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Game Thread 2023-24 Knicks vs. Mavericks (DDV Stands Alone Opener, which is not really a thing)

The Knicks take on the Dallas Mavericks tonight with literally a single member of their normal starting rotation playing. DDV might for for 80 tonight. Now, logically, this should mean the Knicks should not win this one, but, well, have these Knicks ever been logical? So don’t be surprised if they pull this out! 53 […]

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Putting it Together – The 2024 NBA Trade Deadline Discussion

There are so many different possibilities for the Knicks today that I would not be surprised by a big move, a little move, or even no move at all (okay, I’d be a bit surprised by no move at all). I think that it is clear that Rose wants to keep as much of his […]


Knicks Morning News (2024.02.08)

Knicks can exhale after Jalen Brunson injury scare – New York Post [New York Post] – Wed, 07 Feb 2024 22:58:00 GMT Knicks can exhale after Jalen Brunson injury scare Jalen Brunsons ankle injury strains already depleted Knicks team: Whatever the lineup is guys are in the NBA for a reason Knicks Bulletin: Thibodeau on […]