2017-18 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Jazz

Doesn’t this sound like the tagline of a weird 1980s Footloose-type film? “The Knicks are against Jazz, but some plucky teenagers manage to change the town’s mind with an impromptu performance!”

Anyhow, this game is huge for a number of reasons…

1. It is important to see how they respond from their crushing loss on Monday night, where they blew a 567 point lead in the fourth quarter.
2. This is the end of one of their seemingly inordinate home stands and you have to figure that they will stop playing so many home games, so they have to bank these wins now
3. The Jazz were struggling before their star player, Rudy Gobert, was injured. Without him, they’re a mockery of a sham. They couldn’t score with him on the team, but at least their defense was legendary (speaking of legendary defense, the Boston Celtics are holding teams to a shockingly low amount of points. It’s absurd how few points teams are scoring on the Celtics). Now, they are just flat out bad. The Knicks have no excuse not to beat them at home.
4. Donovan Mitchell has the special NBA green light that players are given when they are not just go to scorers, but their teams beg them to just shoot as much as possible, so if he has a good game, that will be annoying to hear (the DSJ stuff is bad enough).

So….yeah, the Knicks really need to win this one.

Let’s go, Knicks!

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“One burning question that I came away with after the Cavs game (and I’ve had the same issue for years) is “How does one deal with LeBron when he decides to take over?”

The best way is to take away the other players making open threes, stick with them and make LBJ a scorer. Make him drive if possible, which takes more energy and maybe he gets fouled and misses some free throws as he has a habit of doing. If you let him facilitate and his teammates are hitting, you are in more trouble.

I agree with the answer for the Cavs was to have a Rodman type player. And I agree that O’Quinn’s dumb fouling was an issue because he’s that big, tough guy that could’ve put a body on LeBron. Yeah, Lance is also a tough, defensive-minded forward that can do that too.

Our perimeter defense also wasn’t what it needed to be. We had to deny Korver the ball and if he has the rock, the defender has to be on him like white on rice. His defender can’t ever leave his man.

Bounceback win:
Knicks 108
Jazz 101

The Knicks need a big three who can defend/rebound and isn’t awful on offense. Lee/McD/LT try to be that, but someone more dynamic would be huge. Lee does what he can, but he’s undersized and pretty much redundant with THJ here. McD is a decent rotation guy, but not a starter.

If a young three could be traded for, that would be great; otherwise, it’ll have to wait until the next draft.

Mitchell is a good guy with NY roots. I’ll be rooting for him. After this game that is.

I find myself watching the clock until it’s time for Frank. Is that wrong?

If that’s wrong, I don’t want to be right. 😉

O’Quinn doesn’t look like the same player the last 2 games. Stupid passes.
Wait that’s better.

I’d be more apt top believe KP is struggling a bit because of the elbow if it was his shooting arm. Most likely it’s just random nonsense, but the TS% of 60% may also have been an aberration.

THJ’s dad really needs to work with him on threes off the dribble. I recall TH Sr. killing us on those.

I can’t stand Timmy in almost melo way. I’m calling him mini melo or mm for short

I can’t stand Timmy in almost melo way. I’m calling him mini melo or mm for short

I think that’s my problem with him also.

His stats are not that bad and he’s still young enough to take another step forward, but he takes a lot of shots that make me cringe and some of his TOs are ridiculously foolish. That’s some of what I hated about Melo. And for this annoyance, I get to think about how overpaid he is.

Do Rubio and Noah go to the same hair stylist?

At least they don’t go to the Elfrid Payton/Jonathan Isaac barber.

sloppy start, bad shooting all around and still pretty close. Timmy really needs to figure out shot selection, the mini-Melo thing is a little bit too real these days.

Tim makes $9 million less per year than Melo and doesn’t have a NTC.
This is the season to be Thankful.

Elfrid Payton has the worst hairdo I’ve ever seen and he needs to cut it immediately.

I’ve never quite understood flopping until KP started doing it. Teams want to assert their physicality over another team’s superstar and flopping is in the superstar’s best interest if he wants to keep the game about skill.

Jarret Jack shoots it like an old guy who swears he can beat every young guy.

alright – looks like this evening i get to go home and watch the knicks come back in the second half…

much better than watching them melt down on monday…

Starting to pendulum back to “shut down KP with a fake injury and tank for Doncic” after this first half

Can we switch to tank mode so I don’t feel so bad about what I’m watching?

You know if we lose this game we can easily have a nice 5 game losing streak going forward.

It’s only a ten point deficit. They’ve played so poorly that that is honestly a bit of good news.

It’s amazing how great of a defensive team the jazz are even when they’re missing the guy tied for most valuable defensive player in the league

Why can’t we have nice things on defense

Why can’t we have nice things on defense

Because our management made defense a priority and then added all scorers?

At the end of this season when the Knicks suck again and win only 30 games we’re going to look back at the Cavs loss as the day this season went back to reality aren’t we.

horny is gonna rally the troops at half time, we’ll start either playing better defense around the arc, or, utah will cool off a bit…

we’re coming back to win this one…or, not…

At the end of this season when the Knicks suck again and win only 30 games we’re going to look back at the Cavs loss as the day this season went back to reality aren’t we.

I thought this was going to be a key game. The Knicks have played 9 games at home and 4 games on the road but are only 1 game over .500. If they lose tonight it’s 10 and 4 at .500. That’s despite KP playing out of his mind and not having an especially tough schedule. That’s more or less screaming a lot of losses are on the way. A win tonight would be a little more encouraging about our prospects for competing for a late playoff seed.

They look a lot better this half, but it’s pretty damn hard to imagine a .500 or above team that gives major minutes to Jarrett Jack.

When Porzingis is having a monster game the Knicks look pretty good. When he doesn’t, they look shittay

The utter lack of defending the 3pt line is beyond mind boggling.

Can we choose to blame Rambis for this?

Can we choose to blame Rambis for this?

Can he just be on another team already? Why is he still here?

It’s definitely part of the philosophy because coming into this game the Knicks allow the most 3pt attempts per game and I believe the most 3pt makes per game too. Until they make it a priority to defend the 3pt line they will continue to be awful defensively.

KP has to lead the league in times knocked to the floor.

I foresee another summer in the weight room.

The Jazz are also hitting shots at a much much better rate than they usually do. Defense has been terrible, but some of those Hood shots were well defended.

How the hell in the first 11 mins of the 3rd quarter has Hornacek only made 1 substitution??

Also, why the hell has every starter pretty much played the entire 3rd? They’re being punished or something? Very weird rotations.

This is what happens when we get hope that this team could make the playoffs, games like tonight become more annoying and frustrating than usual lol.

KP is a big part of the 3 point defense sucking. He’s not defending that shot at all. The Knicks, in general, play too far off their man.

TH Jr might be the best PG on the Knicks.

This is bad for all the obvious reasons, but he’s better at facilitating than I thought.

KP is a big part of the 3 point defense sucking. He’s not defending that shot at all. The Knicks, in general, play too far off their man.

Definitely agree. Seems like he might be super paranoid about fouling the shooter.

Annoying game to say the least. The offense is not well but this game will be won with defense…which has been even worse

KP is a big part of the 3 point defense sucking. He’s not defending that shot at all. The Knicks, in general, play too far off their man.

When he plays PF, the quicker players can beat him off the dribble. So he probably tends to give up a little more space than he should against some players.

O’Quinn is strong candidate for lease valuable player going back to start of fourth against Cavs

The is the bad version of O’Quinn. When he starts doing dumb crap like this repeatedly, it’s time to sit him down and give Willy some run. He may or may not play better than KOQ, but he’ll come with energy.

O’Quinn always a bone head but even worse now. That was a clear foul on LT. I’m annoyed. Simply annoyed

KP always looking to get that weak side block too … he gets caught out of position relentlessly given the time it take him to recover

If Frank would have made that 3, the Garden would have exploded. damnit!!!

Frank is the straw who stirs the drink for this team. He’s starting to look for his shot too.

The Knicks look a little gassed again just like they did against the Cavs late in that game.

How many times will they have a clean shot to tie or lead? Maybe from the line here by Frank.

Someone said they looked gassed. Earlier it was noted the starters played most of the third. I think those two just might be related.

The THJ contract might’ve been a necessary evil. He’s the only guy on the roster who can consistently score in transition.

Very good adjustment from Hornacek, just put 4 guards and switch everything, let KP guard the paint if he’s not going to chase 3 point shooters.

Hardaway does a few good things, then he gets out of control and puts up some stupid shots and I just shake my head. Dude has no head.

Hardaway is making me understand how manic depressives feel.

I’m not hating, this game has just been beyond nuts to watch lol. In the end a fun win though!!

D’Antoni once benched Nate Robinson for a month for what KP just did

Was listening to Dunc’d On on my commute and them dumping on D’Antoni for his short rotations (playing 7-man rotations/harden for 39 minutes in November is a surefire way to burn him out in the playoffs – it’s happened more than once before!) made my morning. I hate that man so much. In a way he embodies the worst characteristics of Phil – the stubbornness, the arrogance, the total lack of ability to communicate. He didn’t have the most stable situation here, but he knew the shitshow that was Knicks management and didn’t mind chasing the money. I’m excited for the Rockets to lose again in the second round so he can hopefully get fired.

Frank is one of the main reasons that we won.
He has come through so many times at crunch time for us.

listening to timmy speak, i forgot how young he is…voice sounds like he just past puberty…

Ugly win. I’ll take it.
I really liked how McDermott played defense. Interesting that he and Frank were both in the game at the end. Kanter and Jack were nailed to the bench in the 4th.

Better perimeter D.

I think they do miss Kanter’s presence down low, though, when they go small.

Hornacek should not be forgotten, he made a great adjustment putting the small lineup and switching onto shooters, and Hood and Mitchell came back to earth.

By the way, im still really glad we drafted Ntilikina over Mitchell.

@114 Once Chris Paul is back, Harden’s minutes are going to drop a lot. They don’t have a lot of depth. They traded a lot of players away to get Paul. There’s no chance he gets fired even if they get knocked out in the first round.

Timmy with another good all around game. Not that I want him leading the Knicks in assists most nights, I’ll take it

Vegas should hire ClashFan after this one, the game was so weird and out of wack and still by one Frank missed layup at the end it wasnt exactly his prediction hahaha.

It’s good to come away with this win. Now we are 2 games over .500 again. So if we lose a few on the road and against tougher teams it won’t feel like the season is falling apart.

The Raptors on the road is probably going to be a rough one, they have been playing really well with Anunoby starting.

I couldn’t watch the game. The box score seems to say KP only played 19 minutes. Is that true? If so, why?


In the very last possessions he was holding his right hamstring I think and limping, showing pain. No idea if its anything serious still.

Pretty crazy to believe that the Knicks would be 8-1 at home if they didn’t blow two 20+ leads.

Apparently Lee was kneed and just cramping in his hamstring so nothing serious it seems. Should be ready to go on Friday.

Yeah I mentioned the other day the 2 blown leads of 20+ points at home but at the same time they’ve comeback from down double digits 4 times at home including 3 times when trailing by double digits in the 2nd half so their 7-3 home record is about right for how they’ve played. Still way better than any of us expected so certainly can’t complain.

Lonzo Ball’s shot is really beginning to worry me. It’s not just the mechanics, but how its flaws are eating into his shooting confidence. He’s really missing open looks and doesn’t seem to do much right now beyond taking 3s and throwing the ball around to the inside.

All Lonzo seems to do is launch his trebuchet jumper and throw outlet passes. That was the main concern with him coming in.

Embiid flirting with the Quadrouple-Double tonight: 46 pts (on 20 shots); 15 rebs; 7 Assist; 7 Blocks…

I remember in the days before the 2015 draft discussing here whether the Knicks should trade their #4 pick to the Sixers for Embiid and Saric (neither of whom had played a game yet). That’ll be a fun one to revisit as the years go by.

“Trust the Process” becoming a thing is hilarious, especially since it drives Stephen A. Smith insane. 🙂

The problem with Embiid, though, of course, is when his name is the #1 trending thing on Twitter, you can’t tell if it’s because he had an amazing game or if he suffered a major injury.

I guess Embiid is the first 46/15/7/7 player ever. Wow.


A. that’s true
B. that’s an awesome performance

It’s also such an odd combination of numbers.

What’s the most points scored in an actual quadruple double?

Depends if you count turnovers as one of the stats.

If not, it’s The Admiral’s 34/10/10/10

All Lonzo seems to do is launch his trebuchet jumper and throw outlet passes.


My friend you are a wordsmith of the highest degree…. that term is perfectly descriptive.

All you really need to know about Frank:

“We have great confidence in him defensively. It’s great that a young guy comes into this league with more defensive principles than the offensive principles,” coach Jeff Hornacek said of the rookie after the Knicks outlasted Utah, 106-101, at the Garden on Wednesday.

“He’s going to grow and get better and better at the offensive side of it. It’s hard to teach the other way. He does a great job. He’s got long arms. Late in the game they tried to throw the ball in the corner. He didn’t get sucked in. He kind of split guys and had those long arms out.”

Games won on the defensive end are just as important as pointz…..probably more so because it is so unusual in today’s NBA

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