2016-17 Game Thread: Knicks @ Pelicans

The Knicks are in New Orleans tonight to face Anthony Davis and the New Orleans Pelicans.

The Pelicans are not particularly good, but nor are they especially bad. They’re sort of in that middle ground with teams like the Hawks, Pistons and Bulls.

So you’d like to see the Knicks beat the Pelicans, but this is surely no gimme. With the Rockets looming tomorrow night, however, it is very important for the Knicks to go into Houston two games over .500 because Houston on the second night of a back-to-back is a scary proposition (thankfully, the Rockets are at least playing the Clippers tonight, so they might be tired, as well, tomorrow).

Let’s hope for some bounce back performances tonight from KP, Rose and Melo (“bounce back” in Melo’s case merely means “don’t hit anyone in the face tonight”).

Let’s go, Knicks!

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hey – look at me!!!

sorry, 50ish going on 15…couldn’t take looking at a blank page anymore…plus – i’m on drugs…

Starting 2s in order of preference

1 holiday
2 baker
3 Trent tucker
4 Olson twins
5 deuce bigalow
6. Sasha

The fully healthy Pelicans aren’t bad. Noah might need to play more than usual cause I don’t think Porzingis can handle Davis at all. Also I miss Langston.

3 years from now I’m envisioning our championship team consisting of
Baker and

I’m surprised that we shipped Baker out to Westchester tonight with Lee out and Sasha being Sasha.

Tim Frazier is on the outs according to the Pelicans broadcast team he would be a nice upgrade from Jennings and Rose.

Lance that’s all we want you to do. Stand in the corner and make threes.

I want KP to do 1,000 grip squeezes a day during the offseason.

He needs to strengthen those wrist and hand muscles.

New Orleans should offer Rose a max contract. 2 dunks in one game? Must be that Gumbo!!

I really wish KP would take his time and envision the proper shot to take whenever they switch a small defender on him in the post.

the Knicks should keep Jennings in the game just so E’Twaun Moore thinks he has a post game.


Let’s break down your monkey-logic here.

You asked if he practices post moves.
I show you video evidence of him executing a refined post move, ergo proving he’s practicing them.
You change the subject to Jennings.

KP needs to play like Kareem inside. I’ve seen his hook shot and its good. He’s got to get in closer to the basket before receiving the ball.

Westchester wins 94 to 92. Looked ugly at the end. Randle didn’t play.

KP also needs to get lower and bend in the post against these lower center gravity defenders.

ok, Anthony needs to go on the bench if he’s gonna let SOLOMON HILL drive past him.

Melo is getting to the line at least and rebounding well… his defense has been unacceptable though.

this is torture to watch.

the most annoying thing is that the Knicks are probably going to go on a mini run sometime to almost tie, and still probably lose.

I still can’t fucking believe Rose has 28 minutes and 0 assists.

how can this be possible?

Of course KP practices his post game. It’s not that real. It’s merly a facetious post to display my displeasure about kPs execution in the post.

Say what you want about last years Calderon but at least he could shoot, steal, pass, and protect the ball better than D Rose while playing equally miserable defense.

well, he surely ain’t passing, so he might as well try to shoot the game winner.

I can’t think of a player much worse than Melo to bring up the ball and shoot with 6-7 seconds left on the clock. Barely gets over half court.

Well, the Knicks are doing well on the defensive glass at least. Zero offensive boards for the Pellies. That one statistic is allowing the Knicks to sort of hang around.

So should we jettison Rose and Jennings and use the money to sign Jrue?

even KP should stop shooting if he’s going to keep bricking shots from the post.

everyone stop shooting.


let Sasha shoot 20 balls in the 4th.

KP needs a quicker release. It feels like there’s so many opportunities for a three passed up because he’s just a hair too slow to get it up before his man gets on him.

And kp should just stop being in the post until he works on that facet of his game all summer

a class on my university named “50 reasons why Derrick Rose is not a good basketball player”

but if you’re actually really interested, Contemporary French Sociology, and an extra class on Nietzsche.

But seriously, would we be better off using Rose’s and Jennings salary on signing Jrue?

Im not big on Jrue to be honest, he’s a mediocre shooter, not a great passer and quite injury prone.

Jrue is mediocre.

We should be signing Mills if we’re gonna use our cap on a guard.

Also that’s cool Bruno, do you teach in the US or abroad? I’m actually applying to doctorate programs in philosophy this cycle.

We need a guard desperately in this draft, yes. Problem is all the good guards probably go by #13 or so. And unless we went full tank I don’t think we’d get there, so we better hope we find a good guard in the second round.

We need a guard desperately in this draft, yes. Problem is all the good guards probably go by #13 or so. And unless we went full tank I don’t think we’d get there, so we better hope we find a good guard in the second round.

Welcome to purgatory

It’s heartening to see KP amp up his defense in the past ten games or so. He was beginning to worry me for a bit there.

31 minutes and 0 assists for Rose… come on.

Ntilikina would be amazing for the Knicks, a tall passer who can operate out of the pick and roll and a potentially great defender…

@Silky, I teach in Brazil, in a smaller private university, but I’m leaving my job near São Paulo next year to move to the south of the country, to pursue my PhD in sociology!

Breaking: We still have the worst guard rotation in the NBA

Except this time we spent 40m on it.

“To forget one’s purpose is the commonest form of stupidity.”

to the entire Knicks team, the purpose being: playing good basketball.

How can you say that Silky? Lee is out. Rose came for Lopez and Jose so a wash. Jennings came at a reasonable price.

this mini-pseudo-run will force the starters to play even more minutes, just to make sure tomorrow is a complete shitshow.

I’m really liking our Holiday here. He should have started over Sasha.

I never read Nietzsche in english in my life, so forgive me if it’s one of his most famous quotes… it seems appropriate, still.

At this point I think I should get minutes over Sasha or Lance

I’m “scrappy” and a “competitor”

Let’s be fair here. Rose’s got 3 steals. He must be watching tape of Jerian Grant in his spare time.

KP acquitted himself really well against Davis tonight even if his offense wasn’t good.

KP is using all of his energy trying to post up smaller guys when he needs to just catch the ball down lower and shoot it.

why are the starters still playing in the first night of a back-to-back?

honestly, is Hornacek stupid?

Melo: 40 minutes
Porzingis: 37 minutes
Rose: 38 minutes

All of that to lose a 12 point game to a bad team. Why, Horny? Whyyyyyy?

Tanker’s out of dry dock.

In the words of Micheal (sic) Ray Richardson, “The ship be sinking.” Just very slowly.

Reub why would you want Dragic? We have Rose. When Rose plays we win.

Congrats to Derrick on his assist tonight.

I’m a little down on him tonight. But I’m sure that we’re both just in a slump.

Meanwhile our opponent tomorrow, the Houston Rockets, are absolutely torching the #6 defense in the NBA to the tune of 140 points.

it kinda does, pretty much everyone was horrible.

Jennings was playing well in that second unit with Kuz Willy Kp and Holiday but i dont know what Hornacek is doing anymore to be honest… the rotations are all over the place

@111…okay Bruno, I take your nietzsche and raise you a nancy kerrigan: “why, why – why”…followed by a lot of sobbing…

D’Antoni is a lock for coach of the year if Houston keeps this up.

i dont know what Hornacek is doing anymore to be honest… the rotations are all over the place

I agree with this. I thought Horny’s rotations looked pretty good early in the season but this one was a head-scratcher. So many minutes for Rose, Melo and Porzingis on the front end of a back-to-back. I guess he probably figures tomorrow’s game is a lost cause so he went all in for this one.

The depth of this team or lack thereof is also being exposed. There are three good bench players on the team– O’Quinn, Hernangomez and Holiday. Jennings is starting to turn into a pumpkin, Sasha probably shouldn’t be in the NBA anymore, Lance stinks and the rest of the bench is end-of-roster filler. I’d be up for seeing Kuz getting some more run, he can’t be any worse than Lance.

I think Hornacek looks desperate, like he’s losing confidence on his role players as soon as they make a couple of mistakes or have an overall bad game.

that’s a very bad sign, specially since Rose, Noah and Melo are all prone to injuries.

Rambis needs to go, immediately, and the Knicks need to find someone who can actually help him coach defense

Why is Sasha back in the rotation? He isn’t an NBA player. Holiday should be starting and Baker should be backing him up. At least Baker will give you competent defensive positioning. Sasha gives you…….an accent? Chlamydia?

D’Antoni is a lock for coach of the year if Houston keeps this up.

What sort of handsome bastard could have predicted Mr. Pringles & The Beard would be a dynamic duo?

Rambis needs to go, immediately, and the Knicks need to find someone who can actually help him coach defense

Rambis needs to go? Sheeeit, Rambis is about to get a promotion.

Rambis seems like an idiot, but who on this team is stopping anyone on the perimeter? The T-Wolves have Tom Thibodeau and they suck on defense.

I understand that the Knicks don’t have even decent perimeter defenders, but he was assigned to coach defense and the Knicks still switch on 90% of the pick an rolls no matter what.

if he can’t get these guys to at least try what is he worth besides being Phils buddy?

Is this a game that counts or doesn’t count against the pythag record

Please achieve consensus before tomorrow so I can input into excel

My New Year’s resolution is to stop arguing with people about the merits of Rose and Melo. The former was overrated at his best and stinks now and the latter is an overrated loser. The NY Knicks will never EVER be good until Melo is gone because we’ll never be able to surround him with the US Olympic team. If you can’t see that by now, you never will.

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