Site Update 2022-09-02 v3

So the site seemed to be working very smoothly. I started with a fresh database, so everything was lost. The restore I attempted only restored posts/comments up to 2010. So I started running SQL queries to restore the lost posts. At some point I got a majority of them back.

But then I noticed the site loading very slowly. I watched the sql process eat up the server resources.

Unfortunately I’ve come to the conclusion that the data in the database is just too large storing all the data. There’s 15 years of posts an comments in there, and it’s choking the site.

Hence, I’m going to remove older from the database. I’ll keep only the X most recent years, which at this time will be 10 years. If that stabilizes the site, I can keep them. Otherwise I’ll keep reducing it by a year, until I find a sweet spot.

My thinking right now is this: Keeping the site running smoothly so that people can read/post is more important than the old stuff. I still have the old database, so theoretically I can do something with it. Perhaps make some static pages. But that’ll be a future project.

Fingers still twisted…

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Totally the right call, Mike. The past is important, no doubt, and a static page would be great, if possible, but the present is the MOST important.

Thanks Brian. I’m slightly out of my league here. I understand sql, linux, php, etc. But how they all interact in a web page with thousands of hits per day… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ???

In tech terms, I know just enough to be dangerous.

Last gripe (for now) – there isn’t a wealth of data on this on google. Usually you can search for an error, and there are a few hits with suggestions & fixes. That’s normally how techs go about fixing/learning things. But there just isn’t anything for “my wordpress site goes back to the Iraq War, and it’s slow, what do I do?”

That time jowles told ruruland to drink bleach . . . jon abbey telling me it was better for Melo to shoot 2-17 than Tyson to shoot 5-6. . those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain

Randle trades that work in trade machine: 1. Randle and Deuce to Charlotte for Gordon Hayward. 2. Randle to Phoenix for Crowder and either Saric or (if we can stomach an equally long contract) Landry Shamet. 3. Randle, Fournier & Cam to Lakers for Russ (and presumably that 2027 Lakers first).

Would do any or all of these in a heartbeat. Question is whether those other teams would.

Serena Williams started playing tennis the same year the Knicks were in the NBA finals. Helluva run.

Is it possible that, all things somewhat equal, that GMs would rather sell their good players to smaller markets vs the biggest market, to proactively mitigate that player’s media ceiling? In the case of Mitchell, unlike Melo, he had no power to direct himself to where he was traded to. So Ainge may accept a slightly lesser package just to keep from having to listen to the likes of Stephen A Smith fluff Mitchell for an extended period of time?

In the case of the Knicks, I think you may be right. But teams trip over themselves to help the Lakers win titles.

I dunno, Ainge seemed fine with dealing with the Knicks. Rose just wouldn’t give him the third unprotected first and, I’ll be frank, I didn’t think Ainge would get the third unprotected first, either. I thought the Knicks would make up for it with extra players (like throwing Grimes into the deal).

***In the case of the Knicks, I think you may be right. But teams trip over themselves to help the Lakers win titles.***

N.O. got a great return for AD, and Memphis did well in the Gasol trade. The Knicks never have anything great to offer except a lot of future unprotected picks, which pretty much anybody can offer.

***I dunno, Ainge seemed fine with dealing with the Knicks.***

Sure, he was fine to deal with the knicks if they paid out the wazoo. Anybody would be okay with that. But when another team paid out of something resembling a wazoo, he was quick to make Mitchell hot in cleveland.

those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain

Damn it DRed I was going to say that.

Anyways, best of luck Mike. We’re all counting on you. *insert Leslie Nielson gif*

Also, I suggest querying the DB for all threads mentioning Frank and sending the regulars the resulting 1,300 page novel. Maybe as a Christmas gift. Maybe whenever Frank becomes all-Defense/flails his way out of the league.

If mailing and printing isn’t too expensive I’ll bankroll it.

yea sir, I’ll give it a try now…

hi Mike, looks good bro…

may I ask – why only 5 minutes…15 minutes would be kind of nice to pause, reflect, reread and correct…

Yiasoo, so tell us, what’s on the agenda for the day KYN…i liked what you said about enjoying the company of some of the furrier residents of your locale…

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