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The “How Many Wins Will The Knicks Have In 2023-24?” Prediction Thread

We just had one of the more boring offseasons in recent memory, complete with an absurdly stupid preseason schedule (and when the games were played, either the Knicks or their opponents tended to rest a bunch of stars) and seventy-five different players signed to the Knicks two-way contracts, but finally, mercifully, real NBA basketball is upon us, and now, in a tradition as beloved as never kicking anything to the curb, it is time to predict how many wins you think the Knicks will win this season.

Last year, I went for 49 wins, and for much of the season, I felt good about that prediction, but it turned out that I believe only Ben R guessed correctly with 47 wins.

This year, despite falling short last year, I am actually going to go higher this time around, and go for 53 wins.

Same basic concept as last year, which is that Thibs is a guy who loves to win in the regular season while few other coaches have that same approach, and so the Knicks will get a few games just by virtue of never taking games off ever. The Knicks also played at a very strong win pace after the Josh Hart trade last year, so they bring that same squad over to this season, replacing Obi Toppin with Donte DiVincenzo.

I don’t think this roster is particularly sensical, but it’s probably still good enough for some regular season success and probably the #4 or #5 seed (especially if Philadelphia continues their trainwreck of an offseason and James Harden just doesn’t play for them). It would sure be sweet to have a team win 50 games again.

Okay, that’s my pick, now I’ll open it up to all of you, along with a poll!

How many wins will the Knicks have in 2023-24?

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