NY Post: Knicks’ season on the brink after disastrous Game 4 loss to Hawks

From Marc Berman: The Knicks’ fairytale season is nearly over. Tom Thibodeau’s Knicks were a terrific-regular season team, but their flaws have been revealed during this depressing first-round series against the Hawks. Julius Randle was a little better and RJ Barrett was a lot better, but neither was nearly enough to stifle Atlanta’s weaponry. The […]

2021 NBA Playoffs Game Thread: Knicks @ Hawks, Game 4 – Elf’s Mother Is Going to Be Mad Again

The Knicks try to even up their playoff series against the Hawks in Game 4 in Atlanta, after a disappointing blowout loss to the Hawks where Atlanta maintained a double-digit lead for pretty much the entire second half of the game (every time the Knicks seemed poised to cut it to single digits, the Knicks […]

NY Post: Julius Randle, RJ Barrett flop in Knicks’ blowout Game 3 loss to Hawks

From Marc Berman:  Tom Thibodeau can change the Knicks’ starting point guard, but he can’t change what his team has been built around this season: Julius Randle and RJ Barrett as a dynamic 1-2 punch. In their playoff debuts, however, the pair have been duds, and now the Knicks are facing a dose of reality […]

2021 NBA Playoffs Game Thread: Knicks @ Hawks, Game 3 – Thibs Finally Made The Move!

Derrick Rose and Taj Gibson, who have been the keys to the Knicks in the playoffs so far, will move into the starting lineup tonight as the Knicks headed to Atlanta for Game 3 against the Hawks! Great job by Thibs adjusting. Hopefully Rose gets Randle heavily involved right away. It’s all happening, people! Let’s […]

NY Post: Knicks rally past Hawks to even NBA playoff series

From Marc Berman: Trailing 1-0 in the first-round series, the Knicks were down 15 points late in the second quarter Wednesday night in Game 2. Julius Randle was horrendous again, and Trae Young, Atlanta’s superstar point guard, was soaring in the face of the Garden’s derogatory chants. But it all changed dramatically in the second […]

2021 NBA Playoffs Game Thread: Knicks vs Hawks, Game 2 – Let Us Hope That Trae Young Listens to the Mayor

After Trae Young sliced and diced the Knicks up in Game 1, including hitting the game-winning shot, the Mayor suggested (for some reason) that Young should stop “hunting for fouls” and “play the game the right way.” It’s nonsense, of course, but hey, feel free to follow the Mayor’s advice tonight, Trae! The newly minted […]

Mitchell Robinson Still Out For Tonight’s Game

Holy shit! I thought Mitch might make it back for the playoffs, but I was thinking second round for sure (and even there, it wasn’t like I was confident in it happening). If he’s a game-time decision tonight, that means he is actually seriously close to returning. If not tonight, then soon and that would […]

ESPN.com: New York Knicks’ Julius Randle wins NBA’s Most Improved Player Award

From ESPN.com: Few expected the New York Knicks to make a push for the playoffs, let alone come away with home-court advantage in the first round. Maybe even fewer expected the jump Julius Randle made this season On Tuesday night, Randle was officially awarded for it when he was named the NBA’s 2020-21 Most Improved […]

You KNOW Things Are Different For the Knicks Now – They Just Won TWO Draft Pick Tiebreakers

Heck, I think you could even call it three tiebreakers, since the Knicks won the tiebreaker against the Hawks, with the Knicks getting the #19 pick and the Hawks getting the #20 pick and then the Mavericks won a three way tiebreaker, with the Knicks getting the #21 pick rather than #22 or #23. Magic […]

NY Post: Trae Young sinks Knicks in heartbreaking Game 1 loss to Hawks

From Marc Berman: It was as earsplitting as the Garden has been in years, let alone this pandemic season when the building’s been mostly empty. But Hawks point guard Trae Young was louder on Sunday night. He quieted the roar and Atlanta escaped with a 107-105 victory over the Knicks in a Game 1 thriller […]