2016-17 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Magic

The Knicks continue their little homestand here leading up to their Christmas Day game against the Boston Celtics by hosting the Orlando Magic.

The Magic are sort of like the reverse Knicks. They’re really good on defense but awful on offense. I think in matchups like that, I tend to think that the offensive team has the slight advantage in that type of match-up, but this will be an interesting exercise in seeing if that’s true or not.

I actually sort of like this Orlando team, and Vogel is doing his typical Vogel things with their defense, but boy, their roster makes no sense at all. They’re going to need to deal some players, but the problem is that everyone knows that they’re going to have to deal some players, so it doesn’t really work. I am one of the biggest anti-Rudy Gay guys out there, but I think he might actually kind of sort of make sense here. They have so much defense that they can carry his awful defense and he’s shooting just well enough to be an improvement here on offense.

Leading up to the Christmas game, I’m sharing clips from old TV Christmas Specials. Today, enjoy the absurdity of a post-divorce Sonny and Cher do terrible rock and roll arrangements of Christmas songs, along with a young (and smoking hot) Bernadette Peters and…Captain Kangaroo?! Chaz Bono is in it, too, back when he was Chastity Bono (Cher sings to her kid with her NEW husband in the video! It’s so freaking weird!)

Let’s go, Knicks!e

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