot. I guess healthy feet are important in shooting. Good Lance Thomas = great possibilities for this team.

    9-3 now over the last 12 games, tied for #3 in the East. Big test tonight, although I am not expecting much. LBJ at MSG = no bueno for NYK.

    RE: Kristaps, whose shooting seems to be in a funk right now. He looks a little like last year now – wants to attack the closeout off the dribble for no particular reason (shoot the 3 dude!!! you’re 7’3″!!) and then gets caught in no-mans land and tries to flip it up. And what happened to the Dirk 1-foot stepback? That shot was $$$$ for him and instead on his post turnarounds he’s turning right into dudes and taking away his own space.

    But I think his defense is 100x better than it was earlier in the year. I love watching dudes drive into the lane, see him there, then run out of the lane because they know they’ll get swatted. And it seems he’s doing a better job on the perimeter too. I don’t know if it’s because he seems to be playing more inside now than chasing stretch 4s around, but it seems like he’s not running out at 3 point shooters as much as he was earlier in the year. I really think they should have Noah guard the stretch 4s and leave KP in the middle since KP is a far superior rim protector at this point.

    Hard to imagine Rose playing tonight, and he’s probably limited if he does. This will be a tough game regardless -back to back, LeBron wants to make Phil look bad – so it will be interesting to see how we play if Jennings is the starter and Sasha and/or Ron back him up.

    Lance’a shot going in was the most pleasant surprise of last night.

    And boy, do I hope KOQ’s play isn’t a mirage. He had a few stretches last year where he seemed to be figuring it out, only to go back to thinking he’s Magic Johnson. But he’s been better here than he was then, and it’s mostly been due to his more traditional big man skills than the fact that he can throw a pretty pass.

    With KOQ it’s been everything. Faster decisions with the ball, whether it’s pass or shoot. Great effort on the glass on both ends. And it helps that his mid-range jumper has been money. He’s shooting waaaay over his career average on long 2’s (59.3%) – to put that in perspective, that’s better than Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson, and Steph Curry this year.

    That said, he’s only shooting them when he’s open or wide open per Sportvu, so he should shoot well on those.

    Dude put in the work over the offseason, lost weight, etc. and it shows. Good for him, and good for us having him on a really cheap contract for the next 3 years. Hopefully he doesn’t turn back into a pumpkin.

    Re: KOQ

    Seems like he’s making quicker decisions in part because of where he’s getting the ball. They aren’t coming down and initiating the Triangle with him in the strong side post with his back to the basket, waiting for a few listless cuts to be made. I more than not see him making swing passes at the top of the key or getting touches at the elbow. They’re also using him as a roll man in PNR more frequently, whereas last year he tended to pop more often and he’s finding those guys in the corner if the defense rotates over because they actually have to respect KOQ’s improved finishing ability.

    The loss of weight also seems to have given him a little added lift off the ground as well, be it while he has momentum going toward the rim or off two feet on an offensive rebound or a catch at the rim. He’s definitely taking less jumpers and when he is, they seem to be wide open as Frank pointed out and they definitely aren’t early shot clock first read type of plays. He sets some really mean screens also with that wide frame.

    I’m really happy to see him thrive since he’s always seemed like a jovial guy and has that rep for being well liked and a joker on the team, so hopefully he can keep this up. Probably won’t continue to play at the level he has the last 3 games, but even a slight step down with the improved decision making and defensive effort makes him incredibly valuable and a steal on that contract.

    Back spasms are something I always felt guys were soft for not playing through until I had them. Rose might be better by tonight, but if not its impossible to do something athletic

    Just sit Rose. This is a house money game you’re likely to lose anyways. I’d rather have him healthy for the upcoming road trip rather than try to win a “statement game” at home and risk a recurrence of the spasms.

    Just wait until Rose sits and the Knicks win the game. The “realists” will be back in force.

    meanwhile I literally can’t believe we’re >25% of the way through the season and we’re literally tied for the 3 seed.

    I had “back spasms” once that was worse than any broken bone. Every centimeter move was like getting tasered. I was pissing in a cup. TMI?

    Seems like he’s making quicker decisions in part because of where he’s getting the ball.

    So what you’re saying, Lavor, is that our coach looked at our players’ strengths and weaknesses and tailored the offense to suit them, rather than forcing them to fit into a rigidly-proscribed system?

    I’m a Knicks fan. Is that… is that even legal?

    So what you’re saying, Lavor, is that our coach looked at our players’ strengths and weaknesses and tailored the offense to suit them, rather than forcing them to fit into a rigidly-proscribed system?

    Kind of. Most of the problems with the guys like Fisher and Rambis from Phil’s “coaching tree” are that they have too rigid a view of the Triangle.

    If you look at how the Bulls ran it and compared it to how the Lakers ran it with Shaq/Kobe and how that was different from how they ran it with Kobe/Pau/Odom, it’s obvious Phil wasn’t rigid in how the offense was initiated or where guys received the ball on the floor, just that the system was used. Like, you didn’t see the Bulls starting the offense by entering the ball in the post every time down to Luc Longley. Phil even started using automatic screen and roll options for Kobe and Pau in his 2nd iteration of title teams any time that Kobe brought the ball up the floor, so while PNR wasn’t something he wanted as the central staple of his offense, he wasn’t too stubborn to use it at all.

    Either way that debate is irrelevant now. The Knicks still use a bit of Triangle, especially with Rose/Melo, Rose/KP or Melo/KP in end of game or late clock situations, but Hornacek is running a lot of whatever he wants and that’s a good thing.

    Hornacek has been low-key great so far, really solid stuff.

    If we continue at this pace he should be a candidate for COTY. Who else would be COTY anyway? Pop? Walton?

    Those plus Fizdale and Mike D. Utah has held it together well despite no Favors and barely any Hill.

    Walton’s been great for sure. Fizdale deserves some props for what he’s doing in Memphis given their injury constraints to main cogs all year long. Casey has the Raptors really humming and they haven’t had a huge drop off in results even though they lost Biyombo, which I thought had the potential to really peg them back. And, as much as loath him and hate to say it, MDA’s doing a hell of a job in Houston with a player and roster tailored almost perfectly to what he wants to do. Could probably argue a similar case for Donovan who is also using a historic season from his franchise player to rack up some wins.

    Gonna have to agree with everyone on Rose. Back pain was the worst pain I’ve felt in my life.

    This coming from someone who was hospitalized a year for a Chrohns flare up.

    The Grizzlies are forever destined to have a negative point differential while also managing to be a 4 seed in the western conference

    O’Quinn has been taking more than half his shots at the rim this year, which is a pretty significant shift from his previous shot distribution. I don’t know if that’s coaching, or Kyle, or what, but it’s good. He’s not going to hit 55% of his long 2’s all season, but he can definitely keep scoring near the hoop.

    He’s not going to hit 55% of his long 2’s all season

    Idk man, that beard has powers.

    Kyle seemed to up his game when Willy was given his minutes. I don’t think that was a coincidence.

    It’s good to see Rose taking care of the ball a lot better than earlier in the season, 1 turnover last night and only 9 over his last 5 games. Not a coincidence that we’ve been winning games during that stretch.

    We’re at the quarter mark. Here are KP’s stats after 715 minutes played compared to the 715 minute mark of his rookie season:



    Back pain was the worst pain I’ve felt in my life.

    I agree but there are different levels of back pain. This looked very mild. I’ve had these too. Simply getting out of bed can be excruciating. However, a good, deep massage can be priceless. But he should sit. We’re playing with house money tonight and I would rather see him healthy for Friday. In fact, I would have put him on a plane to Sacramento last night to give him 2 days of recovery there before the game.

    Can we also compliment KP as well for the great play from O’Q after KP invited O’Q to Latvia while he was dealing with some issues in NYC?

    Can we also compliment KP as well for the great play from O’Q after KP invited O’Q to Latvia while he was dealing with some issues in NYC?

    KP is the true Knicks leader.

    Noah looked good but he had trouble with Whiteside’s strength; had to hold him multiple times to keep him off the boards. His tip in game was on point.

    Koq has been crashing the offensive glass… his oreb rate is way up and he’s shooting less… and from observations… they are quality looks when he does shoot…. he’s gotten smarter which was the missing piece to his game… i think we are looking at a breakout for him this year…

    If this is the player KQ can really be most of the time then we have a great big man for our bench. I’d hold on to him because at 4 million a year for the next 3 years he is an absolute steal in this market. Even when healthy we probably don’t want to play Noah more than 20 to 25 minutes a game, so there should be plenty of room for KQ and Willie H to both get decent minutes.

    KQ, Willie H, Kuz – Phil deserves props for these signings.

    Man I wish Rose could play tonight. Maybe he does but I wish he was 100 percent. I’d love to see what we could do against the Cavs now. If it wasn’t a back to back I’d give us a good chance to win. We are not the same team we were opening night. I’m sure the naysayers are all super happy we’re playing the cavs tonight so they can get their keyboards ready when we lose and throw out all their stats as to why we aren’t a contender. But screw that. I like this team. I like our pieces. Tonight just play hard and we’ll meet Cleveland again in the ECF when it actually matters.

    I thought Noah was pretty good last night. He was pretty dominant on the o-boards and did an alright job in Whiteside, who is just a monster. He did pick up 3 fouls in the early 3rd Q and never played after that, but most of them were just dumb hacks.

    If he can keep up last nights effort this year we should be pleased.

    Yeah Noah was encouraging last night. My hope is that this time away has given Willie H and KQ some burn and confidence and strengthened our bench and now when Noah rounds into form we’ll have a great big man rotation.

    Speaking of Willy he seems to have a lot of trail blocks in the half court. Was that in his scouting report as a draftee?

    Speaking of blocks, KOQ’s block % is 7.1! League leader Rudy Gobert is at 6.6- I guess KOQ hasn’t played enough minutes to qualify. That can’t be sustainable but it speaks volumes about the uptick in athleticism he’s showed so far this year.

    He was labeled as a competent weak side shot blocker in Europe iirc but his blocking wasn’t really talked up much at all. So there’s a nice surprise, along with his passing (despite the massive amount of TOs.)

    Now if he could surprise us with a midrange game…

    His base seems off when he tried a jumper. It looks like his feet are to close and off set too much

    I had “back spasms” once that was worse than any broken bone. Every centimeter move was like getting tasered. I was pissing in a cup. TMI?

    naw man, not too much information, keep it flowing ptmilo…quite the humbling experience when it takes about 5 minutes to work yourself out of bed just to go use it…it’s like there’s some kind of road block going on in your body preventing info from moving from your brain down to your legs…ugh…

    some interesting numbers zanzibar…looks like kp has significantly reduced his turnovers this year…

    I predict that DRose will play tonight because he’s a leader and a winner. Intangibles don’t always show in stats you numbers crunchers.

    The O’Quinn signing might end up being the biggest steal this Knicks administration got… in a year where Bismack Biyombo got 3 years AND A PLAYER OPTION for 17 million per, his contract is a major steal.

    Don’t bet on us losing tonight. It’s time for this team to tell the world how good they are.

    @38 – First, thanks for the link. And for those who click on it, there are a few related videos in YouTube. It was broken into pieces and you have to find the piece that you want to hear.

    But I’m sorry, NOTHING Phil said seemed wrong or cringe-worthy. What, in particular, irked you?

    Geo please let it go. Don’t join that anti-Phil crowd that can’t shoot straight. Please.

    Should we think about adding Chris Bosh if our doctors clear him and Miami releases him as expected later in the year? Even just for home games? Is it possible?

    Signing Chris Bosh to play basketball makes you a bad person.

    He’s putting his life at risk every time he steps onto the floor

    Until he’s cleared for contact sports on blood thinners by multiple independently reputable medical professionals I take issue with any GM even entertaining the possibility of signing him.

    i know i read into shit waaaaay too deep sometimes – but, it was his whole dismissive, condescending, arrogant and defensive manner…makes me want to poke him in his gimpy ass back…

    most of his stuff was okay…it was just that part about lebum that raised my blood pressure – and, to be honest – i could give a fuck less about lebum…just like jordan – he’s not a knick – so fuck him…

    being a new yorker – i believe in being a “stand up guy”…owning shit – good and bad , what the hell is so hard about saying – oooops, my bad…

    i think it would cause a brain aneurysm in that fucker to say he’s sorry…

    i’m sure phil has his “homies” and they love him and all (shit, noah traveled all the way to “i don’t know where in the fuck montana is” just to kick it and bullshit with him…i get it – for some folks it’s all good, it’s just phil being phil…

    imagine being around phil a bunch in a non – “i don’t work for you” sitaution…it would seem like every few minutes you’d be repeating the same “get the fuck out of here?” question over and over again…

    i can only imagine the conversation between melo and lebum…it would be kinda like trying to apologize for your old cranky grandma…sorry man – grandma just hates everyone…

    one of the things i appreciate most about phil so far is bringing in seemingly good people into the locker room…cuz, i’ll tell you what – rooting for guitar ‘i’m a rich sleazy dude’ jimmy just ain’t happening…

    sorry for the rant man, and, dumping my emotional baggage on ya’ll, i’m over it (sorta) and moving on with life…maybe phil’s just smoking the wrong weed…

    to end on good note – i still think lisa leslie’s kinda hot and sexy…

    I think the weight loss has helped O’Quinn tremendously; they said it was 20 lbs. He’d lose another 5 if he shaved that beard.

    When Lance is hitting shots, we are 11 deep. 12 if you count Sasha.

    When O’Quinn lost weight he became very hungry.

    And yes, Lance, where has that shot been all season?

    awwww man, you know reub, i really appreciate you all…

    and, thanks Go Ny…for letting me get that shit out my system…

    alright, i’m back again…with more of my zero statistical insight…wherein,

    man, just play better defense,rebound and score some more

    – is the answer to it all…

    You know if we don’t throw a few stats into this discussion we’re in jeopardy of being banned from here. So let me just say that it’s 4:24 PM and the local temperature is 45 degrees.

    Lance’s jumper went away when he was playing with plantar fasciitis in both feet and tried gutting it out with a sprained left ankle on top of that.

    @52 I recommend the self help section on Amazon books cuz nobody I hang out with in New York cares to hear a grown up whining about stupid shit.

    KOQ is outplaying his contract.

    The key to tonight will be keeping Kyrie in check. If he has a good shooting night, you have almost zero chance of beating Cleveland.

    the other day i was trying to figure out how long i’ve been following knickerblogger (it seems like forever) and came across a really cool article on espn about mike and the start of this blog:

    sorry, haven’t figured out yet how to hyperlink in bbcode…

    whatever happened to our illustrious founder mister mike…i don’t think i’ve seen him on here for awhile…hope he’s doing okay…

    Who is this Jron Abney???

    Sounds familiar but I just can’t place it…

    @52 –
    I’m not into all the PC-BS out there. Some of it’s worthy, like not using reallllly derogatory words, like the “N-word” and similar ones for each other classification of person of whatever race, creed, color, religion, sexual orientation, etc. But we’ve gotten very nit-picky. So he got called out on it by Lebron. OK. Phil says “Nobody was harmed” and I think he means in a sticks-and-stones manner. People were angry, feelings were hurt. Fine.

    I have another opinion. The fact that Lebron chose to make a scene about this is counter-productive. He made a big to-do about this, so when he makes the next stink, maybe about something important, the boy-that-cried-wolf scenario is in play. “Oh, he whined about the word posse. This is the same thing”. So he diminishes his argument. This is the opposite of the game I play with my wife. She wins 99% of the arguments we have. I win the 1% that I care about. She knows, if I make a fuss, that it must be important, so I win. LeBron has signed to win the 99% which are 0% important.

    @52 I recommend the self help section on Amazon books cuz nobody I hang out with in New York cares to hear a grown up whining about stupid shit.

    absolutely correct – we can all benefit from seeking out different resources to enhance our current state of “being”…

    and yes, “Jron Abney” (nice one there)…once you find your way back under your bridge, mister trollman – try to find a little better bait…

    Bait? Just telling you I could care less about your emotional well being. That’s your business bub. When you show me the fungus growing behind your ear I’m not gonna pat you on the shoulder and say you’re an OK guy anyway. FOH. If there’s any bait it’s the dumb shit coming into this blog after I and quite a few others have been coming here for fucking ever to escape this shit on every other Knicks discussion.

    This conversation about the Knicks could do with a little less mewling about stupid gossip and a little more discussion about the Knicks, no?

    well, in that case – thanks for sharing your feelings about my feelings…

    nice use of the word “mewling”, hard to fit that one in to a standard conversation…

    good luck on getting away from yourself though – which sounds like where you’re real exit strategy should be focused on…

    like it or not, this blog belongs to us all – including a lot of the first time posters showing up this season…

    new blood is the life cycle for all these wonderful avenues of fandom…

    and yes – on to the game!!!…well, in another hour and a half or so at least…

    Yeah sorry for the rant man and calling your “dumping your emotional baggage” out as childish and annoying. I’m over it now. I’ll be okay. Whew.

    This last little stretch has been fun to watch, mostly because the team has been able to grind out wins. I think Clyde made a similar comment last night. Plus you know…..winning is enjoyable duh.

    They haven’t been playing perfect, but they have showed some grit which we probably haven’t really seen since the 90’s. The team still has it’s obvious problems, but they are at least fun to watch with a cast of really likeable guys. We can at least say so far this season that we are a chance in most games, which is a lot more than what we have been able to say the last 2 seasons. Huge test against the Cavs. Hard to see them getting up today, but if they can at least put up some fight and make them work for it I will be happy.

    If Rose is out we need to get #FreeRon trending. Coach has a social media staff on the sidelines right?

    It’s been a minute since I’ve posted, though always reading — but here is a really insightful article on the Knick’s performance so far this season:

    “No. 2
    Kristaps Porzingis is one of only two players who have shot 70 percent or better on at least 75 shots in the restricted area and 35 percent or better on at least 75 3-point attempts.

    The only player who shares that distinction with the “unicorn”? The guy who first called Porzingis a unicorn: Kevin Durant.

    Porzingis is a rare talent. First of all, he’s 7-3 and can catch the basketball. But he can also finish strong. According to SportVU, he has a higher field goal percentage at the rim (61.5 percent) than Dwight Howard (61.2 percent), DeAndre Jordan (60.5 percent) or Andre Drummond (56.1 percent) where there’s been at least one defender there. And while none of those other guys can shoot beyond five feet, Porzingis has range and a soft touch out to 25 feet.”

    The only player who shares that distinction with the “unicorn”? The guy who first called Porzingis a unicorn: Kevin Durant.

    Lol he definitely was not the first. They don’t need to make up stuff just to make a comparison between two players.

    yo jron abbey…saul goodman…been lurking here for years – and, if you are whom i think you might be – it truly would be an honor to be trolled by you – kinda like getting t-bagged from someone high up on the leaderboards (yeah, go ahead and shove your nuts in my mouth – mmmmm, tasty)…sounds a little crazy, but, i mean it…

    Geo-n-SoCal I recommend the podcast Outside In on npr’s Invisibilia. Great story about how fame works.

    To be fair, there is definite disturbance in the force around Knickslandia. Hornacek might very well be the chosen one, Porzingis his lightsaber.

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