2014-2015 Game Thread: Knicks @ Hornets

The Knicks are riding an unlikely three-game winning streak. They really would be better off with losing this one tonight, and the Hornets have been playing better as of late, so you figure this will be a loss, especially with Melo out.

While I should be rooting for a loss, I am still rooting for the chance to say my new catch phrase, “A clutch trey by Galloway!”

Let’s go! Knicks!

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Hot damn! 9-0 start, 4 of 5 starters have scored and these guys are actually starting to be fun to watch. Wtf is a fan to do?

Competitive loss, Galloway shines again, Amare with a few provocative stuffs, and I’m a happy fan.

I want to apologize again to Lance Thomas for not believing in him. I believe in you now, Lance!!

I am so conflicted. This team is so fun to root for now and yet I know that the absolute worst thing a team can do is be just good enough to miss out on a top five pick. Uggggh.

@7 I hear you, this team has become sort of rootable, but I don’t want them to win.

And I’m pissed at Bargs for being hurt, we could really use him tonight to help Charlotte cut into our lead.

Cole runs past Smith (who just stood there) to contest Zeller’s shot. Jason Smith is terrible.

Amare played good D on that 3 consecutive Jefferson play

I’ve got a feeling Zeller will score plenty

it’d be a lot easier to root for if any of this was sustainable…. langster aside…

it just goes to show that if you put up an effort like your job depended on it every night you can win alot of regular season games….

I think I’m okay with winning if guys like Langston and Cole contribute a lot, but if it’s because Jason Smith or one of other terrible players who populate this team randomly has a not-terrible game, that just sucks.

That’s a fair point. Lance Thomas, though, is now legit I have decided, so he counts, too!

Sixers v Grizzlies and Minnie v Atlanta

gee, Knicks may win due to Hornets suckiness tonight

The main reason the Knicks are looking decent lately has been the horrible competition plus the fact those teams were missing key players as well. But I will say the team looks alot better organized on both ends of the floor so this could at least reflect well on the coaching staff. Plus Ive read stuff about how they are encouraging Acy and Jason Smith to shoot more corner 3pters so little things like that is encouraging to read.

that in-bound pass to Thomas for a quick shot! wow, haven’t seen that play for a long time by Knicks

When this season is over, I’m gonna need a shrink to remove all memories of Jason Smith from my brain.

Cole should have hit that 3 ball

Cole would have pulled an LJ and drawn the 4-point play for the win. Cole is not compatible with tanking.

Tough to figure out what to do with Thomas and Amundson. I think Thomas is a perfectly acceptable 10th man- good defender and as long as you don’t need him to score (like tonight) he won’t kill you on offense. And there’s a reason why Amundson has stuck around so long- he’s not very good but he really competes- perfect guy for the far end of your bench. They’ve both played really hard and probably earned getting signed till the end of the year but what everybody said when they were initially signed still holds true- there has to be some better alternatives in the d-league or at least guys that are equivalents worth taking a risk on given that the seasons basically over already. Still, it’s tough to waive guys who’ve done everything asked of them and really exceeded whatever expectations anyone could have had for them coming in.

If nothing else, this #10DayMob has brought a new level of energy and hustle that seems to be contagious with the rest of the guys. Changing the culture is what Pjax & Fish have always preached. Maybe this is the start of it. Certainly been more fun to watch.

I dont mind keeping Thomas since at least he is still just 26 yo and could be someone they sign to fill out the roster next season. But Amundson is 32 yo and there is no reason for him to take up a roster spot for the rest of this season.

Lance is legit! I have decided!

Amudson, though, while I get why it is tough to cut a guy when he has done everything you’ve asked of him, dude just isn’t going to have a future here. Thomas theoretically might. Bargs, though, is really the one who should be cut. No one is going to trade for him, Jax!!!

Awesome quote from THJ on his ugly three point miss towards the end of the game:

“It was a terrible play on my part. There was no shot clock, I need to know the time and score in that situation and when I took the shot I couldn’t believe I took it,” Hardaway said. “I just have to learn from it.”

Well, at least he’s somewhat self-aware!

is he like the guy from memento.. who figures everything out but then just forgets it right after?

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