Knicks Morning News (2017.09.12)

  • [NYPost] Charles Oakley to file civil suit against Madison Square Garden
    (Monday, September 11, 2017 8:43:53 PM)

    Charles Oakley’s battle with his former employer and current nemesis is not over yet. Oakley is preparing to file a civil law suit stemming from the February incident in which he was forcibly removed from Madison Square Garden after an altercation with security, according to an ESPN report. Oakley’s fight with Madison Square Garden and…

  • [NYPost] Carmelo Anthony just gave us all a preview of his possible future
    (Monday, September 11, 2017 3:21:33 PM)

    If Carmelo Anthony can’t go play with the team he wants, at least he can bring that team to him. Anthony and a dozen or so of his famous friends got together Monday in Manhattan for perhaps the most star-studded pick-up basketball game ever assembled. Among those in attendance were Rockets All-Stars James Harden and…

  • [NYPost] It’s not easy recruiting Carmelo Anthony
    (Monday, September 11, 2017 9:30:38 AM)

    Damian Lillard is doing all he can to recruit Carmelo Anthony. Lillard told The Undefeated that he has done all he could in trying to convince Anthony to waive his no-trade clause to open up a deal to the Trail Blazers. Lillard said that Anthony “didn’t seem opposed” to the idea, but at last check…

  • [NYPost] This fashion designer used to train the Knicks’ Joakim Noah
    (Monday, September 11, 2017 8:07:32 AM)

    Joakim Noah wants to make New York fashion great again. The Knicks player showed his support for Public School designer Maxwell Osborne who, like Noah, was born and bred in the city. “Max was my brother,” Noah told The Post at the Public School and Moët’s after-party at Fulton Market on Sunday, where the 6-foot-11…

  • [NYDN] Charles Oakley to file civil suit regarding MSG incident: report
    (Monday, September 11, 2017 7:44:00 PM)

    The feud between Charles Oakley and Knicks owner James Dolan continues.

  • [NYDN] Carmelo Anthony and NBA superstars play tune-up game in NYC
    (Monday, September 11, 2017 1:30:01 PM)

    Offseason basketball has been at a premium, as we have witnessed some of the best in the NBA team up for some tune-up games.

  • [NYDN] Damian Lillard: Melo ‘didn’t seem opposed’ to joining Blazers
    (Monday, September 11, 2017 11:23:23 AM)

    Damian Lillard says Carmelo Anthony, who’s still stuck on the Knicks, “didn’t seem opposed” to waiving his no-trade clause to join Portland.

  • [SNY Knicks] Oakley reportedly set to file civil suit over MSG incident
    (Monday, September 11, 2017 11:52:27 PM)

    Knicks legend Charles Oakley is reportedly set to file a civil suit stemming from an incident involving his ejection from a Knicks game at Madison Square Garden in February.

  • [SNY Knicks] WATCH: Anthony plays pick-up basketball with Rockets’ Harden, Paul
    (Monday, September 11, 2017 6:16:03 PM)

    Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony was seen playing pick-up basketball alongside Houston Rockets guards James Harden and Chris Paul on Monday at Life Time Athletic at Sky in New York City.

  • [SNY Knicks] Carmelo Anthony staying in touch with Porzingis, teammates at EuroBasket
    (Monday, September 11, 2017 11:44:05 AM)

    Knicks SF Carmelo Anthony is staying in touch with his teammates playing in the European Championships, including F Kristaps Porzingis.

  • [ESPN] Sources: Oakley to file civil suit over MSG tiff
    (Monday, September 11, 2017 11:09:31 PM)

    Sources: Oakley to file civil suit over MSG tiff

  • [ESPN] Future Rockets? Melo works out with CP3, Harden
    (Monday, September 11, 2017 5:38:07 PM)

    Future Rockets? Melo works out with CP3, Harden

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    Pray to your God, and if you’re atheist then I don’t know. Meditate or something. There are rumors floating around that now that the Knicks are valued at $3.5B Dolan may be willing to sell the team. Hopefully Bloomberg or some other rich New Yorker will buy the team and liberate us from Dolan.

    Dolan just had to make sure he was still alive when his father decided it was time to hand things over to someone else.

    so ummmmmmm…. Stephon Marbury just tweeted that he’s going to try to come back to the NBA. Hmmmm… does he know anyone in a President of Basketball Operations-type role that might be close to him? maybe they went through a lawsuit together?


    With our luck, Dolan will sell the team to Martin Shkreli

    Blue seats $1500.
    All games on PPV.

    at the desk this morning and wasn’t really all that hard to think of 63 nba players i’d rather have on the team than melo…

    I’m in for Marbury as long as we value him properly: $52M over four years, player options in years 3 and 4, no-trade clause.

    There are rumors floating around that now that the Knicks are valued at $3.5B Dolan may be willing to sell the team.

    Do not tease me like that. What’s the source of those rumors? If this ever happened…. oh man….I might become the first person to suffer death by nonstop orgasm.

    I’m in for Marbury as long as we value him properly: $52M over four years, player options in years 3 and 4, no-trade clause.

    Maybe he can mold Ntilikina in his image.

    Let’s combine these rumors.

    What’s actually about to happen is that Stephon Marbury, who has made billions of $ in China, is indeed trying to return to the NBA, as the first ever Player-Coach-Owner.

    And his goal is to buy the NY Knicks from James Dolan. And the first part of Marbury’s cunning plan to get Dolan to sell is having Charles Oakely file suit. More to come as the scheme unfolds…

    I’d love to see somebody come up with a system to grade NBA players on defense the way that Pro Football Focus does it for the NFL. I guess there are so many possessions and so many plays in an NBA game, and so many games in a season, that it would be a daunting task and would require a lot of hours breaking down video.

    The PFF system is really good though. They grade each player on each play relative to the job they are supposed to do. I’m a Raider fan and I watched the rookie Eddie Vanderdoes play a great game, and though he only ended up with one tackle, he was causing a lot of disruption. Sure enough PFF rated him very highly for the game.

    True. The # of tackles can be deceptive. This past week, the Jets two ILB had double digit tackles but both had horrible games, not filling their gaps, allowing big gains for the Bills. And, regularly getting toasted in coverage.

    Latvia v. Slovenia good value. First time watching Doncic. Timma interesting. Bertans solid. And nice to see Anthony Randolph making good.

    Slovenia looks like they can win the whole tournament

    Loving the game atmosphere so far–really physical, fast paced, and lots of jawing. Feels like an NBA playoff game.


    He just became naturalized (he’s lived in Slovenia for a while I think) and each team is allowed to have one non full-citizen player iirc

    Porzingis is feasting in the post by shooting over people like god intended him to

    It’s actually absurd that Doncic isn’t the consensus #1

    Randolph clearly should’ve been called for a tech there

    Edit: ok he was

    Love KP getting in his face after that arm lock/push

    Classic game, sad to see KP not go up against Willy though.

    Doncic gets game ball for me.

    Luka is a MAN.
    And Ptmilo nailed it as always. Z-man wrong again;)Spain next.Dragi? wants that medal bad.

    My hopes of Doncic falling a bit in the draft after the NCAA season starts are slowly going down the drain with every performance he shows, he’s the most polished and obvious star player from Europe since Pau I would say.

    Good to see KP looking strong against a very good team, wouldn’t surprise me much if Slovenia goes all the way. Serbia, Greece and Italy are not at their strongest so if they can somehow beat Spain they could win it all. Spain looked beatable against Germany to be honest.

    CJ McCollum just tweeted a derogatory remark about the press ranking players, an obvious reference to noDMelo being ranked so low. CJ please keep defending your future teammate. We’re all with you.

    CJ should be more considerate of the people who helped him get overpaid, but I appreciate the recruiting work he’s doing.

    Can we trade Melo for Starbury? I mean, his NTC probably states he can refuse offer to any other NBA team, but I’m sure there’s nothing about negotiating with the Beijing Fly Dragons right??

    Btw Gallinari is 54 on the list, which I’m sure pissed Melo off more than anything.

    @45 I’ll be at work for the foreseeable future and this comment has given me previously unimaginable mirth. Thanks to Bruno from a lurker / extremely sporadic poster

    He would play with legend Shavlik Randolph, former scoring champion of the CBA and the team’s owner name is Li Chunli, how can it get any better?


    Btw Gallinari is 54 on the list, which I’m sure pissed Melo off more than anything.

    I know you are tryna be cute but I’m sure Danny Green and Robert Covington would be more upsetting.

    Goran on his roommate Luka:
    Don’t get me wrong, he’s still a kid. He watches cartoons, he watches friends. But when you put him on the floor he’s unbelievable. We are lucky to have him.”

    And KP: great game…using height/speed advantage, smart lights out shooting.IMO the best player on the floor.
    But: early fouls again restrained him from doing work on the defense(key for our victory). Stamina seemed OK. Can’t hold, or get to his rebounding position against heavier/stronger opponents,(Gasols would destroy him in the pait). Got bailed by refs three to for times down the stretch(refs in NBA would newer give him those) to keep Latvia in the game. So some of his weaknesses still seem to remain. But he’ll make that step/leap? forward for sure in 17/18.

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