2016-17 Game Thread: Knicks @ Heat

Big game for the Knickerbockers tonight, as they head to Miami to play a decent but not practically good Miami team ahead of a game the next day against Cleveland.

They win tonight, and they will be over .500 no matter what happens in the Cleveland game. So let’s hope that they win tonight.

Miami is a good defensive team, but an ugly offensive team. Winslow, one of their better defenders and one of their worst offensive players, is out tonight. Carmelo Anthony will likely be happy about that, as Winslow has played him tough in the past.

If this team is going to keep this up, they simply have to beat under .500 teams, even on the road.

So let’s go, Knicks!

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Beware the mighty juggernaut which is these 2016/2017 knickerbockers!!!

okay, so not only do i suck at stats – not much a betting fan either (my value to the site i believe lies in my innate ability to look into the fractured psyche – half zen, half troll – of our intrepid gm)…but, i see we have a + 2 next to our team name on tonight’s matchup…

i get how we’re not so terrific on the road – but, the heat aren’t so hot at home either – or, really anywhere this year…

who’s gonna beat us – whiteside, naw – i think KOQ and noah can keep him around 20 and 15 (if whiteside starts going off – noah will just elbow him in the head)…dragic, i’m fairly confident rose will outplay him tonight…mcroberts – hmmmmm, he may be a bit of an issue…ellington, maybe gets lucky and goes for double digits…

i don’t think miami will hit 100 tonight – i see us winning by at least a half dozen points or so…

and yes, i’m waiting in abject terror to see ‘no knicks lead is safe’ appear on the thread tonight…immediate anxiety ensues whenever i see that oh so prophetic ID…

I’m not going to be as bubbly as So-Cal. When I played my W-L-L-W game on the schedule and determined that we’d win 43, this and tomorrow were both losses. If they win today, they are +3 Wins on my grid.

Also, I kinda was tongue and cheek about starting our 3rd string tomorrow, but there was an element of truth to it. I do think Hornacek needs to rest Melo and KP. It could simply be to limit their minutes. It would be great to be in a blow-out tonight to make it easy, but either way I don’t want KP or Melo logging 30+ today or tomorrow.

In the last feed I said Lebron didn’t have a pippen.
The response was Lebron had a Wade.
Agreed, but last year, Lebron did not have a pippen like player. Cleveland had some good but not HOF caliber players and Lebron beat the world’s greatest team pretty much by himself.
It set Lebron on another plain entirely, IMHO.
Of course, reasonable folks can disagree. Jordan was amazing.
But I don’t think Jordan ever faced like circumstances.

Haven’t had a really Knicksy loss in awhile. This would be one given Miami’s injuries, so will probably happen.

KP is 21 years old. If we’re already talking about watching his minutes and resting him on back-to-backs, he’s in for a Noah like career; 3 or so peak years of awesome play, then falls off a very steep cliff. Let’s let the kid play, shall we?

I’m stuck on the Acela tonight. So will be tracking here.

I’ve gotta teach you guys about Slingbox. We’ll keep you posted.

I do think Hornacek needs to rest Melo and KP. It could simply be to limit their minutes.

hold up – wait a minute now…don’t good teams (with good coaches) actually rest their star players from time to time – no, not our knicks…

As an NYC implant in Miami I’m blacked out of Clyde for the night so in addition to whatever stupid Knicks stuff happens I can be mad about the Heat announcing team

As an NYC implant in Miami I’m blacked out of Clyde for the night so in addition to whatever stupid Knicks stuff happens I can be mad about the Heat announcing team


The keys for tonight: 1) Battle Whiteside (at least) even on the boards. 2) Contain Dragic 3) Improve on getting fouls instead of giving them.

I would hate to trade Rose for Dragic. Unless the Knicks are about to give Rose the Dragic contract in the offseason.

What happens when the unstoppable force meets the immovable object?

I have no idea, I’m watching the Knicks vs the Heat.

Melo 0-5 from the field. Key #2, containing Dragic looking like an early issue. Tied at 12 but it’s not looking like it’ll be a pretty game.

as soon as I saw a rookie guarding Melo, I KNEW he was going to start the game with stupid contested jumpers.

I can’t stand him when he does that, my god.

oh look – another slow start for melo, how surprising…hmmmm, i think he might actually blend in real well coming off the bench with the second unit…whatever he’s doing before games, he needs to do something – different…

Knicks up 26-25 after 1. O’Quinn and Kuzminskis providing energy off the bench after the Heat took the lead. Melo looks tired. He scored twice on layups, his jumper is off. Dragic has 9 points, DR0se 8.

Geo-n-SoCal, when one gets a little older it’s harder to get started. Melo and I both know this fact.

Haven’t looked at numbers but in all Heat games I watch Willie Reed seems really solid

i don’t know reub – i think if you’d been out there starting at sf for the heat tonight you would’ve shut melo down too…


I’m not sure it is an injury. It seems he goes back to the locker room during the 1st and 2nd a lot.

saw a quote the other day that made me think of you reub:

It’s Nice to be Important; but, It’s more Important to be Nice

keep doing your thing sir…

ugh, all i got is a box score…

as such i’d just like to add: fuck you wayne ellington – i hope your balls fall off the next time you go up for a shot…

It’s amazing that the Knicks are only down by 1 at the half! Melo is finding his stroke.

I got league pass working intermittently.
Looks like Melo is nailing some tough shots.
Hassan is killing hernangomez.

Joakim Noah with 8 points and 7 rebounds (5 OREB) in 11 minutes. That’s why he got $70M this summer.

The Knicks 2nd qtr was like their typical 3rd qtr. They came out sloppy, took awful shots and were committed a ton of stupid fouls.

We had a streak of telegraphed forced passes that lead to turnovers and fast breaks and yet we’re still in it

KP: 8 PTS, 8 REB
Noah: 8 PTS, 7 REB

The starters (+40 total) are doing their jobs, but the bench (-45) is a mess.

Just got in, League Pass won’t let me choose the Knicks stream, so I may have to sit through the Heat announcers….

So, Noah having a good game?

Surely the Knicks can beat this beat up Heat team?

So, Noah having a good game?

Yes but his ass is riding the pines because he has 4 stupid fouls.

Whiteside can’t be this good, infallible NBA front offices passed him up en masse 😉

Wow, the Heat dancers with a much hotter routine than the Knicks dancers!

Yeah, but then they trot out a bunch of 6 to 14 year olds doing basically the same routine in the same outfits during halftime. Somebody ought to be arrested for that disgusting display of child exploitation.

They did? Didn’t see that. I hope not; the adult dancers were furiously twerking…

Omg whiteside is such an insufferable douche. You just sense when someone is devoid of any charm.

They did? Didn’t see that. I hope not; the adult dancers were furiously twerking…

Miami is the worst. For several reasons.

NBA tv is showing Phil and Lisa leslie interview – god, he’s a dick…big fucking disappointment…

defensive, condescending, arrogant…fuck phil – geez you’re almost 100, learn a little humility and grace you smug prick…

fuck it, phil’s phil…unbending, prideful, and willful…he’s not a stupid guy…it is what it is – fuck, Phil’s got me writing cliches

I really really really like Holiday!

LT has played well tonight. Get on the trade phone Phil!!! LOL

and that’s why you don’t re-sign Rose early…

the game’s looking like a decent win, Miami is not good and they are lacking a lot of players, so the Knicks should win comfortably (and they are doing it, despite a bad start with bad Melo).

Don’t forget the possibility of looking ahead to tomorrow’s game vs. Cleveland. That makes this possible win an important one.

I agree, ClashFan, losing this would be a disaster for any wannabe contender.

still an expected win, imo, like tomorrow is an expected loss.

so phil’s remarks about the lebum imcident was basically – “ummmm, yes, speaking about players on other teams is not something you can in my position now”, “you shouldn’t talk about players from other teams, in my position, now”…

c’mon phil, you’ve been on the job for what, at least a couple years – and you still don’t get that nba execs don’t do that…

thank goodness for jeff hornacek…put dolan, phil and jeff in a room together and I know at least one of them will know the right thing to do…i don’t really know much about mills…

The Knicks look like a good team. Who knew?

KP needs to get his shit together on the offensive end.

Nice to see our boys winning these games now. They are going to be alright…

Hopefully Rose gets some treatment and comes right back.

BIG win for the Knicks!

It’s good to have a guy like Carmelo Anthony that can take over a game.

Big up for our bigs. Noah, KP and O’Quinn with a combined 29 rebounds and 4 blocks.

Jennings with 9 assists,

I’ll take 14 and 12 as an off night for our Unicorn. 35 pts on 27 shots from Melo ain’t too shabby either.

I’m so excited that I’m going to my first Knicks game in 7 years this Sunday (yes I’m in LA now). I dont currently get to watch the games, so this will be a real treat. My gf is going too (Laker fan)… I need to warn her that she’s about to see a new side of me: rabid Knicks fan Cdiggy.

Don’t worry. We can all expect the prominent return of Theo after the Cavs smoke us. That said, we are currently tied for 3rd place in the Eastern Conference.

The Toronto Raptors should go all in and trade some of their assets for Hassan Whiteside. You know how scary a Lowry, DeRozan, Carroll, Siakam, and Whiteside starting five would be? They would really challenge the Cavs.

Four straight wins, but the cat fighting on knickerblogger will continue.
Two old ladies eating lunch together.
One says to the other: this food is terrible.
The other says, I know, and such small portions!

That knickerblogger!


we are currently tied for 3rd place in the Eastern Conference.

…and tied for 2nd, 2 games behind TOR in the Atlantic Division.

Given Bosh’s situation, would Riley be interested in unloading Dragic’s contract? Given Phil’s win now strategy and the available guard options this summer, maybe Dragic/Kuz for Rose makes some sense if it also allows us to re-sign Jennings.

1: Dragic/Jennings
2: Lee/Holiday
3: Melo/Lance
4/5: KP/WH/Noah/KOQ

We need to start blowing out some of these bad teams. Miami stinks and was missing 3 starters. But even after we built a comfortable lead in the fourth quarter, the Heat were scoring on every possession.

Good teams clamp down on dispirited opponents and make them wave the white flag. We never do that. It’s why we still have a negative point differential despite being 12-9.

They don’t want Rose. They’d just want to rid themselves of Dragic’s 3 years, maybe tank and rebuild. They’d make that trade by trade deadline and Rose’s contract would expire.

Miami would need to kick in $5m or so in salary, and would likely also want an asset or two.

Whiteside is a beast but we had a whole team on the boards tonight. KOQ, Lance, and of course Melo were great but don’t overlook Noah going 10/10/2 in only 14 minutes

Miami would need to kick in $5m or so in salary, and would likely also want an asset or two.

They could throw in Haslem to make #’s work. They’d be getting Kuz and 17m in free cap and I’m not sure there’d be much of a market for Dragic in terms of Heat receiving a #1 pick or a promising young player.

Phil they’re still bashing you on KB even though you brought us Kyle, Kuz, Willy, Justin and yes Jennings for close to nothing.

Did you see Baker got to touch the ball at the end of the game for a second? He looked good too.

KP crushed it off the glass and on defense tonight. His shooting woes are a problem though.

Jennings is such a weasel on court haha. I can imagine how annoying he must be.

Dragic is better than Rose, but I like the chemistry that’s brewing on this team.
Let’s let this simmer. We’re 9-3 our last 12 games.

Did you see Baker got to touch the ball at the end of the game for a second? He looked good too.

If Rose sits out tomorrow because of his back, I’d like to see Ron play a little backup point. Even though I’m sure it’ll be Sasha.


Remember last year when LT had great games? It takes the team to a whole other level, because you have the expected team and then – whammo! – all of these basically free points from LT.

Joakim Noah doesn’t really need to play more than 25 a night with O’Quinn on the roster. It would be nice to have him go for 32 a night, but we have a lot of depth in the front court.

How crazy would it be though if Lance Thomas could actually play basketball and contribute to our bench unit? We’re already good, but that would make us really good.

LT had a major hand in the win last night. But I continue to be amazed by Kyle O’Quinn. He’s not Whiteside, but man, he’s playing soooo much better than I thought he would. I don’t think we’re a .500 team at this point without him. You can say that about lots of our playeres, but for me, his impact is the least expected feature of the season so far.

Noah also had a big impact in limited minutes.

Hornacek is coaching his ass off. My caveat is that so was Fisher at this point last year.

The Cavs game is an expected loss but who knows? This west coast trip will be much more telling. But I like where we are in the standings!

Oh, and Melo looked very spry on both ends. Love the way he’s closing games out during this stretch! My favorite play was that skip pass out of the double team for the 3.

I think Melo’s eyes became like that cartoon wolf when he learned that there was no Winslow. He really took advantage of the Heat.

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