2020-21 Game Thread: Knicks @ Nuggets – Difficult Road Trip? What Difficult Road Trip?

The Knicks made a major statement in the second game of this nominally difficult west coast road trip by stomping the Memphis Grizzlies, and so they now come into Denver on fire, especially Derick Rose, who is on a hot streak we haven’t seen from him in, like, nine years!

Julius Randle was dominant, as well, of course, as per usual.

So while Denver is also playing very well despite losing their ostensible second star player, Jamal Murray, so don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean to undersell how tough this game will be, but dang, man, Memphis was supposed to at least be sort of a challenge and they stomped them, so forgive me for being overly excited about the Knicks’ chances tonight.

Come on, Knicks, make them regret ever fleecing you on the Melo trade, get this win!

For some good vibes, check out this classic Knick victory in Denver…

Let’s go, decade-late revenge-for-Melo game!