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Game Thread 2023-24 Knicks vs. Mavericks (DDV Stands Alone Opener, which is not really a thing)

The Knicks take on the Dallas Mavericks tonight with literally a single member of their normal starting rotation playing.

DDV might for for 80 tonight.

Now, logically, this should mean the Knicks should not win this one, but, well, have these Knicks ever been logical? So don’t be surprised if they pull this out!

53 wins is still very possible!

Let’s go, Knicks!

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BBA I still count 9, is that not correct?

Duane Washington Jr. is injured.

It’s mandatory if you want to be a Knicks nowadays, so he had to shoot himself in the foot before re-signing his N-th 2-way contract…

I just tuned in and saw like five turnovers back to back. Did that really happen or is there a glitch in the matrix?

I’m also watching in TNT mosaic, so I’m fully disoriented by what I’ve seen.

Also, other nba teams totally do quit, so they just need to throw a haymaker early here to shut Dallas down.

If we somehow win, that will be hilarious BUT the Mavs would begin their inevitable tank early. So we might want to lose the battle but win the war here.

Who wants to take bets on who gets injured tonight?

I’m thinking DDV or Hart. Too bad Thibs can’t ever punt a game, he’s calling timeouts after every time they string a couple of buckets together. At this rate we’ll run out midway through 3Q.

Going out to get a burger…either its a 20 pt half time deficit or I can enjoy the burger when I get back…

Spencer Dinwiddie is apparently at the game- can we sign him to a one day contract at halftime?

Man, Charlie Brown actually gets meaningful minutes and ends up guarding Doncic.

Not a lot of “lol I can’t believe some idiots didn’t think Josh Hart was worth a first round pick” posts these days.

The offense should be DDV shooting every possession until they start double teaming him.

You have to be impressed as all get out by how well they are playing.

I was just about to note, “Why aren’t they doubling DDV every possession?”

You have to be impressed as all get out by how well they are playing.

Totally. They have no right to be hanging with the Mavs.

It’s a pleasure to watch this guys’ effort.

Now may someone inadvertently hit Luka’s nose?

I counted 6 or 8 point blank shots we missed that would have this tied up at the half. A good confidence building experience for this group that will pay off in the post season.

I don’t like seeing the other team dare Hart to shoot the three and he just passes out of it.

iHart not starting the second half. Just bubble wrap everyone until the all-star break.

Now it is officially unwatchable. And dismal news about Hartenstein too.

Is a team allowed to play 4 on 5? Brown, Toppin, Deuce, and Precious.
Save Hart and DiVo from injuries, and Taj from a coronary.

Indiana with a pretty embarrassing performance tonight at home vs Golden St playing the 2nd night of a back to back.

I was watching this fucking game because I have a bout of insomnia and I can’t fall asleep but, after I-Hart’s injury, seeing THJR playing defense for the first time in his life it’s too much…

Say what you like about the management of injuries, but the management of team culture? They just don’t quit (@z-man on the same wavelength)

Maybe iHart’s Achilles was just like a little sore and they told him, “hey take a load off buddy, we got this one” or some such

but the management of team culture

Why can’t we let Jacon Toppin not quit? Isn’t that part of the culture, too?

This is now the “I was posting the night Jacob Toppin dunked” memorial thread

Last couple of games Knicks have gotten back to the bad habit of not giving a fuck about defending the 3pt line.

Last couple of games Knicks have gotten back to the bad habit of not giving a fuck about defending the 3pt line.

I think there are extenuating circumstances.

I was impressed that despite having only seven guys to play in the second half and probably being exhausted they still trapped in the back court a lot of the time and had some success with it.

With all the injuries, I don’t think the Knicks will be able to catch the Cavs, but the #3 seed is still there for the taking.

It seems like every time I watch Luka he’s bombing 3’s from everywhere, but then I look at his stats and he’s making kind of a pedestrian 37% of them.

Luka takes so many bad shots, though. They went in today, but his main (only?) flaw is that he can get a little trigger happy.

lol the Mavs had to play Luka 40 minutes to beat a team that needed Josh Hart to take 22 shots

Just threw my burger in the garbage

party foul…hopefully they have a Five Guys out by your new spot…

no way a 5 guys burger goes in the dumpster…their fries are good too…

the boys though have me hooked on their soda machine, they have like a million different flavors…

you know what, i think i’m hungry, need to go eat…no burger though, mashed taters, pork chops and pineapples, peas, baked beans, biscuits and some cold milk…

I’m guessing starting lineup on Saturday will be Brunson, DDV, Hart, Bojan and Precious.

dang, sounds like a no repeat visit locale…i don’t really know what schwarma, just that the avengers were all munching on it in one of the end movie credit scenes…

edit: oh, it’s like a gyro/kebab…for some reason i thought it was noodles…i love those multi-meat spit food stuff…

IHart landed awkwardly and tweaked his achilles near the end of the first half. I think they just rested him in the second half as a precaution.

Switched from the game in 3rd quarter to Bill Bradley’s Rolling Along on Max. I’ll leave the reviews to our in-house maven, but Dollar Bill is a pretty amazing individual. For fans who were fortunate enough to experience the two chips, it’s worth watching to get his takes on the relationships between the players during the championship period and how they endured.

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