Knicks Morning News (2016.08.31)

  • [NYPost] Testimony reveals Derrick Rose pressured gang-rape accuser into having a foursome
    (Tuesday, August 30, 2016 9:44:26 PM)

    New Knicks point guard Derrick Rose pressured his ex-girlfriend, who is accusing him of gang rape, to have a foursome and to send him videos of her masturbating, his deposition reveals. The deposition was submitted late Monday in a California sexual-assault case filed by Rose’s unidentified former gal pal. The filing comes a week after…

  • [NYDN] Derrick Rose kept asking gang-rape accuser for foursome
    (Tuesday, August 30, 2016 1:56:19 PM)

    The woman did exchange raunchy texts with the former Chicago Bulls star, but always shot down a request for multiple partners.

  • [SNY Knicks] O’Quinn’s return a sign of Knicks’ team continuity
    (Tuesday, August 30, 2016 3:41:14 PM)

    Under the radar, however, as a returning player is Kyle O’Quinn.

  • [NYTimes] Former Michigan State Star Appling Charged in New Case
    (Tuesday, August 30, 2016 9:25:27 PM)

    Former Michigan State basketball player Keith Appling has been charged with another weapons violation and other crimes.

  • [NYTimes] WNBA Back in Action After Olympic Break, Top Teams Slip Up
    (Tuesday, August 30, 2016 5:55:56 PM)

    The WNBA is back in full swing after the monthlong Olympic break and if the opening weekend was any indication, it’s going to be an exciting final few weeks.

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    Rose is PJ’s big off-season ‘catch’, suppossed to bring wins and be part of the ‘culture change’. Prospects are grim, but entertainment value will be high, as always. Dolan knows his customers better than any other NBA owner.

    Yes, because the Knicks have historically struggled to sell tickets and get ratings even when “entertainment value” has been low.

    ‘Entertainment value will be high, as *always*’ is what i wrote.

    As always. Get it?

    The Knicks were entertaining as hell last year in the first half of the season before the wheels fell off, and that was due to triangle ball and Porzingis mostly. I really wish we signed Whiteside instead of Lee and Noah, but it’s water under the bridge. If we suck the way we’re expected to suck, 2017 is a PG heavy class with De’Arron Fox, Dennis Smith, and Markelle Fultz all looking like top level talent so far.

    This is the make or break year for us; if we suck trades will be made at the deadline and we’ll commit to Porzingis and the 2017 draft pick. If we’re fake good then we’ll probably make a trade for a back up big/wing to push us in the playoff race.

    Rose is PJ’s big off-season ‘catch’, suppossed to bring wins and be part of the ‘culture change’.


    Its all part of Phils stealth tank. You don’t win 13 rings without thinking 10 steps ahead.

    @ 6

    I won’t lie. There is part of me that thinks this is part of Phil’s thinking. Not that I think he wants to tank but that he set up this team so that if they do suck, he can pivot quickly to tank.

    Rose is expiring.
    Noah’s contract could be burdensome BUT there is most likely going to be an amnesty clause coming up. And I think Noah will always have value bc of his defense, passing and rebounding, so unless he has a career threatening injury he’ll probably be ok.
    Lee is solid piece/veteran to keep.
    Melo can be traded.
    Jennings is a one year rental.

    So maybe we don’t suck but maybe we aren’t that great. Phil can shrug his shoulders at Melo and say “hey, I got you some rough riders and you still can’t do it here. Lets talk trade.” Tank the second half of the season after trading Melo and trading or waiving DRose. Maybe keep Noah (or trade him although that might be tough) and keep Lee. Then get a good draft pick.

    Either way we have a draft pick and 2 in the second round next summer. That could be nice. Maybe its all about not resigning DRose, resigning Jennings and using our picks for more guards/wings. Or not resigning Rose and Jennings, grabbing CP3 and using our picks on back up PGs and guards.

    That’s why I don’t sweat these signings too much. I see the logic and team building and think that Phil will be able to have options at trade deadline and in the off season. That could be a complete rebuild around Zinger or it could be adding to this team and tweaking/hoping to get CP3. I like that we’ll have a pick and two in the second round. That’s gonna be sweet.

    Or maybe PJ is so wise he realizes losing a lot builds character and you can be a winner by being the best loser you can be. And if you fail at losing, you’re an instant winner!

    Pure Zen.

    If we suck this year CP3 ain’t coming and we’ll draft one of Fultz, Fox, or Smith.

    If we don’t suck this year we’ll think it’s due to Derrick Rose and he’ll be signed to the Amar’e deal.

    You guys honestly think Rose is automatically resigned if he plays well statistically (relatively speaking)?

    I think he’s a lot closer to going down the Gilbert Arenas road.

    I also think he’s going to play well this year, but that his character in combination with his injury history will make him unsignable at the level he’ll be asking for, and I’m not sure that even at 20/7 with respectable peripherals he’ll get a huge deal.

    Phil passed on Monroe. Remember that.

    I hope Rose plays well enough that a good PG would look at this situation and be intrigued by how they could do in the same situation. I also don’t see re-signing Rose in the event he plays well as a given.

    Phil didn’t pass on Monroe, Monroe passed on the Knicks.

    In fact, the Knicks were linked to trade interest in Monroe a month ago.

    On the Monroe front there were reports that we didn’t even offer him the max but his agent said we did. So either his agent is BS’ing or the Knicks are trying to save face.

    IDK, Phil constantly preached about wanting a defensive big ever since he got here and Rolo may have been a higher priority at the time. Either way I don’t think Rose will be here next season.

    In fact, the Knicks were linked to trade interest in Monroe a month ago.

    I don’t think a Monroe trade was even possible outside of trading Melo. Sounds like some writers needed something to get some summer page views.

    I don’t think a Monroe trade was even possible outside of trading Melo. Sounds like some writers needed something to get some summer page views.

    With the rising cap, I believe we had the space to absorb his contract.


    That rumor circulated after the Knicks had already signed all their free agents. It was bullshit that made the rounds because why not?

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