2020-21 Game Thread: PLAYOFFS BOUND Knicks vs. Spurs

The Knicks head into their last three games of the regular season (but the season period, as they will be playing in the postseason. Woohoo!) with a big homestand. The Miami Heat play the Philadelphia 76ers tonight, and while the Sixers are very close to nailing down the #1 seed in the Eastern Conference, it is not yet a lock, so the Sixers still have something to play for, so the Heat could easily lose that game, in which case the Knicks would just have to win out their remaining games to lock in the #4 seed (as if the Knicks and Hawks end the season tied, the Knicks win the tiebreaker).

So winning these last three games is really important. If all they do is win out, they are clooooooose to controlling their destiny, as the Heat also play the Bucks, who will possibly still be fighting to win the #2 seed at the time. So the Bucks might be playing for something, as well.

However, the Spurs also need to win this game to make sure that they make the play-in game in the Western Conference, so that’s an issue, as well.

But whatever, just win this freakin’ game, okay, Knicks?

Let’s go, lock in that #4 seed, Knicks!