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Saturday, December 15, 2018

2017-18 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Pacers

Tonight is a very nice test for the Knicks. The Suns were a surprising 4-4 when the Knicks beat them, but they were getting it done with smoke and mirrors, as they had the third-worst SRS in the NBA. The Knicks are currently about middle of the road in SRS (they still have a negative SRS, but they’ve obviously been improving as of late). The Pacers, though, have a positive SRS, so this will be a real test to measure the Knicks’ improvement.

The two players that the Pacers got for Paul George, Victor Oladipo and Domantas Sabonis, have been absolutely BEASTING this season. I had been a Sabonis fan, but I will admit that I didn’t expect anything from him after how poorly he played last season, so this turnaround has been astounding.

Hopefully the Knicks can get over .500 tonight!

Let’s go, Knicks!

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221 comments on “2017-18 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Pacers

  1. ClashFan

    This is a tough one and I’m on a one game winning streak.

    I’m going with a W. The early season feel-good story continues:
    Knicks 108
    Pistons 104

    Two teams that supposedly got ripped off in trades with OKC, but in both cases may have actually gotten fair value.

  2. er

    I don’t think anyone said that the Knicks got ripped off did they? I didn’t think that. I think that 2 from Chicago is huge. And we all already knew about Kanter. I thought that one was fair. The huge surprise has been Indy.

  3. Knick fan not in NJ at this time

    Not only did we not get ripped off, we got a good deal. Two young useful players and a high second round pick for Melo? That is more than I expected.

  4. er

    Cleveland just isnt good. Like there is no qualms about it anymore. Look at the scores:

    Boston Celtics W 102 99 (Hayward Game)
    Milwaukee Bucks W 116 97
    (suck outside of Giannis)
    Orlando Magic L 93 114
    Chicago Bulls W 119 112 (Awful team)
    @ Brooklyn Nets L 107 112
    @ New Orleans Pelicans L 101 123
    New York Knicks L 95 114
    Indiana Pacers L 107 124
    @ Washington Wizards W 130 122 (Lebron scores 57)
    Atlanta Hawks L 117 115

    They have no quality wins and have gotten run off the floor in 4 of the 6 losses. They aren’t good. They give up loads of points and have no interior Defense especially with no Thompson

  5. ClashFan

    Is anyone on League Pass getting a feed?

    The oft-crashing Roku app now crashes on startup, and on just says “currently no streams available for this game.”

  6. DRed

    Rose, Wade, Calderon, Shumpert, Jeff Green, Frye and JR have all been terrible, Tristan Thompson looked like he was worn down before he got hurt-the Cavs are in trouble. Lebron has been incredible, but he’s not getting much help

  7. Bruno Almeida


    It’s been fine here, but I’m in Brazil and as I remember there were differences between international and US League Pass.

    People weren’t so much ripping the Knicks as they were praising Presti as a genius who got two stars for basically free. That means they imply the Knicks and Pacers both got less than they should have.

    Since I’m always happy to see Presti bring questioned, it’s been a nice start for the season.

  8. ClashFan

    Yeah, that’s what I was referring to, the media saying the Knicks and Pacers got nothing basically. Ha ha.

    RE NBA lists tonight’s game as 7:30, but I’m guessing it is really 8 pm?

    The Roku app crash is ominous as that’s my preferred way to watch on big screen TV, but the NBA app on Roku sucks real bad.

  9. ClashFan


    I forgot… Damn you Ben Franklin!

    Still doesn’t explain the Roku crashes, though.

  10. er

    People weren’t so much ripping the Knicks as they were praising Presti as a genius who got two stars for basically free

    yeah…I mean its still kind of true in the small picture in terms of court pieces. But in the big picture Knicks got a pick unlike the Pacers. Mcbuckets is ok I guess, but hes not a player for a contending team right now. Kanter is still terrible on Defense and was unplayable in the playoffs so lets not get carried away. Both teams did well and OKC got the “big” name so of course they will get the good coverage.

  11. GoNyGoNyGo

    @7 –

    Rose, Wade, Calderon, Shumpert, Jeff Green, Frye and JR have all been terrible

    6 out of 7 are former Knicks. Is this proof that adding LeBron to the Knicks would still not made them great?

  12. ClashFan

    I’ve long felt that I was about a hour ahead of everybody in my life, and tonight I proved it!

  13. ClashFan


    To be fair, Ben Franklin came up with it as a joke.

    Are you telling me that well over 200 years ago Ben Franklin proposed daylight savings time as a joke to fool some idiot Knicks fan in 2017??

    Well played, Ben!

  14. Early Bird

    I’m thinking Kanter and KP may be perfect complements to each other. KP can cover for Kanter on D. Kanter can make up for KP’s low rebounding. Both can destroy you on offense.

  15. Brian Cronin Post author

    It’s very weird that Kanter is on this team, since he was the guy that Willy has been compared to all last season.

  16. Early Bird

    As much as I love and have hyped Willy and disparaged Kanter before the season started. It may be difficult for Willy to be as good. Maybe his defense will mitigate the difference, but Kanter has been unstoppable on the offensive boards and has a ridiculous TS%. Willy can be really good and still not as good as Kanter. I don’t know if I would make that bet. I think the game plan should be to let O’quinn walk (though I hate to say it) and have Willy take his minutes next year (or sooner with trades).

  17. Bruno Almeida

    Sabonis is really looking legitimately good. There’s good reason to believe Oladipo’s shooting numbers will eventually fall, but he also looks quite a lot better in this team.

  18. BigBlueAL

    Pacers get dribble penetration on every possession, Knicks can barely dribble the ball past the 3pt line.

  19. BigBlueAL

    It’s hard in today’s NBA to consistently win with PG’s as bad as the Knicks have right now.

  20. Early Bird

    Ntilikina is not an NBA point guard. Maybe one day, but right now we need someone else out there with him.

  21. Bruno Almeida

    As soon as KP sits the Knicks are dead. The Packers are a better team but it should be a closer game.

  22. hornyKnickfan

    Our first unit has held their own. But Bease really musn’t play. Is musn’t a real word?

  23. Brian Cronin Post author

    We could have used Collison.

    I never understood their complete disinterest in Collison.

  24. thenoblefacehumper

    Jarrett Jack does what he can and it’s more than we all thought, but yeah, we ain’t very good without a real point guard.

  25. ClashFan

    Indy looks very well coached. They’re getting into the lane at will so far. The score really could be worse.

  26. Early Bird

    This is definitely a game I wouldn’t mind having Noah available for. Couldn’t hurt to put him in and see if he can stop the bleeding on D.

  27. ClashFan

    I can’t decide if the halftime show with the kid playing some awesome violin while the Knicks City Dancers jiggle around him is sublime or ridiculous.

  28. Early Bird

    Knick offense right now: Let’s just throw stuff up there and hope Kanter or O’Quinn gets the rebound.

  29. bidiong

    Missed a lot of shots that were decent looks too. I think they have an off night going. 13 is doable though if they dig in and start shooting better.

  30. Bruno Almeida

    Now, THJ really needs to improve his shot selection asap. I dont care if he misses every shot he takes, but some of those shots he’s trying are just plain stupid.

  31. Early Bird

    If we shoot like Indiana from 3pt range we’re only 4 down. Either we take terrible shots and have no defence or we’ve got some bad luck right now. My money is on mostly the former.

  32. Z-man

    The pattern seems to be that we are easily rattled by good defensive teams that can score.

    Sabonis is turning out to be very, very good, It’s early yet, but his moves look very sustainable. He seems very good at getting our shot-blockers off balance, either faking them into the air of leaving them flat-footed.

  33. bockadoo

    You guys see what Harden is doing? My Sports Alerts says he has 52 and 13 in 15 minutes on 17-20 and 7-7 on 3’s. That can’t be right!?!?!?

  34. d-mar

    I know I’m going out on a limb here, but when Team A makes their 3’s and Team B doesn’t, Team A usually wins.

  35. BigBlueAL

    Team A is getting a ton of 3 attempts by driving and kicking it out, Team B is incapable of doing that same thing.

  36. ClashFan

    Swapping LT for Beasley apparently is the halftime adjustment?

    Yeah, the Knicks are just not shooting well. Lee and THJ have missed 14 shots.

  37. BigBlueAL

    TH has vastly improved his ball handling and passing since his first stint with the Knicks so seeing him jacking up stupid 3pt shots is frustrating to watch.

  38. Ntilakilla

    The thing with Frank is that he can make moves to the basket, but he stops to look for the assist.

  39. ClashFan

    Every time the Knicks look about to get blown out, they make a bit of a run to stay on the fringe.

  40. Bruno Almeida

    Frank with some points in the paint, definitely seems like some coach told him at half time to play more aggressive in the 3rd… its been working well, a good steal too.

    KP is still everything for this team, amazing. THJ should be sitting if he can’t stop taking stupid shots and slacking on D, just play McDermott or Dotson.

  41. The Glass Half Rebuilt

    Kristaps Porzingis is a center. He doesn’t like to play the perimeter defensively and Thad Young just smoked us back-to-back because of it. We need an elite rebounding athletic stretch four to play with KP long term, or a center that will cover 4s because KP is a liability at that position defensively.

  42. alsep73

    Whatever the final score winds up being, I’m really impressed with Frank’s playmaking in this second half.

  43. Ntilakilla

    Amazing how Ntilikina looks better on the offensive end with KP on the floor. You’d almost think having a league scoring leader helps a rook.

  44. hornyKnickfan

    Frank is still a baby and hardly has scratched his potential yet. He’s going to make us all happy for the next 15 years.

  45. The Glass Half Rebuilt

    When Frank Ntilikina and Kristaps Porzingis are at their full powers the Knicks will be unbelievable.

  46. Early Bird

    I’m still just confused by what I saw Lance Thomas doing with the ball and putting it into the hoop, but not shooting it so much as just placing it in. Very confusing stuff.

  47. Ntilakilla

    Ntilikina’s defense on Collison has been stifling in this quarter. Dude has given up the ball way earlier than he wants. That high screen is the only way he can shake Frank.

  48. The Glass Half Rebuilt

    Lance Thomas is entirely too confident. Who gave him the green light to take a clutch shot? That’s a bad decision no matter the decision.

  49. DRed

    This is the most fun I’ve had watching a Knicks game since we blew the doors off the Heat early 54 win season

  50. Brian Cronin Post author

    Lance Thomas is entirely too confident. Who gave him the green light to take a clutch shot? That’s a bad decision no matter the decision.

    That wasn’t his fault. It was THJ’s. He had to go for it when he got the pass. He shouldn’t have gotten the pass.

    Thank goodness they bailed the Knicks out with the foul!

  51. The Glass Half Rebuilt

    Kristaps Porzingis and Frank Ntilikina two-manned us to a victory. The rest of the Knicks just got out the way.

  52. alsep73

    I can’t believe we’re going to win this bleeping game.

    I love KP and Frankie so much right now. Frank will continue to have rookie ups and downs, but Hornacek has to see the importance of playing him and KP together as much as possible after this, right?

  53. The Glass Half Rebuilt

    When was the last time the Knicks had a comeback victory like this one? We were down 19!

  54. dtrickey

    Holy smokes. I go on my lunch break and we are down double digits and come back to a win? I am looking forward to watching that one when I get home this evening based on the comments and box score.

  55. Ntilakilla

    The main thing to take away from this game – outside of the fact that KP is a fire-breathing Latvian God – is that Frank Ntilikina should be starting for us.

  56. alsep73

    KP and Frankie both took it over. When you’ve got relentless octopus-armed defense at the front of your defense and a 7’3″ unicorn at the back of it, that is very different from the silliness we’ve had to deal with basically since Charlie Ward left.

  57. GoNyGoNyGo

    That 4th quarter defense was everything. Obviously 6 KP blocks and Frank’s 3 steals were huge. But the help defense was there to stop Collison and Oladipo when they found daylight. Lots of credit to Kanter there too. He’s far from terrible on D. Lance played his best game in a year.

  58. geo

    watching the game on ps4 – i think I’m on a bit of delay…was a little nervous to check recent posts…

    my input: yeah, that’ll work…

    kp = ewing…maybe?

    frank is no mistake…

    the pacers are not terrible…don’t expect this on the road – but, very encouraging to see at home…

  59. Ntilakilla

    I will take a 7’0 ft. wingspan and a high IQ over a 42-inch verticle every day of the week and twice on Sundays.

  60. nicos

    That was true superstar stuff from KP- amazing. Frank with a fantastic 4th and huge props to Lance Thomas who completely took Oladipo out of game and really helped throw their offense out of whack.

  61. geo

    can you see dotson in that “final” lineup of the game: frank, tim jr., dotson, kp, and kanter…

    hey, defending, rebounding – something good might just hapoen…

  62. Bruno Almeida

    KP, Lance and Frank can all share the game ball, beautiful defense turning into KP just refusing to miss.

  63. bobneptune

    How long before LeBron starts to figure that playing the 3/4 on this team with two young actual 2 way studs might not be a bad way to finish your career??????

  64. The Glass Half Rebuilt

    The Knicks are two pieces away from contending. We need a 20/5/5 guy on the wing and we need a defender/rebounder athlete type. If Tim Hardaway Jr could just get his shit together we’d be a Kevin Knox away from really doing something.

  65. Ntilakilla

    KP will rightly get the press, but I can’t wait to see a breakdown of Frank’s defense on Collison. The 3 steals don’t tell half the picture. He stopped Collison from moving the ball beyond the 3 point line time and time again. It jammed their entire offense up and fucked their flow up everytime they had to reset.

  66. geo

    frank’s a pest…not like like beverly who’ll rough you up a bit – frank just keeps his hands close to the ball – all the time…even when he’s screened…

  67. GoNyGoNyGo

    @208 – Yeah. Frank was practically holding hands with Collison as he dribbled. Those long arms are so disruptive. And you can see him run the game effectively. He controlled the tempo and was a floor general in the clutch.

  68. Ntilakilla

    And you can see him run the game effectively. He controlled the tempo and was a floor general in the clutch.

    And he’s only 19 years old.

    ::sheds tear::

  69. hornyKnickfan

    His D actually shook Collison. Hasn’t he ever been attacked by an eight armed giant octopus before?

  70. Early Bird

    Underrated part of the game is that Kanter’s offensive rebounding prowess let’s KP sink back after a shot goes up. Let’s him stop a bunch of breakaway’s.

  71. GoNyGoNyGo

    We need another good game on Tuesday. Charlotte is a team we’ll be battling with to get into the playoffs. Yeah, I said it. We’re probably good enough to make the playoffs. We’re not tanking. We’re nowhere near tanking. Oh, we’re in a 4-way tie for the 4-seed. Yeah. It’s very early. Just 1/9th of the season is in the books.

  72. ClashFan

    That a very interesting point! There could be something to Kanter being really good for KP. Those two together may be a bit of a negative in perimeter D, though, which points out how important it is for the team to get a good young three/four who can defend like LT can.

  73. Ntilakilla

    A shame because everytime Hornacek substitutes Ntilikina in the game we can say, “Release the Kraken!”

  74. bobneptune

    God bless getting rid of Phil before he traded KP.

    Hate on Phil all you want but the FACT is he has brought in the best two young players since Willis and Clyde and did it wit one proverbial hand tied behind his back. Plus he added WHG and Dotson with 2nd round picks.

    And the FACT also is he DIDN’T trade KP. It is never a bad thing to consider offers or even to initiate them. But he did bring in real talent with the #4 and #8 picks.

    Frank is going to be inconsistent and have highs and lows, but Ray Charles can see he has a HUGELY future. Already an ELITE defender….Can shoot under pressure from deep…..Is pass first (makes his teammates better…)… I mean WTF?????

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