2019-20 Game Thread: Knicks @ Heat – Can Mike Miller Get Over .500?

The Knicks have a tough matchup tonight against a Miami Heat team that has put together quite a strong team based around underrated prospects, plus, of course, Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo, who was a lottery pick in 2017 (few things will make you feel worse as a Knick fan than to look at the last two lottery picks in the 2017 draft, Donovan Mitchell and Adebayo, while the Knicks had the #8 and #9 picks. This is not even taking into account Jarrett Allen and John Collins, both taken out of the lottery in the first round).

If Mike Miller could pull this off and actually have a winning record as the Knick coach? Wow, that’d be something.

And it’s funny how much of it has been about simply not having a moronic defensive scheme.

Let’s go, Knicks!