2020-21 Game Thread: PLAYOFFS BOUND Knicks vs. Payton Pritchard and Five Guys Off the Street (Probably Named Sully) For the #4 Seed!

After their excellent win against the Hornets yesterday and the Heat’s resounding loss to the Bucks, the Knicks only have to win today to get the #4 seed, home court in the first round of the playoffs and the Atlanta Hawks instead of the Milwaukee Bucks.

Luckily, fate had one last piece of magic pixie dust in store for the Knicks, as the Celtics, locked into the #7 seed and thus, the play-in game (Ha ha!), are resting literally their top seven guys, including all their starters.

With the Knicks of old, the concept of the trap game might scare you, but this is Thibs. Every game is Game 7, so they are going to demolish the Celtics and get that #4 seed and then we will see what kind of crazy lineup the Hawks will use against the Rockets once that game also becomes meaningless.

Let’s go, bring it home, Knicks!