Game Thread: New York Knicks @ Sacramento Kings

A loss here would be bad for the Lakers, so get it done, Knicks!

Let’s go, MitchRob!

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DSJ really wants to get in a mano a mano with Foxy.

Kornet. Yay or nay?

Kornet is playing well defensively so far.

Clyde: “This is going to be an offensive extravaganza. Neither team cares to play defense.” Made me laugh.

Fizdale staggers DSJ and Mitch, which I think is stupid as hell. And also not aesthetically appealing.


Smart if you’re trying to tank, stupid as Hell if you’re not. All I see is 4 scrubs and MitchRob on that court right now.

Mitch would be so much better off if he played with the starters. He’d have a chance of being passed too.

The NBA really needs to start having the refs enforce moving picks. It’s a terrible disease throughout the league.

I love how the guys driving into the paint see Mitch and then kick it out. 3 times in 1 possession. Hahaha!

LOL these guys are so afraid of MitchRob they won’t challenge him in transition under the basket even when they have the numbers and position. It’s like they fear the boogeyman in their midst.

I’m guessing that Jordan is still the starter when he comes back. The Knicks are playing Mitch with the 2nd unit because that’s where he’ll play when DJ returns.

Projecting to the future, I have to assume DJ comes back next year. Else, why bother? Even the Knicks aren’t dumb enough to miss how good Mitch is playing. DJ will be the nominal starter in order to convince KD to come over.

They’ll have to renounce DJ to sign 2 maxes. So he’d have to be willing to take a much lower salary to come back. Some of our resident capologists were talking about that a thread or two ago.

Mark Stein reports that scuttlebutt around the league is the Lakers will fire Luke Walton at the end of the season.

The prevailing assumption in league coaching circles remains that Walton will almost certainly be dismissed after the season

Please let them be stupid enough to hire Mark Jackson or Jason Kidd as his replacement.

I don’t have an opinion on Walton, but they would be in the playoffs if LeBron didn’t get injured. Their young players suck also.

Maybe Phil will come back to coach. That would be hilarious.

That ain’t happening.

Maybe Phil will come back to coach. That would be hilarious.

It would be the contemporary equivalent of Billy Martin and Reggie Jackson.

They’ll have to renounce DJ to sign 2 maxes. So he’d have to be willing to take a much lower salary to come back. Some of our resident capologists were talking about that a thread or two ago.

Yeah, I know. I’m thinking they’re going to forego two max free agents. Instead we’re getting KD, DJ, and whatever we can fit in what remains of the max slot after DJ’s salary is deducted.

Either the Knicks are very wrongheaded about how much KD values DJ’s relationship, the Knicks think DJ is worth a max slot player, or KD wants to be the guy. The last theory makes a bit of sense, since KD’s already won a few championships. He needs to take his own team there to secure his legacy, or so the sports media will say.

Fiz keeps MitchRob on the bench and then gets upset that the defense is shit. Jesus.

I love how our second round pick and an undrafted player are better than both of our last two lottery picks. I don’t understand how they screwed that Knox pick up so much.

Breen definitely wearing the rose colored glasses regarding Knox.

Breen definitely wearing the rose colored glasses regarding Knox.

Breen has never been one to go too hard on rookies.

Breen has never been one to go too hard on rookies.

Also Breen gets paid by the Knicks. I don’t think they look too favorably on their employees shitting all over their shiny new pointz machine.

Things I like: Players scared of Mitch not going for layups
Things I don’t like: No longer getting to see Mitch swat said layups

@24 I agree. I want to see some Mitch lobs in the second half. If I’m going to be tired tomorrow it needs to be worth it.

Knox 3-4 so far.

If he misses his next 4 shots, he can improve his overall shooting %.

Weird that Knox is getting crucified here on an especially efficient night for him.

Dallas in full emergency tank mode.

Okay I just saw Mitch hit back to back threes while warming up for the second half. I’m going to ignore the fact that he bricked the next two…

I actually think Knox has a chance to turn into a decent shooter Z-Man. I just don’t get why they picked such a project though.

I don’t know much of anything though. He is having a good offensive night though.

DSJ is having one of those offensive games tonight where his shot selection makes you want to punch the screen.

We need to be down by 20 or on a franchise record losing streak for Mitch to play more than 10 min.

Suns beat the Bucks.

I’m telling you fellas, the stars are aligning this year, we can definitely get the 5th pick in the draft

How does Mitch have 3 fouls in 8 minutes after Kerry Kittles objectively coached him out of fouling?

And the Spurs beat the Nuggets, putting the Lakers a full 5 games out of the playoffs with just 19 to go.

We inch closer to the top slot and the Lakers inch closer to the lottery. Dolan’s Razor says they get Zion and we get Reddish.

That looked bad at full speed but barely a foul at all. Caught his forearm a bit but that was a lot of ball.

Trier is no one’s idea of a two-way player, but it’s not easy to score at high volume with a .580+ TS. I’m happy we have him.

I am not happy that Fizdale seems to think Mudiay is the ideal guy to have out there with Mitch. The guy plays like the Knicks version of Derrick Rose, he’s not going to help you develop anyone.

Wow, bullshit foul call on our boy’s third block.

Giles looks like a star. He’s got some damn hops and gets to the rim.

That beautiful transition slam by Trier? Where he did a spin move at halfcourt and then took it to the hole even though Mitch could have easily flushed it? You’ll never see that from Ntilikina.

Fairly entertaining game with the appropriate ending, minus the shitty refs whistles.

Plus long as hell and a very soft touch in the 10-15 foot range. I mean, he was a top-5 pick if it weren’t for his injuries, so it’s not surprising, but still…

Well, the refs did what they aimed to do and whistled MitchRob out of the game.

Crazy to think this is Mitch’s worst game in a while. Still on pace for 8pts 16 boards and 6 blks.

Unrelated, but when Trier plays like he does today it makes me wonder whether his bad stretch of games really was a lingering injury. If so, Trier is a scary good scorer moving forward (who needs to cut down on turnovers, can we get the rookie whisperer on that?).

This is turning into a bit of a shitshow. There’s no rivalry here. These guys need to relax a bit.

Guess you didn’t like Oak or Mase either…

If they cheap shot one of my teams’ guys I wouldn’t. It’s why I never cared for Barkley or the Davis brothers when they played against the Knicks.

So it’s ok when we cheap-shot the other team?

I said I don’t like players who cheap shot Knicks. I didn’t say it was okay that past Knicks were dirty. Keep up.

Different times back in the 90s. You expected to hit the floor when you went in the lane.

Man, Trier can be so good if he figures out how to play fundamentally sound defense. He’s already an efficient scorer off the bench.

With the PHX win and our loss, we’re right back in 1st worst. #RollTank


Tells you a lot about how poor he defended tonight that Fizdale took him out for entire 4th quarter despite this fact.

No, you said you didn’t like a player and labeled him (“A dirty player…don’t like him.”) because of one cheap shot. I googled Harry Giles cheap shot and nothing came up.But that’s typical of you, rarely a day goes by when you don’t make a stupid claim based on flimsy evidence. I’ll keep calling you out when you do.

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