2019-20 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Bradley Beal and Four Guys Off of the Street

The Knicks host the Washington Wizards, who are one of the worst teams in the league (along with the Knicks). However, the Wizards are in the middle of an absurd stretch of bad luck with injuries, losing their pretty impressive rookie (and staring power forward), Rui Hachimura, plus their starting center, Thomas Bryant, their fill-in starting power forward, Davis Bertans and one of their top reserves, Mo Wagner. Their point guard starter (he took the job from Ish Smith), Isaiah Thomas, is also going to miss the game due to a suspension over an altercation with a Philly fan (Philly had a deal where every fan would receive a frosted treat if an opposing player missed both free throws, so the fan was cursing Thomas out in hopes that he would miss and Thomas went into the stands to show his disapproval).

So that’s a whole lot of guys missing this game. Bertans, Hachimura and Bryant are their #2-4 leading scorers.

In other words, Mike Miller’s Knicks really ought to win this game.

Let’s go? Knicks!

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Holiday greetings everyone from Florida!
My fiancee and I surprised my dad and grandmother by flying in early Sunday morning. He hasn’t met her yet, and she’s never been to Florida before. Oh, and Grandma turned 90 yesterday too!

Nice to be back in the same time zone as the Knicks when they’re home.

awwwww, sounds like you’re having an enjoyable trip, i’m sure you made your dad and grandma’s holiday…you sure ain’t missing no sunshine back home…it’s cold and rainy this week back here…

I think it’s fair to say that any positive Knicks individual performances should be taken with a grain of salt.

Starting Lineup per Begley: Payton, RJ, Knox, Randle, Mitch

Morris (sore achilles) and Taj (illness) are out

We may be backing into a semi-coherent starting lineup like Woodson.

Morris (sore achilles) and Taj (illness) are out

Hopefully Morris’s sore Achilles is a “hold him out while a deal is being finalized” soreness…..

i thought you did like modeling stuff…

Oh goodness. The male model bit was entirely a joke!

I sold my share of the practice to my partner a couple years back after the trump rally and signed a two year noncompete, hence my spike in posting and “retirement”.

I’m starting work again now in a different capacity. Jowles I appreciate your input on the previous thread. Like I said, I am completely biased having spent my life surrounded by ethical advisors. I have taken for granted knowing how to navigate this world. If I can ever be of service as you have been in the areas you’ve studied, please don’t hesitate to interrupt a Frank ntilikina argument to ask.

Do you think officials low key hate buzzer beaters, since they create extra work for them during the breaks?

Oh goodness. The male model bit was entirely a joke!

whew…i am sooooo relieved to hear that…we got way too many folks on this site already overachieving in life 🙂

seriously, i’m still waiting to hear of something jowles doesn’t excel at (at this point, i’m not sure i would even believe if he said there was something he wasn’t good at), milo scares me with his otherworldly superbrain and competence…thankfully z-man has taken a break from shaming me with his dutiful roadwork, al weaving wonders with words – and the beat goes on with rest of you all…

ugh, it’s disheartening at times…just kidding, it makes me smile getting a brief glimpse of the lives you all live…

and, yeah never ever forgetting grocer rolling with the sewing club gang…

good for you for getting your shit together so early in life hubert and having a chance to see where your passion leads you from here (please join the knicks and get them fixed)…

Just heard Exum got traded for Jordan Clarkson. I completely forgot that the latter got $50M in the summer of 2016. Surreal.

seriously, i’m still waiting to hear of something jowles doesn’t excel at (at this point, i’m not sure i would even believe if he said there was something he wasn’t good at)

My wife and I race the Friday, Saturday and Sunday NYT crosswords and she whoops my ass. I’ve beaten her twice in the Saturday and once in the Sunday, and we’ve been doing them religiously together since 2017. Mediocre academic, athlete, musician and home cook. Tongue’s got pretty exceptional endurance though, so Lady Jowles can look past all of that mediocrity.

this papasneaks or whatever is killing us

The Knick’s get lit up by the author of Dr. Zhivago!

this is a poor performance

It’s not like, good basketball, but I’m reasonably entertained. Standards are low at Grocer’s.

You guys need to stop referring to yourselves and your significant others in third person. Lol

Nice end to the half to take the lead

looking at the box score and trying to figure out how the wiz have 10 more fga than us…we’re even in rebounds…then i saw the turnovers…

geo tends to be in agreement with mase usually…holy shit…reading @37 back again and wondering if you were typing with gloves..

you know, i’m just not gonna assume what your intentions were there…

aww, that’s cheating mase…

You guys need to stop referring to yourselves and your significant others in third person.


Have you seen my fiancee? Speak for yourself

I’m sure she passes the Eye Test. 😉

After a moment’s reflection, I feel like someone already made this joke recently. Grocer is outed as a thief!

Kind of a broken record at this point, but Frank comes in, Beal shoots an airball and then Frank strips him, plus-6 in 2.5 minutes, second half starts, perimeter defense falls apart. 77 points to a G-League team while one of the best defensive guards in the world sits on the bench. The defensive difference is easily visible to the naked eye; it’s just mind-boggling that they don’t see it.

Who was it that was concerned that Payton was going to bring us a bunch of tank destroying wins?

Frank just got burned like the amazon.

Dotson with all these empty threes stealing time that should rightfully be going to Frank.

we also would’ve been much better off if we picked troy brown over knox…. another one that got away….

Beal is going to have to re-bore his right shoulder as it must be melting firing up 32 shots already. LOL only 2 fts with 32 shots…..

i actually had brown in my top 5 that year and one of his comps was pierce… hes good…

The team under Fiz just couldn’t score. They were always 29th or 30th in the league. Now under Miller they don’t seem to be able to defend. The average NBA team scored something like 112 points a game. The Wizards have already scored 111 and there is six and a half minutes to go.

They’re getting their doors blown off at home by a G-League team. So much for the Mike Miller experience. Fire Mills, dump the mercenaries.

Thomas Bryant, Mo Wagner and Bertans can all score efficiently and they’re also not playing tonight.

Dolan, Mills and Perry have left their seats so maybe we’ll get a presser

Perfect time to leave the game.

Still can’t believe we played a DSJ, Trier, Dotson, Knox, and Portis lineup and thought that would work somehow.

I note that Miller is now three and five with one blowout win and one blowout loss. The blowout loss was the second game of a back to back, against the best team in the league, and was by fewer points than the Pacers lost to Bucks the next night. That’s not a bad track record. Even if he kept winning three of eight, that would be equivalent to winning thirty games in a regular season, more than the twenty eight we projected on average for the team. I suspect he can keep it up. If so, those of you hoping for great draft position are likely to have your hearts broken

So…maybe not so much?

Sort of a great night…..

Lost a virtually unlosable game.

Dotson, Trier and Barrett shot the ball well.

Mitch had 13 boards and 6 blocks.

Frank played well in limited minutes.

Randle’s box score looked great not hurting his trade value…….

Payton shot 25% with 11 assists

Roll tank Roll!

I agree. Looking at the box score and watching most of the game, you can make a case that putting Smith in as the first point guard off the bench was the decision that lost the game. He was minus thirteen in seven minutes with no box score stats at all except for one rebound. And, as I recall, the Wizards went on a run when he was in.

So…maybe not so much?

I definitely had my rose colored glasses on when I wrote that post.

I guess James Dolan is busy planning his visit to Whoville starting late tomorrow night…

oh shucks man, just finishing up at work and missed the game…

hmmmm, thinking this may be one of those straight delete dvr situations…

There are a few things worth watching in this one. Hopefully miller starts Dotson over Knox in the future

Has Portis sat out a single game yet? Of all the people to always play, why him? With all the excess PFs on this roster, that’s got to be the biggest headscratcher this season.

due to my incredibly low sense of self worth, i’m in the 2nd quarter now…

thank goodness for clyde and mike…

I was pretty sure at the beginning of the year either morris or portis would be my least favorite knick – nope, DSJ, and it ain’t even close…

wherever morris is heading, I hope he takes DSJ with him…

I just don’t get it, how in the world can we – any team, be so freaking bad at defending the 3 point arc…

Watching Knicks games of this season makes you a diehard fan Automatically.

Watching them while knowing the score makes you a curious control freak diehard Knicks fan.

Watching them while knowing the score and knowing that they lost makes you a fan of Trash with s/m tendencies.

finished the game up a while ago…wow, that was pretty bad, which oddly enough may end up being pretty good…

other folks have brought it up already, but – somehow our defense has gotten even worse…

I would not have thought that was even possible…

it would be better if we just left the middle open and kept everyone around the arc…at least then we’d only be giving up two points a possesion…

I don’t know, thankfully we’re off til thursday…

time to focus on family, friends, finishing up cards and relaxing for a couple of days…hopefully life will slow down enough for a little book time…

re-reading dead man’s walk right now…something about a good western (book or movie) that puts me at ease…been through the books and movies so many times now gus mcrae and woodrow call feel like old friends…

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