Knicks Morning News (2017.09.05)

  • [SNY Knicks] Porzingis, Hernangomez excelling at EuroBasket
    (Monday, September 04, 2017 9:46:10 AM)

    Porzingis notched 28 points, nine rebounds and two blocks in Monday’s action against Great Britain

  • [SNY Knicks] Rookie Frank Ntilikina meets with Yankees before Sunday night’s game
    (Monday, September 04, 2017 8:43:26 AM)

    The 19-year-old spent some of the pregame hanging out on the field and chatted with players during batting practice.

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    Mozgov is dominating KP. KP now with 4 fouls before the half. TM winning the battle down low.

    You guys think KP will get Andrew Wiggins money? That scares me, and not because I don’t think KP has potential to be worth that contract. It scares me because Milwaukee will be giving Giannis $25M a year instead of $30M and that makes a difference

    First, the story of the Russia-Latvia game:

    Janis Timma led the winners with 22 points and 6 rebounds, with Kristaps Porzingis limited to just 11 points in 24 minutes of action after getting into foul trouble early in the game.

    They were legit fouls (no matter how loud they scream from Latvia). There were a lot of stupid fouls too.

    @5 – KP is still just 22. He’s still under contract. Watching him during FIBA you can tell that he’s filling out. He’s going to be worth a max salary in a few years if he continues his mental and physical growth as expected. He’s under control through 2020. We should start worrying about his contract next year.

    This year will be the year in which he determines his rookie contract extension, though. Guys sign that deal between their 3rd and 4th year, so his play this year will go a long way to determining how big of a contract he commands. We also don’t have any other contracts to look at because the Knicks never sign their draft picks to a second contract (unless you consider TH2’s time with the Hawks a brief trip to Atlanta). This season should be interesting.

    And if the Knicks turn Melo into Jabari Parker I’ll be very pleased. I know he has knee problems but getting him gives us a decade younger version of Carmelo Anthony without the ego.

    28 days until our first preseason game.

    Not that I haven’t enjoyed the commentary on Euroleague games and the endless KP***y discussion, but man, I can’t wait for actual NBA action.

    You guys think KP will get Andrew Wiggins money?

    I do. He’s almost certainly getting a max offer in restricted free agency even if he shows no improvement over the next two years. Which means the Knicks will probably offer him a max extension next offseason.

    Seems that KP is clearly a pf until he can fill out. Maybe a 3-team Drummond/Melo/Anderson trade isn’t too far fetched?

    Willy Hernangomez at $1.5M is a better bargain than pretty much every center in the league not named Towns or Jokic. I don’t think we need Drummond.

    Yeah KP is getting the max for sure unless he majorly regresses or gets seriously injured. He’s already built a reputation that’s strong enough for other teams to make RFA max offers that the Knicks would have to match anyway.

    I don’t think the Knicks will be in position next year to potentially allow him to leave without hurting the team too much, and his max contract won’t be bad to pay because there’s little chance the Knicks get too much in terms of long contracts with Noah, Lee already on board. I’m not sure if he’ll necessarily be worthy of that max contract when it comes, I sure hope so, but it’s a business decision that will sort of make itself.

    Billy sucked against Croatia today. We should trade him to find a player who compliments Kuzminskas better.

    If every city that wants Melo goes underwater we’ll never be able to move him.

    If all 29 other cities flood we’ll win a championship by default though.

    I hope the new Rockets owner is an interventionist who forces Morey to give up multiple assets for Melo. Y’know, like Dolan did to Donnie Walsh.

    Enough with the trade talk. Stand pat. Build through the draft.

    KP is a stretch 4 until further notice. He’s still growing and Wily is a fine center for him to play along side with. Their skills are complimentary.

    @14 – LOL.
    @18 – Did Manish Mehta keep his job?

    I love how sources are reporting that we’re “not close” to dealing Melo. Isn’t that something that doesn’t get reported?

    In further news, JK47 is still “not close” to securing a dinner date with Jennifer Lawrence

    I love how sources are reporting that we’re “not close” to dealing Melo. Isn’t that something that doesn’t get reported?

    The toilets at MSG could get clogged and it would probably be reported on with numerous opinion pieces on how it is systematic of the franchise over the last decade and a half……….that said, they might be right.

    Jabari Parker? Yay or nay?

    I personally don’t know what to think about him. Can he play SF because he’s a liability at PF, not only in terms of personnel fit, but as a poor rebounder.

    Jabari is an injury prone terrible rebounding non three point shooting melo.

    That’s good how?

    You’d have to be thrilled with getting Parker for Melo, because you can actually deal Parker for something useful. But I don’t see how Parker could actually be involved in a three-way deal. Why would the Bucks want Ryan Anderson’s contract?

    Those two ACLs are a big deal but Jabari Parker and Carmelo Anthony are the same player, except Jabari Parker was born in 1995 and not 1984. Without those ACL tears he’d never be in trade discussions.

    I mean if I could trade 33 year old Melo for 22 year old Melo without an ACL, I’d take the 22 year version and hope he recovers from injury well enough to regain trade value. It’s the Knicks so there’s always a chance of trading for Jabari and then maxing him after he plays one slightly above mediocre season, but still, I’d shoot my shot.

    I think Jabari Parker is going to be a stud if he can come back from those injuries at very close to his best. Big “if”, but I’d take that gamble at his price.

    I’d definitely take a chance on him at that price but I’m very doubtful he can have the same type of impact he was trending towards prior to this recent ACL tear. It’s his 2nd one in the same knee and his entire game is based on his superior athleticism. He’ll have to fundamentally change how he plays to ensure he can stay on the court and to offset his likely decline in athleticism he’ll have to make a massive step forward in his skills progression as a perimeter shooter.

    If the price was just Melo for Monroe and Parker, sure I’d do it, but wouldn’t be expecting him to reach the upside he was showing last year.

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