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2022-23 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Trailblazers

Grimes gets to play another game! And the Deuce will continue to be loose!

Let’s go, Knicks!

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November 25, 2022 at 20:38
How come the Friday Night Knicks didn’t make the tv shows theme list? 😀”


RJ with the iso shake and bake step back and …? We may not need to add that wrinkle just yet.

Our halfcourt offense is… boring and clunky?
We screen for the PG, three men stand still most of the time and we pray it’s a good night from three…

Where is Clyde? St Croix?

I am liking this trend of teams missing a star when they play us.

I am liking this trend of teams missing a star when they play us.

We traded Invisible Sixth Man and a second rounder for it…

Jerami Grant would break Wilt’s 100pts record if he got the opportunity to iso against Obi all game long.

I have a feeling that some teams are gonna wish they didn’t pass over Shaedon Sharpe…

Shaedon Sharpe is like one of those “black box” players except there’s actually good stuff in the box

Anyone who doesn’t think IQ is a million times better than RJ, I don’t even know what to say

Gotham Lob?

Ok, did not realize Sharpe went seventh. Truly a mystery man

Seriously. Who is better at post ups than Brunson. In the entire NBA. It can’t be a long list.

“See Knicks? When you move and cut easy baskets come…”

Thibs: “What is this ‘cut’ you speak of? Explain.”


I feel like Nurkic just reached in and stole his soul.

What the hell was that?

And they overwhelm us on glass as soon as Mitch goes out. Thought that was a questionable over the back.

It’s going to be tough to do politically, but RJ needs serious reduction of minutes. He’s not bringing anything to the table. Multiple players should be ahead of him right now.

That was so damn weak from RJ. I’m really losing hope he’ll ever be a decent player, which is very depressing

I think I am falling for Josh Hart. Holy shit.

Not sure where our lead went but I wasn’t quite sure how we got ahead by 14 either

Refs are winning the game for the Blazers,
but the we wasted a good team effort with 5 minutes of dumbness…
RJ is in a coma.

RJ is a low-IQ player. Not sure how fixable that is. This is how he has always played, hasn’t grown out of it at all.

Highlights just showed a bunch of Knicks defensive blocks against opponents’ fast breaks. Half the fast breaks began off RJ turnovers.

Can’t watch the game but keeping an eye on the box… would it be right to say the starters have sucked and the bench mob got us a big lead that the starters relinquished?

C’mon guys, RJ had a cold two weeks ago- you can’t expect him to have his legs back yet.

Tonight the starters are all paying for RJ awful game, the other four were average to good…

“Hart’s last rebound (with RJ asleep) is what I mean when I talk about “effort”…”

Exactly. That play was RJ’s fault. He’s in a coma.

I’m not a big fan of nurkic, hurt too much, but the blazers have a good frontcourt…

julius and mitch are doing okay, brunson and grimes are having good games…

RJ looks terrible…

haven’t really noticed who from the bench is playing well…

I kind of thought Randle might get called for extending the arm there.

Good strip by RJ. I don’t know about the shoes.

Why are we double teaming so often? Then a player gets free and it’s just passing him the ball and… bang!

Who is this Watford character? Never heard of him.

I kind of can’t believe we are getting beaten here. But Grant and Simons are good players. Lot of guys can score the ball.

“ Anyone wants to come to RJ island?”

If I could post a gif it would be that cartoon of the castaway sitting by himself under a palm tree

If I could post a gif it would be that cartoon of the castaway sitting by himself under a palm tree

That’s me, i’m a believer

Do you think RJ just needs to set his internal clock to the right time zone, so he can wake up earlier? 🙂

Sims is impressive

We are playing like we are down 6 but whatever, no prevent offense, I am ok with that.

I do think the refs have been helpful for them.

Is Hart eligible for the Sumner?

And why does Wally have to explain why the call against the Knicks was correct all the time. Seems to relish it a tiny bit.

I have to be honest though, Wally isn’t bothering me quite as much this year

Simons, Grant and Lillard is a pretty damn good big 3. Not good enough to win a championship tho.

Isn’t Jerami Grant an opportunity for Grimes to play lockdown D?

Cast Away
RJ = Hanks
Cyber = Wilson 😉

I have to say the Knicks have gotten a terrible whistle tonight. I mean game changing level bad.

Another game with RJ Barrett leading the team in shot attempts. It’s mind boggling this is still going on. The worst shooter on team leads in shots practically every game. Am I allowed to be a scumbag and hope he twists an ankle just to get him off the court for awhile?

“The worst shooter on team leads in shots practically every game.”

And minutes. SMH

Nurkic is like that old guy at the Y who always seems to win

And that was just a great take by Grant

Close game, 40-20 FT advantage for the road team?
Believe me, in many european places these refs won’t leave the building in one piece…

Is shooting 25% overall with 20 shots, 17% from 3, in (checks again, rubs eyes) 38 minutes so far, a good thing?

So the play out of the timeout is for RJ to go iso and jump into the double team? Because of all the success tonight thus far.

It’s kind of a classic RJ drive. And would be a major bailout if they don’t overturn it. Hart played him perfectly

I’d like to know how much these refs bet on this game because if they didn’t bet they should not be NBA refs regardless of whether they were right in these last few calls.

I don’t know what it’s like to have a player who’s technique and footwork can negate defenders like Brunson does.

Also don’t mind him taking that last shot there – pretty decent shot given the circumstances.

Still ok with that take by Brunson. It’s his team. He had a good look, just missed it.

We switched three guys on Simons — RJ->Randle->Mitch — until he had exactly the D he wanted. I just … don’t … get it.

Simons is a rising star and an established Knicks killer, Grant is a very good player, but RJ Barrett and the refs were the best Blazers’ players tonight…

I wanna know the last time a player scored 40 points with more free throw attempts than field goal attempts. Probably Harden

RJ Barrett just one point away from an all-star level game…

Sweet that he played 44 minutes.

Well, that was fun but quite disappointing. Continuing our win loss staircase. Blazers played well and the refs helped them a fair bit.

“44 are Grant’s career high, business as usual for the Knicks…”

Leon is right. Everyone loves playing at the Garden. Just not for us.

It was an entertaining game, at least.

Not a well-played game by any stretch of the imagination, but entertaining!

Also, 30 minutes is not nothing, but when Grimes is playing this well, 30 seems low, especially when RJ’s getting 44. It’s too bad RJ didn’t get his 20, though, then Knicks Twitter could tell us how great he is.

Barrett ‘s 44 minutes are basketball blasphemy.

And I want these refs’ heads on a pike… 🙂

It’s ok, Hallliburton had 21 points 15 assists and 4 steals in a win over the Nets

How’d Obi do tonight?

The stats don’t tell the whole story, RJ does a lot of the little things that helps teams lose games…

The stats don’t tell the whole story, RJ does a lot of the little things that helps teams lose games…

Sad, but true.

There were a few reasons for this loss, but the biggest one is Thibs insistence on staying with RJ and not reigning him in. You can’t have your worst shooter leading the team in minutes and shots almost every night and expect to win many games. This isn’t a very good shooter having a rough stretch. This is a bad shooter throwing up trash and having a terrible stretch. I’m not sure he should be in the rotation right now, let alone when Cam is back. There comes a point in time where a team has to recognize their hyped lottery pick is not developing fast enough to warrant big minutes and all these shots. Benching him is not throwing in the towel. It’s recognizing where he is right now, that he has a lot more work to do, and trying to win games with the best players.

Was only able to watch this episode of Brunson and the Bums at a distance at a bar, but hard to argue we’re really doing anything worthwhile if we can’t beat Portland without Dame at home

Randle really can’t play defense. And they were targeting RJ too. Not saying they are why Jeranee Grimons had 44 free throws, the refs were busy, but they were very porous.

The fact that RJ can’t even get to 20 ppg for the season so we can desperately try to trade him to a stupid team is the most disheartening thing. I’m with strat on this one fully, this is a travesty from Thibs, there’s no way he should be playing anything close to this amount of minutes if they really want to chase the 8th seed so damn much, he’s just a major net negative right now. If he’s so confident he takes 22 shots when he’s by far the worst volume shooter in the league, then he can take sitting on the bench a bit more.

RJ was horrible and the refs blew but another game where Thibs refusal to allow Brunson to guard the ball caused matchup problems all over the place. RJ on ones isn’t going to work- it’d be nice if it did but it’s not really RJ’s fault that it doesn’t. And if you can’t guard the ball Randle’s late rotations become a bigger issue. I love Brunson but his defense consists entirely of taking a charge every now and then. It’s a problem.

Brunson but his defense consists entirely of taking a charge every now and then. It’s a problem.

True and I agree that we must try to let Brunson defend more on the ball instead of switching,
but at the same time with someone in RJ’s place and an average refs crew you win this game by 10 points…

Brunson, Grimes, Randle (good version), and Mitch are a very solid starting lineup, but RJ just wrecks all of it.

God, I wish we had traded him this summer. Now we’re stuck with him unless he goes on a big run or something.

They have to do something about him though because he’s so painful to watch.

They have to do something about him though because he’s so painful to watch.

100% Agreed. Neither Thibs or Leon & Co can continue to sit on their hands and hope RJ fixes himself if this horrid shooting keeps up. I’ve always felt that the crux of this team’s current trajectory was reliant on Barrett’s development. Maybe the team is at a loss because they expected him to step forward, not slide backward. I also think it’ fair to expect the team to have a contingency plan or two in place if things don’t work out.

The amount of parity in the league right now affords the Knicks time to decide which way they wanna go in terms of how this team needs to be fine-tuned. 17 teams including us are within 3 games +/- of .500.

It was really nice to see the other Knicks essentially say, “Oh, hey, Mitch is always open. Let’s pass him the ball!”

we spent so many threads trying to figure out who RJ’s best comp is, and it was John Starks all along.

^ seriously, they’re like twins. Except Starks did it when scoring was hard, so BPM and VORP rate him much higher.

That’s pretty crazy. And if RJ keeps playing like this he’ll be bagging groceries soon enough.

Can’t shake the feeling we’d be good if RJ just didn’t play. He singlehandedly shot POR back into thr game for one sequence despite getting bailed out on a nothing call one time.

Randle’s defense would still be a problem but we’d need 1 more scorer after Brunson.

Randle looks much better at PoA than off-ball. Almost rather have him guard the PG, can’t be worse than giving up open 3s & back cut layups.

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