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2022-23 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Bucks: Five for Fighting?

The Knicks host the Bucks for their third matchup with Milwaukee this season. The Knicks came very close against Milwaukee in the most recent one of those first two games, so hopefully they finally get over the hump against Milwaukee tonight!

Let’s go, Knicks!

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Marques Johnson looking good. Those early to mid-80’s Bucks teams were dynamite, kind of lost in the Bird-Magic shuffle.

From last thread

>I’m not a box score fan but I am a Knicks fan and as I told you the other day when you did this shtick, the Knicks are worse with Hartenstein on the court.<

They are worse with Hart on the court because they are so much better with Mitch on the court. If Kareem was the starter, the team would be worse with Mitch on the court. I'm a fan of long term on/off, but short term is very volatile and always requires a little more analysis of lineup combinations, replacements etc.. to figure out what's going on.

People are focusing on Hart's TS% and assists, but IMO that's misleading and missing the whole point of why he was brought here. The boxscore cannot and does not tell you what a player's role is, whether he is doing what is asked, and how well he's doing it.

If Brunson was on the court with John Stockton, his assists would decline, not because he was playing worse or being used incorrectly, but because it's preferable to have the ball in Stockton's hands way more often. The ball is often in Quick’s, Brunson’s and Randle’s hands.

Hart has not shot the ball well, but he's also shooting a different shot distribution with a specific goal in mind (space and OREBs) that's helping the TEAM but also contributing to his lower TS%.

He has to shoot better from outside than he has, but to me, he’s mostly doing what is being asked of him. Given the players we have, what’s being asked are the correct things to maximize space and OREBs for others.

Randle’s hair is looking even more homeless tonight. I like it.

“Let’s see if Julius can have a big game, the Bucks have had his number…”

Oh well…

I think at least over of Jrue’s fouls was due to Grimes stifling him on D. He looked frustrated.

Maybe Randle should stop with the 3Ps for now.

Edit: Or maybe all Knicks should stop 😀 😛

I consider this a big game. It’ll tell us something. I don’t care if Middleton is out.
Did y’all hear Mitch pre-game? He’s not lacking confidence, is he?

I like that Julius is laughing off his offensive woes. Not getting too heavy about it.

Did y’all hear Mitch pre-game? He’s not lacking confidence, is he?

I didn’t, what did he say?

Not watching but somehow Randle has already missed seven 3s?

He’s so off that he even missed a layup all alone, and only scored at the 2nd try.

Nobody knows, but it sounded tough…

Nice. I think he is improving as the season goes on.

Won’t Julius Randle think of me, someone who does propaganda about his TS% on the internet?

I’m a little baffled how these teams each scored 22… That’s seems high, all things considered

Randle with an actual good, last-moment, end-of-quarter play, driving and dishing out to the corner. Unfortunately it was to iHart.

Mitch basically said that you need 3 guys to deal with him under the boards. That he’s 270 and impossible to move. He wasn’t shy about his greatness.

Hartenstein dropping what should’ve been an easy basket off a pass from Brunson is one of those little things he does that doesn’t show up in the box score but helps the TEAM

Hartenstein dropping what should’ve been an easy basket off a pass from Brunson is one of those little things

And a tap-in almost on the basket that he missed !?

This play should give a lot of confidence to Deuce. Let’s hope he starts hitting shots like he did on the G-League.

This board cracks me up, IQ with maybe his best quarter of the season and it’s all about Deuce

“I guess the cleaning bills were too expensive” 😀
Don’t ever leave us, Clyde!

“ Oh sorry, D-Mar, i talked about Grimes and only Quick was allowed 😀”

No problem Cyber, freedom of speech and all 😁

When RJ is available again he shouldn’t be a starter, although he probably will be. Grimes or Quick are earning the right to keep being the starters.

“That defense was awfully impressive”

…as opposed to the offense, which was impressively awful…

There was diving on the floor and keeping balls alive and some Derek Harper / Pablo Prigioni back court steals. I’ll root for that all day long.

We really have to figure out a way to keep letting IQ cook when RJ is back. I mean at what point do we simply prioritize the development of the objectively superior player?

Talking Sims vs. Hart, right now I’d like to see someone with moving hands and feet in to guard Giannis; i.e., Sims.

+/- may be noisy, but it’s the only stat that gives you a sense of how dominant Mitch has been

Portis didn’t do any of that “you love him when he’s on your side” shit when he was here

Memo to the Knicks, Bucks are just gonna launch a ton of 3pters in the 4th quarter so it’ll be wise to stop having all 5 guys protect the rim and start staying home on the perimeter a bit more.

The Bucks just have our number unfortunately. They move the ball so well on offense.

Situational basketball. They have a gigantic athletic front line and tons of three pointer shooters. So let’s play Hartenstein and Fournier.

Still, can’t believe we’re right there shooting 21.6% from three at high volume…

Nobody over 6′ 2″ is allowed to shoot for the Knicks the rest of the game.

Gonna be nice and not say what’s on my mind about a certain French player …

Guard a 3, anybody…

Fournier’s hanging out in the paint like he’s 7 feet tall, but doesn’t even bother to block out.

I like Brunson.

No one in foul trouble for either team, which is shocking considering the physicality…

IQ is so good on defense he can make other players fall out of bounds with his mind

Games like this make me change my mind and hope the Knicks miss the playoffs cause I have very little interest in watching them get swept by one of the Top 3 teams in the East.

@BBA, I disagree – this is how they learn to beat good teams in tight games. It’s a learning curve.

There’s only 1 real reason the Knicks lost this game and I called it before the 4th quarter started.

thibs thinks running the two man game and freezing out the other 3 guys is gonna win games at the end…he’s got another thing coming…especially when one of them is julius randle..

The negativity on this site is unbelievable, we lost to an NBA title favorite by 4 points.

While painful, I don’t consider this a terrible loss. Bucks are true contenders and Ingles looks healthy enough to really help them. Beating TOR and SAS in these kind of games is a significant level down.

The possession where we let them get two offensive rebounds that ended in a Holiday 3 felt like the dagger. As long as we’re all airing questionably valid grievances I’ll contribute that we would’ve won if Sims took Hart’s minutes.

If this game was in Milwaukee Knicks probably hold on but since it was at MSG they had no chance.

“The possession where we let them get two offensive rebounds that ended in a Holiday 3 felt like the dagger.”

That and Fournier unnecessarily leaving PC open in the corner…

Not to trigger the Mitchophiles, but having five players on the floor that can be a threat with the ball outside of 3 feet like Milwaukee does (as well as a lot of good teams) is something I’d like to see one of these days.

we had/have 4 out of 5 that are “threats outside of 3 feet”….our coach thinks that 2 of them should just be decorative in the last 2 to 3 minutes of crunch time…

Oh well, at least Tankathon has us taking Brice Sensabaugh and Rayan Rupert with out two picks, which would make me quite happy.

We missed way too many 3s. I get Randle taking 3s instead of long 2s, but it’s a mistake for him to shoot 3s as a weapon like he does some nights, even if they happen to go in that night.

They stepped on the gas on both sides when it came time to win the game as you just sort of knew they would.

Not much to learn from this one. They are better than us.


At least Immanuel has risen from the dead.

Great night for Brunson.

Bucks are a good squad.

Late game execution continues to bedevil us. I guess it’s comforting though that literally every loss in the last month has been a close game where we had the lead late and just couldn’t hold on. I think part of the late game collapses is coaching but also part of it is we just don’t quite have the talent or experience to close out these games especially against the elite teams or if the other team has a superstar.

Some of this is experience. Maybe all these close losses will help us come playoff time. Some of it is coaching and how we approach the end of games.

But we also are missing one piece to take us from a good team to a real contender.

I’m glad Leon didn’t trade for Mitchell. We’d definitely be better now if he did but a Brunson/Mitchell backcourt would eventually get exposed defensively in the playoffs. That would be a second round exit type team and Danny was asking for so much that after we made that trade, we’d have very little room left to improve upon that team.

So we gotta be patient. Let her young players continue to improve and wait for the right star to become available somehow. They gotta be the right age timeline wise and the right fit roster wise.

Things will shake up after the season and playoffs end. They always do. The only bad contract we have is Fournier and that one isn’t that bad and should be moveable by the off-season or next season. We got draft picks. We got a lot of young players who are more attractive trade wise now than when the season started. Randle is definitely more moveable now than he was this summer.

These losses are frustrating but big picture wise, they show we’re improving and in a good spot.

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