Knicks Morning News (2017.09.02)

  • [SNY Knicks] Top recruit Bagley reclassifies to 2017, likely to be in 2018 NBA Draft
    (Friday, September 01, 2017 11:43:11 AM)

    By reclassifying into the Class of 2017, top basketball recruit Marvin Bagley III made himself eligible to be drafted next summer.

  • [NYPost] Porzingis shows ‘flashes’ of brilliance in Latvian defeat
    (Friday, September 01, 2017 10:58:44 AM)

    Kristaps Porzingis’ debut for Latvia’s national team ended in defeat. In its opening match Friday of the European Championships, Porzingis scored 18 points and notched four blocks but Serbia toppled Latvia, 92-82. Bogdan Bogdanovic rose up with 30 points to pace Serbia in Istanbul. Porzingis missed some exhibition games with a bruised knee and wasn’t…

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    KP with a dunk! Latvia vs Belgium.

    Thanks for the info on ESPN3 yesterday. If I wasn’t an avid participant here I wouldn’t have known that the EuroCup games were streaming. Interesting that there seems to be no announcer.

    Oh, and my Roku stick is an awesome thing!

    That was a great performance by KP. Still don’t think he’s ready to be a full time 5, but I’m more confident in his ability to take advantage of size mismatches at the 4 now.

    Dominant performance for KP. 28 min, 27 pt, 6 reb, 1 bk, 2 st
    Latvia won 92-64. Belgium made it interesting when KP was on the bench. He came back in and that was that. They had no answer for him.

    Well at least you can argue that, aside from the Bucks, we have the most promising young front court in the East. If those two can stay healthy, that’s kind of a big deal ’cause the East is big, man.

    Saric is a questionable talent and the big guy has a bum foot – otherwise, Philly has some potential, yes.

    Ok NBA, I’ve got the Melo trade figured out:

    Knicks get:

    Ryan Anderson HOU
    Kelly Oubre Jr. WAS
    T.Quarterman HOU
    Zhou Qi HOU
    HOU 2018 1st round pick

    Houston gets:

    Carmelo Anthony NYK
    Jason Smith WAS

    Washington gets:

    Trevor Ariza HOU
    NYK 2018 2nd round pick

    Sweet games for KP and Willy, nice to see both getting minutes and playing well. That follow dunk by KP was jaw-dropping!!!

    Nice highlights for KP, he looked really good even taking into account the subpar competition. It’s amazing how easy it is for him when the point guard is actually looking to get him the ball in good position ( as opposed to last year when Derrick fucking Rose routinely ignored him). Loved how how he faced up and shot over the defender from the elbow and repeatedly scored. That should work in the NBA too.

    I really expect Frank to come out of the box with guns blazing. He has the physical tools and mentality to pull it off. If that happens and KPussy and Willy continue to develop look out league.

    Kuz with a “game ball” kind of game vs. Israel! All 3 of our guys are stepping up over there!

    Markakkanen kicking ass in Eurobasket. Imagine if he winds up being the guy that teams 1-6 regret passing over…at least we don’t have that worry!

    Markannen is going to be a great player(hope that the injury at the buzzer is not serious)…but once a Knick Tone Randolph was the man for us. Steal,dunk,game. Don?i? with a sub par game for his standards.

    I understand everyone laughing at the bulls for taking him, but Lauri is a legitimately talented offensive player. I’d be shocked if he’s the best player out of the top 6 because of his shit rebounding, but I could see him being a productive NBA player.

    I’m very skeptical that Lauri will have a good career. He’s just too weak defensively. Too slow to guard 4s, and his rim protection is too poor to play the 5. And he’s a bad rebounder to boot.

    Guys with his skill set just don’t play much in the NBA. Spencer Hawes and Enes Kanter, both high draft picks with similar games, have been relegated to backup roles (or worse).

    His ceiling is Brook Lopez, and that’s only if he improves his defense and develops a passable post game.

    I really expect Frank to come out of the box with guns blazing. He has the physical tools and mentality to pull it off. If that happens and KPussy and Willy continue to develop look out league.

    Johnnyhoops, I was going to ask how in the world you knew about Frank’s mentality. But, I love KPussy so much as a nickname that I’m going to let it go.

    Do we have a process, whereby I can second that, and we can make it so?

    The website for smart Knicks analysis, where we call the guy we hope is our future franchise player KPussy.

    @18 Well tbh I coopted KPussy the other day on KB so I can’t take full credit. But I did recognize it’s greatness immediately.

    Still very skeptical on Markkanen.

    He’s going to be a good shooter, no doubt about it, but 7 footers with a great shot are exactly the type of player who are super hard to guard in euro basketball, and I think he’ll really struggle against better NBA defenders. I think he’ll eventually become a starter and a decent one at that, but he’ll always be a minus defensively and will have to figure out how to take efficient shots against tough defenses.

    everytime I see “KPussy” I double-check my URL and toss back a thumb of bleach when I confirm the worst

    Not a big fan of nicknames rooted in misogyny, homophobia, etc. At least not on a public forum as dignified as this one.

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