Sixers Trick Knicks Into Winning

The 76ers tricked the Knicks into beating them last night. And unfortunately for Knick fans, New York took the bait, hook, line, and sinker en route to a 98-91 victory. The win puts the Sixers within a game and a half of New York, for the coveted last spot in the league.

Philly started off the game literally giving the ball away. In the paint, Carter-Williams dribbled the ball much like a six year old touching a basketball for the first time, which allowed Galloway an easy steal. The new-ish Knicks guard attempted to give the ball back with a missed shot, but Louis Amundson foolishly rebounded it. His next shot was rejected by Aldemir and went out of bounds. Most likely the Sixers took the time before the inbound to remind each other that they needed New York to win. One second of play time later, Carmelo Anthony hit the game’s first shot.

I sat in front of my television & watched this entire game and this is what I learned: some human beings react to traumatic events with memory loss. It’s called dissociative amnesia and it’s real, because there is a WebMD page.

Much like a victim of assault, afterward I wondered why I lost my memory. I attempted to pick up the pieces, checking the box score and scanning for clues. I quickly focused on two items of data:

Spike Lee's Director's Cut
Spike Lee’s Director’s Cut

Jason Smith 32:07

Cole Aldrich DNP-Coach’s Decision

Despite being second on the team in minutes played, Jason Smith was tied for 4th in rebounds. New shooting guard Langston Galloway had more boards than the Knicks starting center. Oh wait another memory is coming back: Lance Thomas threw up a wild shot from about 6 feet away… Carter-Williams ankle breaking Hardaway who crashes into Amar’e… The pain! THE AGONY! Must go to my happy place. Wrong Lyrics Dolan — take me away!


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