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2023-24 Game Thread – Knicks vs. Cavaliers – Halloween Opener (Also not a thing)

The Knicks host a few of the Cavaliers on Halloween night for the first of a home and away with the team the Knicks eliminated from the playoffs last year.

So it would be nice for them to win this one and make a statement.

I would like for Julius Randle to dress up as an All-NBA player and play as one.

Let’s go, Knicks!

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Love the Europeans getting in there early before they fall asleep at halftime! 🙂

I may too. Trick or treating is high on the list of most exhausting parenting activities.

Mobley trying to post up Mitch is a joke yet for some reason the Knicks still come to help allowing an open 3pter.

For all the talk from the Cavs about wanting revenge this game has the ambience of a preseason game.

Clyde’s outfits have been a bit austere so far this year and I think it’s affecting team morale.

We play 2 back to backs in our first 5 games. Meanwhile the Celtics play their first back to back on 11/10.

Doesn’t seem quite fair

Thibs has some weird Halloween costume…just red lip stick…or he is dressed as the Joker

Looks like Mobley didn’t work much on getting stronger over the summer, he’s still getting manhandled.

RJ looking good tonight but that fast break defense on Spida was anemic

Mobley put on 7 pounds!!! 🙂

He is going to be a monster for a long time

Did Tristan Thompson join the NBA when he was 14 years old ?

Can’t believe he’s only 32

you know… donovan mitchell is not bad… nothing wrong with him as the star trade….

Cavs have nothing besides Mitchell, if they can just slow him down a bit in 2nd half Knicks should cruise home.

It’s weird that the Cavs don’t have a single player with a positive +/- but they are only down 6…

That’s just what we need, a defense of KAT, Randle, RJ, and Brunson. smh

Has he looked at what KAT makes?

These guys makes millions of dollars to know less about basketball than some fan in Queens lying on his sofa in his underwear betting small amounts on the games.

I posted that last post before I read any other posts. It looks like we’re in lock-step about the TNT broadcast.

jiminy, i need to pay attention to the screen, with the game on it…missed clyde’s suit and the lipstick thing…

i was into halloween for a good while…just not so good for my nerves to be out there in the chaos with the kids…plus got sick off a candy bar the last time i went, literally left a bad taste in my mouth on the whole affair…

i remember i left work early, hadn’t eaten lunch and was starving while we were walking around…finally gave in and ate one small hershey’s candy bar and felt really bad 45 minutes later…never again…

i’m happy to fund the costume stuff…i love costumes…thankfully their mom takes care of a lot of activity stuff with the boys…

i’m actually okay with walking around downtown with the boys in costumes when it ain’t halloween…saw this cool new lord balon scoll costume…with a nice proffie 2.2 saber…

i would so sleep in it for a week…

Personally, I think way too much is made about TV announcers in general. Radio is another story, you actually depend on them. But TV guys are just window dressing, except for the Mike Breens and Clydes of the world.

Here i am. I always forget that we switch to winter hour one week before US and so i thought the game was a hour later. 😛

Donovan looked like Reddish on that one… “i’ll just go to the basket and throw it unbalanced” 😀

The other day, KP blocked Mitch. Today he grabs an offensive rebound and then gets stripped.

They don’t give bonus points for style and beauty so I’m very happy with the score so far…

Overall I think the defense has been better this year than last year. It’s the offense that has been less consistent.

RJ’s AWOL in the 2nd half… but a RJ’s minute is in the cards 🙂

J-Hart and IQ with ugly turnovers.

I really want the Knicks to pass the ball to their teammates, not to the other team.

Having 9+ bona fide NBA rotation players might not give us the highest ceiling, but it I gotta say it’s real nice sometimes. The difference between our bench and Cleveland’s is…profound.

I’m all for getting top tier talent cause in the end that’s what you need to win a championship but it really is fun watching a team where there are no weak spots in the rotation.

Assuming we go on to win, this is a team win.

Are you trying to pull a Cronin? 😛

The Knicks’ shot selection was off earlier in the game, and it’s something they’ll need to improve (looking at you Randle, and even sometimes Jalen), but they’re cookin now

Why are Brunson and Randle still in there?

Does Thibs know they have a game tomorrow???

Is it legal to take your best players out when the game is lost? Asking for a friend (Thibs) !!

Yes, the Knicks have 9 legit players – all could start for some NBA team.
I would say that Sims, Fournier and Deuce probably could too.
The hope is that a couple of our rotation players, like RJ, IQ and Grime take that next step.

I feel like emptying the bench with over 4 minutes to go is progress from Thibs

Emoni Bates is 8 inches taller than me and 15 pounds lighter.

And I have a four-pack. That kid is a stick.

@Z-Man: SIms, McBride and Fournier would have started on the 2018-19 New York Knicks team. But you, like many, may not consider that to have been an NBA team. I can name some other versions of the Knicks where they would have started. Alexy Shved anyone? Bargnani?

Cavs were pretty banged up so you can’t really take too much away from this but we handled business

Yeah the Cavs were missing 2 starters, but if Grimes and Mitch were out we’d start IQ and I-Hart, not Dean Wade and Max Strus.

Depth kind of matters

We are 7-1 against the Cavs in 2023, let’s win tomorrow to finish at 8-1 for the year.

For all the talk from the Cavs about wanting revenge this game has the ambience of a preseason game.

They were so lacking in energy. Just embarrassing. What does their coach do that’s good, really?

Great win for the Knicks.

With you, BBA. 6 points on 3-9, although he did have 12 rebounds, 5 assists, and 2 blocks. But outside of being tall, it was a pretty pedestrian showing.

“@Z-Man: SIms, McBride and Fournier would have started on the 2018-19 New York Knicks team. But you, like many, may not consider that to have been an NBA team. I can name some other versions of the Knicks where they would have started. Alexy Shved anyone? Bargnani?”

Well, I could technically started for an NBA team if I was an owner’s son…

But those guys are not “legit” starters in today’s NBA.

Not to think too far ahead, but tomorrow is actually an important game in terms of seeding tiebreaker…

thanks z-man, just watched the ending to the suns/spurs…

that was great watching KD stand in bewilderment after one of the spurs snatch the ball right from his hands, right by his own basket – and then scored…double ha…

Further trade details: The Clippers are sending a 2027 first-round pick swap to Oklahoma City, clearing way for OKC to move a protected 2026 first-round pick to the 76ers, sources said. The Clippers are sending a 2024 and a 2029 second-round pick to the Sixers in the deal too, sources said.

This seems to make the trade pretty expensive for the Clippers. They gave up a swap in 2027 and 2029 and traded their 2028 pick so that’s three years in a row they won’t have a good pick or won’t have a pick in the first round And I don’t understand why they didn’t just the pick swap to Philly instead of trading it to OKC (but I am sure there is a reason)

Thinking about it, I’m wondering if Philly really wanted an extra pick instead of a pick swap in 2027 because then they have two picks, not one. But they seem to have gotten a really lousy pick because it’s the worst of three team’s first rounders. Personally, I think the opportunity to pick swap with Clippers is likely to result in a much higher overall pick than either of the two they have now.

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