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Knicks 2023 Preseason Game Thread: Knicks vs. Timberwolves

I figured you folks were good enough to suffer a site outage that I can at least do a game thread for you for a meaningless preseason game!


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Thank you Brian!

But… it’s me or this year’s preseason schedule is silly?

BTB in preseason and at the same time long layoffs between games?
The Mavs flying 17.000 miles?


Which channel is the game on tonight?

I’m seeing hockey on MSG and NBATV is saying they aren’t showing it because it’s available locally.

SPTH1 which I never heard of. It’s channel 74 in Connecticut. Guide says it’s sports overflow?

Thanks for the thread! I would rather comment on what I see on the floor than rehash the same off-season debates for the umpteenth time.

Glad to see RJ hitting his FTs. I hope I don’t jinx him!

Is that the first time we’ve seen an RJ pull-up in transition? Looked smooth

The Knicks have to realize this is just preseason. No need to fly into the stands.

DDV’s haircut remember me my old Playmobil figures

Great pass by I-Hart to RJ.

See guys? If you move, cut, zig-zag, good things tend to happen…

The Knicks have to realize this is just preseason. No need to fly into the stands.

There’s no preseason for Josh Hart, only way to have him not playing at 100% is what Thibs did the previous game. 😀

RJ looks a bit more professional tonight than last year. He took one iffy 3, but other than that he’s playing well.

ISM’s still a bit rusty…

After the scrimmage against the Maine Celtics this game looks semi-real…

Even during a preseason game nothing annoys me more than simple penetration leading to the entire Knicks defense running to defend the paint leaving wide open 3pters left and right

Naz can shoot. He wasn’t this good last year, but he’s solid from 3. I really wanted to steal him from Minnesota

We really need to pickup Fournier’s option for next year… 🙂

A Bench Mob with J-Hart, DDV, IQ and I-Hart on defense could be fun…

I can see Thibs going 10 or 11 deep the first 20 games and then paring it down. It’s possible that Sims and Fournier find some rotation minutes.

If anyone put money on Fournier as the backup PF, you’re about to be a very rich man

Sorry, years go by and I still cringe every time I watch Julius bring the ball up in halfcourt offense…

The T-Wolves could make some noise in that hyper competitive west. They are moving the ball really well.

Then he hits a 3pter followed by a beautiful alley oop pass to Mitch. We are witnessing the full RJ experience.

it’s preseason so not gonna get crazy… but if RJ turns the corner this year… it would involve a bump in his ftr like we’re seeing….

hi raven – thanks for the heads up on the game thread 😛

raven and i have just been chatting away in today’s earlier thread…

It’s a good thing we weren’t worried about guard minutes now that Deuce and Fournier are both going to demand playing time

Also, I can’t tell Sims & Roby apart. I just see floppy hair and assume it’s Sims

It’s a good thing we weren’t worried about guard minutes now that Deuce and Fournier are both going to demand playing time

I guess whoever plays defense first gets the gig.

Slippers’ adventures Geo 🙂

I used to have holidays that were way more tiring than working weeks, but now I’m old so I indulge in the pleasures of food and wine but other than that I just walk, swim, read, sleep… 😉

Sometimes poster, mostly reader. Random things that stood out. Liked DDV’s activity. His body and hands don’t stop moving on defense. Grimes isn’t trying to do much on offense the first two games. I thought we would see some new stuff considering his summer workouts. Hope he does develop. Glad to see IHart hit a 3. I thought Roby looked descent. Is he going to make the team?

Roby is on a regular contract, not a two way, G league or training camp deal, but it’s not guaranteed until some time in January.

DDV looked good on defense, and is immediately our best harassing kind of defender. When he’s playing on-ball defense he does his best to make the ballhandler uncomfortable, and he got two nice pickpocket steals. Some of our other guards (Quick and Grimes) are good defenders who can stay with their man, but we don’t really have anybody who plays on-ball defense as aggressively as DDV, so he’s a nice fit in that regard.

during the broadcast it was mentioned that jalen and donte were roommates in college, close friends still, gamers…

it was also mentioned that each was fanatically clean…in college…bravo indeed…

he stood out as a milwaukee buck…fit in nice as a warrior…didn’t realize he’s only 6’4″…

i’m liking the evian as a backup 4 idea…we need more threes taken and made…

mitch is looking absolutely awesome…

Mitch is definitely looking awesome. There was one rebound where he took it away from Gobert even though Gobert had him boxed out.

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