Knicks Morning News (2016.08.28)

  • [NYDN] Willis Reed weighs in on Rose, Noah, Melo & Knicks title hopes
    (Saturday, August 27, 2016 5:48:29 PM)

    Imagine what the New York City pro basketball landscape might have looked like had a teenage Willis Reed handled the fastball better.

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    New thread so i’m gonna copy & paste what I commented a few hours ago..

    I just got off the phone with my cousin in LA..and had a sort of epiphany when we were talking about the Knicks. Derrick Rose may have to come off the bench. His attacking style might be better suited for that role on this team. With Melo and KP leading that starting 5 offensively, I’m not sure if Rose has the requisite traditional PG ability to be more of a facilitator than an attacker. Jennings takes dumb shots, but he seems more adept at running an offense without having to score to initiate it. Especially with Rose not being as good a shooter from distance as Jennings. If the Knicks offense doesn’t revolve around Melo and KP, it won’t be a good look. I’d much rather have talents like Jennings and Rose play off of the strengths of Melo and KP, as opposed to Rose using his ability to attack to “create space” for Melo and KP. This isn’t OKC where it was just Westbrook and KD. There are at least 3 other players who can get 20 ppg on the roster, 2 of which will be in the starting 5. Jennings may be more likely to defer than Rose. On that second unit, I’d rather see Rose with a green light than Jennings. I really can’t wait to see how it plays out now..

    Consensus on this board is that we haven’t upgraded our PG situation. To me it seems like there’s nowhere to go but up. I liked Calderon but he rarely even dribbled around a screen for a mid range jumper much less got to the rim. He did very little that a PG does. Maybe it’s the offense. Grant would get to the rim on the rare occasions someone would set him a screen but could not make people pay for not guarding him on the outside.

    I didn’t watch Rose or Jennings much last year. If they had made the playoffs I would have a better picture. Aren’t the Knicks better just having players who have legit PG skills?

    Jose would have been such a bad ass off guard in Hornacek’s offense. He’s the guy I’m most disappointed left because he would have been what Kidd was in 2013 without falling off half way through the season.

    Sorry, but I’m glad Calderon is gone. He can shoot, but rarely does and does nothing else well. His defense is hideous, worse even than Rose. I’m not bullish on Rose at all, but if he stays healthy he’s an overall upgrade at PG.

    As for two guards, we have 2-3 interesting new ones now, so let’s see them play.

    I lost count of how many times our guards missed a chance to throw a lob to Kris.

    Should be at least one or two a game.

    How can it not baffle you that a guy with this much explosiveness can be so bad statistically?

    Sure, but there are plenty of guys every year who can jump out of the building yet can’t seem to break league-average eFG%. It’s a weird phenomenon.

    I think a lot of people that have great talent underperform to their talent level because it all comes so way easier in life. Not true in all cases but definitely in some.

    At this stage of his career, Calderon is essentially a short version of Steve Novak…a great shooter who can do virtually nothing else. I suppose he has regular season value when in a 5-man unit that hides his deficiencies (shot-blockers and good P&R defenders) but he simply can’t be counted on to play significant minutes with varied lineups.

    Let’s give Rose his due though. When he’s healthy and confident, no one can guard him off the bounce. At his best he’s not much less scary than Westbrook for defenses. That is until the smart defensive teams sag back a little. On this Knicks roster, he does have more overall shooting around him. So if he can drive and kick more often that drive to score, he’ll do well as long as he’s healthy. But the guy’s wired to score- put him on the second unit and let him do his thing.

    Most recently, Derrick Rose has been wired to take (and miss) a lot of shots but I’m not sure he’s wired to score. It’s very possible that he’d see more success against bench defenders but he hasn’t been good against anybody these past two seasons.

    Of course there is hope that he pulls a Joe Johnson and starts playing good ball as soon as he gets traded, but it’s extremely unlikely.

    I think that Calderon at this time is only good for the AllStar shooting stars competition.
    You know.The competition with the active player, the granpa and the ‘babe’.
    Jose would be the granpa of the team.
    He was complaining that he played a lot of minutes on the previous knicks season, he was the 4th or the 5th PG !!!! on the Spanish National Team during the Olympics behind guys who were not even PGs and he’s been traded twice in the offseason.
    And you still want him on the team ?
    [for 8 millions ?]
    why ?

    At his best he’s not much less scary than Westbrook for defenses.

    Are we talking, like, historically Westbrook? Or 2015-16’s triple-double machine Westbrook? Dude took a huge leap last year. If Curry hadn’t been in the league, he’d be a legit MVP choice.

    Jose would have been such a bad ass off guard in Hornacek’s offense. He’s the guy I’m most disappointed left because he would have been what Kidd was in 2013 without falling off half way through the season.

    At this point in his career Calderon is a perfectly acceptable back-up two. He’s an awful point guard and was last year as well no matter what WS says. He forces you to play at a snail’s pace, puts you at a defensive disadvantage in every pick & roll situation, and can’t play pick and roll on offense. Yeah, he’d could have played the Kidd role on offense (which was the two) but even though Kidd wasn’t a great man defender at that point in his career, he was great at dropping inside for double teams- Calderon, not so much.

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