Knicks Hire Mike Miller As Their New Interim Head Coach

Shams has the news first.

Former NBA journeyman Keith Bogans is also getting promoted from the Knicks’ G-League coaching staff to join Miller’s coaching staff (presumably to fill in the Keith Smart shooting coach position).

Miller is a former G-League Coach of the Year and becomes the third G-League Coach of the Year to become an NBA Head Coach. The two other ones are Quin Snyder and Nick Nurse, so that’s some heady company for Miller to be in.

Miller’s a veteran college basketball coach who has always stressed hard-nosed defense with his teams and is well-liked by the players. He’s not much of an offense coach, though, especially when it comes to the three-pointer. He’s a lot like the Jeff Van Gundy school of coaching, so fans of the Vogel/Van Gundy/Thibodeau style of coaching will dig the guy.

Here is a few years back giving an insightful interview about the signing of Luke Kornet to a two-way deal…

He’ll almost assuredly not keep the job after this year, but he could surprise, like when Jim O’Brien kept his gig in Boston in 2000 (no one thought O’Brien, also a career assistant, would have a chance at keeping that job).

Good luck, Mike, please be better than David Fizdale!

The David Fizdale Coaching Death Watch Is Over

This team doesn’t make any sense. Why would you fire David Fizdale now? They even let him talk to the media about the Knicks’ next game tomorrow night before they fired him! How incompetent are these people?

The only thing that we can hope for now is that whoever Steve Mills gets his terrible decision-making fingers over will be so bad that James Dolan will finally realize, “Huh, the one constant in all of this awfulness has been Steve Mills.”

Get this – the only good seasons the Knicks have had in the past 20 years just “happened” to be the season where Steve Mills wasn’t employed by James Dolan! It’s almost certainly a coincidence, seeing as how Mills was only in charge of MSG back in the day and not the Knicks, but still!

I liked the bit the other day that “If Fizdale goes, he’s taking Keith Smart with him.” Turned out to be true, but, well, how hilariously weak is that as a threat? “No, not the team shooting coach who ruined everyone’s shooting! Not him!”

I hate that Mark Jackson’s name is trending on Twitter. Please, for the love of all that is good and decent, do not subject us to Mark Jackson.