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2022-23 Game Thread – Knicks @ Pelicans – Can They Just Hurry Up And Win These Last Two Games?

The Knicks are obviously going to win 49 games. It has been foretold. So these games are almost pointless to watch, as the Knick win is assured.

But hey, I guess it’ll be fun to see how many points Grimes, Quickley and Obi can score, right?

And maybe a double-double for Sims!

New poll question!

Do you think that Immanuel Quickley will receive a max offer sheet in 2024?

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133 replies on “2022-23 Game Thread – Knicks @ Pelicans – Can They Just Hurry Up And Win These Last Two Games?”

If Chicago makes the playoffs, that’s bad for the Knicks’ pick, too, right?

Yes, unless there’s something very unexpected with OKC & Dallas tying or the Mavs passing them.

I’m betting this is 1 part tanking, and 9 parts Cuban wanting to fuck over the Knicks

Come on 20.2% jump chance!!

I can’t wait for the Dallas equivalent of Ndour to win the game for them at the buzzer.

Dallas was +270 earlier today, I knew I should have taken that. Dallas is still marginally, and miraculously favored.

Thanks Brian.

I voted “yes” even if I think we’ll extend him this summer,
because if he becomes RFA next summer, to me with the cap rising it’s the only way someone can hope to poach him from our hands…

Ah, Barrett gets the block-fest going with a rejection at the three-point line… (as in he got rejected)

Missed him…

Yes, RJ Barrett is back and it took him 24 seconds to have a shot blocked (a three!)…

Barrett had a garbage first 5-6 minutes, but he’s been playing well the last bit. Largely because of some nice passes, including inside to Sims for the dunk. Couple of good shots, too. It’d be nice to keep seeing that…

Liking this live rapper and band during the break. MSG should do that. Not JD though…

I may be the only one left watching the game, which is understandable as so far it’s been pretty fugly.

Shouldn’t have complimented RJ, as he just kidnapped an entire possession with endless dribbling until forcing up and missing a contested bunny.

MSG ad with a couple who claim they named their daughter ‘Knicks’

You guys should rethink that one!

The Mavericks saying they keep the players out of tonight game for “precautionary reasons” (precaution for what?) is embarrassing for the League…

Overall good first quarter. Once Obi went out, the team settled down. RJ is his usual horrible self on offense, but holds acceptably on defense. If IQ continues like this, he will be an all-star next season.

Obi just 42 points away from having a 42 point game…

The bald dude with a classic tourniquet (French for turnstile…).

Obi only needs 39 more.

A guy 5 inches shorter than Obi just backed him in 20 feet and scored an easy layup.

I was posting comments on the last thread not aware that we were playing right now, i guess that’s what clinching a playoff spot so early does to me. 😀


He’ll be a former 6MOTY and fresh from his first all-star berth next summer… 😉

Thank goodness, Cyber. I was trying to fill the vacuum. Now I can relax.

Clyde said the Knicks have nothing to play for in this game. Clearly he doesn’t know from Brian.

Better than a turnover and a Pelican score at least to end the half. 😂

Which is worse at the end of quarters — Randle tunnel-vision clanking a three, or RJ aimlessly dribbling out the clock?

If ever Frank is to justify strat’s undying faith in him, this is the night!

Maybe Justin Holiday can do for the Mavs what he did for us…remember that fucking game?

Something of a painful game to watch so far, but really liking Obi’s repeated drives to the basket — three or four, with generally good results.

They’re really leaving Deuce open at the three-point line, and so far he’s justifying the decision…

Maybe Justin Holiday can do for the Mavs what he did for us…remember that fucking game?

I don’t think i remember, what game was that?

Raven, Obi’s offense can be spectacular but he gives up as much and even more on defense. He is lost on most possessions, and he cannot defend one on one. Plus, he does not rebound. Last game he had only 3 rebounds in 42 minutes of action as starting power forward.

“Statue of Liberty by Toppin” – I love Clyde, don’t ever leave us, please.

Trey is an appropriate first name for Murphy.

Sorta like if Barrett’s first name was Brick.

Jeez, that’s Rough.

On the other hand, RJ leaving that kid all alone in the corner for three after three is a trifle annoying..

“On the other hand, RJ leaving that kid all alone in the corner for three after three is a trifle annoying..”

I take back what I said about RJ’s defense in the first quarter 😂😂😂

Ingram has hit some some tough shots.

Sims is not much of a defender.

It’s a been interesting to see a lot of people talking about how RJ should lose weight on Twitter lately. A take I am proud of.

He also needs to hit his first threes and fts.

damn I just realized the Knicks have the 6th-best SRS in the league ? ?? ? ? ? ?

What will Cuban do at halftime?
Will he tie all his players’ shoelaces together?

I kind of love how Valanciunas just straight-arms the nearest defender and holds him at a distance while corralling rebounds with his other arm.

Frank winning this game for the Mavs, for the Knicks, and for Slovenia would be a great storyline.

And I love IQ just shooting those transition threes without hesitation.

“I don’t think i remember, what game was that?”

We know it as thre Maurice Ndour game, but it was actually Justin Holiday who made it possible to win that game. We were down 9 heading into the 4th but Holiday almost singlehandedly turned the game around by scoring 16 points in the fourth quarter, including a 3 with 39 seconds left to put us ahead by 2.

Brian was starting to worry, but Quick and Grimes brought us back again

We know it as thre Maurice Ndour game, but it was actually Justin Holiday who made it possible to win that game.

Oh, ok. I only remember NDour. And if NDour had managed to miss that last shot, we would’ve lost. So i still blame him. 😉 😛

Wow, Fournier has rust like the Tin Man did in his opening scene of the movie.

Thank God Dallas isn’t good at tanking! 😀 Or will they tank only the 4th quarter?

I wonder if Cuban told them to give the fans a show then start bricking in the 4th…

There are a bunch of guys on the Mavs bench I have never heard of with nice plus minuses.

Josh Hart is the man

It’s been said many times, but if RJ could hit 3’s he’d be a pretty useful player

Barrett would be 10-14 if he’d stop shooting threes.

It’s been a Good Barrett, Bad Barrett game today. Dizzying.

There’s no way the Knicks aren’t winning this game.

Frank singlehandedly blowing this game for Dallas. The saga continues…

Still a big lead. Chicago can easily just not score. I think this is going to be a good night still!

Cuban called Silver, asking permission to play only players under 6’7” or in alternative only 3-players lineups…

Great list of most road wins in a season, brings me back to the glory days of my teen years.

Brian Cronin with the double-curse…

The Knicks are about to get 49 wins! All curses will be broken!

Ingram is a dirty player. Throws that elbow on almost every freaking drive. If I were Josh, I’d be pissed too.

Well, whatever, 48 wins is still pretty freaking close to 49!

And the Mavericks game is the much more important game anyways.

To paraphrase BBA – this would be the most meaningless loss of the season.

I predicted 48, so I’m good with this. We completed, played an honest game.

Most critical play of the game with 60 seconds left, and they go to RJ to shoot another brick from 3. Game over.

Last time Knicks won 48 games was the year after trading Ewing, would’ve won 50 or even more if Camby hadn’t missed 19 games.

I thank RJ Barrett for his 0-9 3FG night, because it didn’t help the Lakers.

Now, if he tries something similar in the playoffs I’ll pay someone to break his left arm…

“Knicks are shooting 33% from three (41% minus RJ).”

He can’t hit the ocean from more that four feet away, but kept shooting threes. He was 0-9 tonight. Average 31% for the season from your wing starter. One of this team’s weaknesses.

This is the most blatant case of tanking I’ve ever (not) seen…

edit: Kidd just subbed in Frank for Reggie. Case closed.

Oh well, the Dallas pick would have been the cherry on top of a great season, but whatever..

These late season tanking games are still ruining the game. They have a huge impact on both the standings and draft selections. Maybe they should cut off the draft positioning with 20 games left or something like that. Then the teams that are still at least in contention for the playoffs will be playing hard and there will be no benefit to tanking at the end of the season. Still, even games like this Knicks game sucked. The Knicks basically throwing the game to the Pelicans impacts other teams.

“Mr. Cronin? I’m Mark Cuban, the Mavs’ owner.
I’ve tried anything but we’re still losing, can you help me?
Uh, it’s a little bit more than I expected but… never mind…
Give me your bank account number…
Thanks Mr. Cronin…”

I can’t come up with an anti-tanking scenario that wouldn’t come across as sour grapes towards Cuban based on this one pick.

The only thing that makes me relax a bit about RJ is that four years ago we didn’t win the lottery to get Zion. Boy, that would have been something 😂😂😂

That was one of the craziest endings of a basketball game that I’ve ever seen.

Maybe they could do something with injures. It would take a lot of thought to get the details right, but let’s say one of your starters or high minute players misses a game. Suppose we gave that team one or more check marks for that game. At the end of the season, teams with a lot of check marks would lose a draft position.

That would accomplish two positive things.

1. Teams would be less likely to sit out their best players.
2. If they actually do have a lot of injuries, they won’t get rewarded it for in the draft by adding a good pick to a team that is actually already good.

Fine, I will pick the Cavaliers to win the series, if you folks think that will help!

I truly hope that Doncic was disgusted by being forced to tank. The best possible outcome for me would be for someone beneath them to push them back to #11 and then for the Mavs to underperform next year and for Doncic to demand a trade. I don’t fault Cuban for the strategic loss per se, but he’s been such an incompetent, whiny asshole lately that if it had to backfire on anyone, it should be him.

Cuban’s refusal to take responsibility for losing Brunson was irritating and laughable. Makes me dislike him more.

And no one ever disputed his dad’s claim that Brunson asked them for an extension and they said no!

If it’s Lana del Rey, tell her Ricky from Queen’s Court says hi

Wait a second… are me & Jowles both Rams?

The best possible outcome for me would be for someone beneath them to push them back to #11 and then for the Mavs to underperform next year and for Doncic to demand a trade.

Why should he wait?

Mark Cuban just gave him the perfect excuse to ask out now.

They’re either going to lose Kyrie or grossly overpay to keep him. Either scenario spells the end for the Mavs.

Now is the time.

I too share the responsibility of jinxing it as a 49 win prediction owner. We are in this together.

He Goncic

Wait a second… are me & Jowles both Rams?

Did you also flash your well-under-21 ID at Gorman’s for entry only to have to literally fistfight people twice your size at the bar line to be served several $7 cranberry vodka (2004 prices) only to have your eagle-scout, hall-monitor RA literally sniff at the bottom of your door for the scent of illegally-gotten spirits and then also watch him watch you pour a perfectly good fifth of Hennessy down the sink’s drain while you fantasize about crushing all his fingers with the bottom of the beautiful bottle that you painstakingly procured

Oh also while having to watch the liquor truck back itself into the priests’ dorms twice a week because there’s only so much rigorously celibate study you can do sober

yep, too bad to lose the pick, but oh my goodness – what a shitshow for the mavs here this week…

whether it was best for their long term interests or not – what they did today was pretty weird…

Won’t it still come down to a coin flip if they beat the Spurs and either OKC or Chi loses and doesn’t make the playoffs?

No, I did not, bc there was no Gorman’s in the 90s.

I did get to sign Derek Jeter into Finley Hall a few times so he could bang my friend on the dance team, though.

He’d always bring Shane Spencer with him, and my friend, Pete (a die hard Mets fan) would always try to fight Shane Spencer.

Btw I think this might be the third time we’ve had this conversation.

Won’t it still come down to a coin flip if they beat the Spurs and either OKC or Chi loses and doesn’t make the playoffs?

Yes, but the presumption is that the Mavericks will make sure to lose to the Spurs.

There’s still a relatively decent chance that they’ll be jumped by a team from #11-14. They were in position to lock in the #9 pick (and thus practically a 95% chance of finishing in the Top 10) had they not won two games for no reason.

But the Spurs have their own motivation to tank: they are tied with Houston for the 2nd worst record.

Mavs fans are going to be so pissed if they chose to have no chance at the play-in and lose the pick anyway.

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