2017-18 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Suns

Tonight will be a fascinating test of the Knicks’ season. They enter tonight’s game at 3-4 and are hosting the 4-4 Suns. Both teams were expected to be among the worst teams in the NBA, but after starting off the season terribly, the Suns have turned things around after firing their head coach, Earl Watson, and benching temperamental star point guard, Eric Bledsoe. Since then, the Suns have been scoring like crazy and have evened their record on the season after an impressive come from behind victory against the Washington Wizards on the second night of a back-to-back.

The Suns have replaced Bledsoe with undrafted point guard Mike James, who has been bouncing around Europe for the past five seasons (perhaps the Knicks should have given him a look) and James has responded well, but the real key to their turnaround has been slightly better defense and strong offense by TJ Warren and Devin Booker.

Kristaps Porzingis is dealing with an illness, so hopefully he’ll be in good shape tonight (he’s playing, but who knows how truly healthy he is).

Despite the Suns’ strong recent play, they really should be looking to get some team to take Tyson Chandler. He makes less sense for them than Courtney Lee does for the Knicks. Marquese Chriss and Alex Len really have to start taking care of the middle.

Let’s hope that Good Tim Hardaway Jr. shows up tonight. Plus, of course, it’s always good to hope for maybe tonight being the game that Ntilikina has a good scoring game.

Let’s go, Knicks!

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it’s been a bit of a rough day…to heck’s with the tank – need a win tonight…

you know your on a bad roll when you start looking for some solace in a knicks win…

Okay, for the first time this season I’m going to predict the Knicks to win (if KP plays and logs decent minutes):

Knicks 112
Phoenix 106

If KP doesn’t play, never mind…I can see visions of Beasley getting 20+ minutes…

The Jarret Jack starting PG experiment needs to end soon.

The problem is all our point guards are terrible

Kanter’s playing great. Three assists so far including the one to KP for the jam.

Fucking love that KP is atomizing Chriss after the shenanigans last year

Yeah I know, nobody else to start unless you just throw Frank into the fire. Kanter has his flaws but he’s still a pretty good player.

Kanter also had a nice offensive rebound and pass to Tim for an extra three points.

TJ Warren had a headache before he collided with Kanter.

Rock em sock em out there.

KP is really active against Bender. I think that they had a rivalry in Eurobaskets 2017.

The “guard KP with a small guy” days might be over

not until we get a chance to see him abuse marcus smart…

Booker gets a lot of hate on this board, but he’s pretty impressive tonight. He’s pretty quick off the dribble.

I think that’s when teams have come out and upped the ball pressure a lot. Let’s see if Phoenix tries that.

1) I think the KP and Kanter frontline is very complimentary and very difficult for defenses.

2) Timmy with a nice balanced half. His defense and other stats have been a nice surprise so far this year.

@37,GEO. Could be one or both of two factors: communication and / or adjustments. Both of these could be areas where Jeff may need to work on. He may need to communicate weaknesses or stress positives at halftime. I’ve been starting to think he is weak on making adjustments in general.

The rest of Booker’s stat line is empty, he plays no D, and doesn’t consistently score like this. That’s why people don’t like him

it’s like watching a non-star all-star game…

what happened to the defense, I don’t they’ve passed the ball more than twice on any offensive play…

mike james just might have the saddest looking beard in the history of sad looking beards…

oh wait – i just remembered steph curry’s beard…might be a tie…

@55 you might be suffering from recency bias after seeing The Beard two nights ago

Beasley and Lance should never play together. Or separately.


Guess who has the ONLY negative +/- on the entire team with 2:20 left in the 3rd. No peaking!

all though it looks way creepy when he smiles – that is a very legit piece of facial hair…

Beasley is the only Knick with a negative plus/minus so far tonight.

LT actually is doing okay. He’s got 5 and 5 in 13 minutes.

I’m glad Frank is getting pressured so much now. It will make him a lot better in the long run.

No way Lebron posts up Alex Len and then sticks the jumper right in the face of (I don’t recognize the Sun)’s face like that

I hope we really break it open in the 4th so we can see a minute or two of KP Willy McBuckets Dotson and Frank.

Michael Beasley reminds me of Derrick Williams; if Williams did and said a lot of shit that I personally find annoying

frank stays absolutely glued to people…he seems to have a really good sense for where people are going to go…

KP looking awesome. I dont mind the lack of passing so much right now but I do hope he adds it to his game in the following seasons to come.

knicks deliver…

jarrett jack is such a godsend, perfect for this team…him, frank and ron getting us in to our offense should work most nights…

frank is gonna be a serious dick on defense…not a physical guy – just always in your space…

kp as a leader is going to work just fine – every one else on the team literally has to look up to him…even though he’s a young guy – real serious about his job and work…

I wouldn’t touch a thing in regards to trading anyone right now. Team has nice chemistry and I wouldn’t mess with it one bit right now. Blow away deals only.

Maybe LeBron is looking at KP and thinking he could win a couple more titles with that guy. Hahaha.

Therefore, I envision a 2018 where Porzingis is routinely pushed around on the low post.


He also didn’t attack the rim or pass the ball in Europe, so if that keeps up, he’s essentially a 7 foot 1 spot-up shooter, or in other words, he’s Ryan Anderson with a good first step…that he never uses because he doesn’t attack the basket (only 2.2 free throws per 40 minutes, because he shied away from contact, which makes sense because he’s a twig).


And the Knick fans of 2018 will say, “Okay, but what if Porzingis puts on some weight next year? He’s only 22! There’s still time!”


Man, is OKC a low IQ team. They just left Horford open 3 straight times an George and Westbrook jacked up two dumb shots.

I know it’s early in the season, but this team looks like it’s going to be able to maintain this success barring injury. Assuming that’s the case and we finish just outside of the playoffs, is our new best case scenario Miles Bridges?

We might be too good for even Bridges. Djphan brought up Rui Hachimura who could be a sleeper pick.

I think it’s getting to the point where we have to wonder if KP is better than Karl Towns. Towns is the better talent and that’s obvious, but Towns isn’t as good a defender as KP. KP, Kanter, and TH2 are going to make us a playoff team and I’m sick. If we were able to suck our way into Luka Doncic, DeAndre Ayton, or Michael Porter Jr we’d have had a dynasty on our hands.

By the way could you imagine Kristaps Porzingis and the Celtics with Kyrie Irving? I would have been sick to my stomach if Phil Jackson traded him for Lonzo Ball.

Hachimura will likely shoot up the draft boards if his performance for the U19 Japan team is the real deal.

I can’t see us being anything better than 8 seed this year, so I imagine we’ll draft anywhere from 10-15, barring injury or KP slowing down. That leaves us Kevin Knox, Troy Brown, Hachimura (maybe), Miles Bridges (maybe), and Mikal Bridges as the available draft picks that fill our position of need (SF).

I’d order them thus:
Miles Bridges
Troy Brown
Kevin Knox
Mikal Bridges

I’d be happy with any one of them however.


I would’ve vomited if I saw KP drop 50 on us at TD Garden

My third favorite moment in this game was KOQ head faking a guy into jumping to contest a three. How fucking confusing does the Knicks offense have to be for that to work?

that he never uses because he doesn’t attack the basket (only 2.2 free throws per 40 minutes, because he shied away from contact, which makes sense because he’s a twig).


I’m not sure what’s so funny

@98 Kevin Knox is better than all of those guys. He’s currently #6 on my draft board.

@103 I wasn’t against KP I just wanted a point guard and didn’t know enough about him. Thank god Phil had the insight to grab him because there were plenty of people shouting for Justise Winslow, WCS, and (my choice at the time) Mudiay.

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