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2022-23 Game Thread – Knicks @ Pelicans – Can They Just Hurry Up And Win These Last Two Games?

The Knicks are obviously going to win 49 games. It has been foretold. So these games are almost pointless to watch, as the Knick win is assured.

But hey, I guess it’ll be fun to see how many points Grimes, Quickley and Obi can score, right?

And maybe a double-double for Sims!

New poll question!

Do you think that Immanuel Quickley will receive a max offer sheet in 2024?

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133 replies on “2022-23 Game Thread – Knicks @ Pelicans – Can They Just Hurry Up And Win These Last Two Games?”

If Chicago makes the playoffs, that’s bad for the Knicks’ pick, too, right?

Yes, unless there’s something very unexpected with OKC & Dallas tying or the Mavs passing them.

I’m betting this is 1 part tanking, and 9 parts Cuban wanting to fuck over the Knicks

Come on 20.2% jump chance!!

I can’t wait for the Dallas equivalent of Ndour to win the game for them at the buzzer.

Dallas was +270 earlier today, I knew I should have taken that. Dallas is still marginally, and miraculously favored.

Thanks Brian.

I voted “yes” even if I think we’ll extend him this summer,
because if he becomes RFA next summer, to me with the cap rising it’s the only way someone can hope to poach him from our hands…

Ah, Barrett gets the block-fest going with a rejection at the three-point line… (as in he got rejected)

Missed him…

Yes, RJ Barrett is back and it took him 24 seconds to have a shot blocked (a three!)…

Barrett had a garbage first 5-6 minutes, but he’s been playing well the last bit. Largely because of some nice passes, including inside to Sims for the dunk. Couple of good shots, too. It’d be nice to keep seeing that…