Knicks Morning News (2016.09.01)

  • [NYTimes] Excited Lakers Provide Early Look at New Training Center
    (Wednesday, August 31, 2016 9:58:06 PM)

    After Kobe Bryant’s retirement and the worst season in team history, the Los Angeles Lakers’ quest to rebuild a championship franchise is finally beginning in earnest.

  • [SNY Knicks] Higher wins expectations a must for Knicks
    (Wednesday, August 31, 2016 8:31:26 AM)

    Phil Jackson expected the New York Knicks to win 35 games last season. (They won 32.) This season, the goal must be greater.

  • [NYPost] New Knicks star Noah scoops up $5.8M Chelsea pad
    (Wednesday, August 31, 2016 5:00:30 PM)

    Star baller Joakim Noah — whose New York Knicks acquisition is part of Phil Jackson’s strategy to create a “self-actualizing,” championship-worthy basketball team — has bought a penthouse apartment in Chelsea for $5.8 million, Gimme Shelter has learned. The three-bedroom, 3½-bathroom bachelor pad is at 555 W. 23rd St. “He likes its proximity to practice, and…

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    Phil Jackson is a fucking fraud.

    Yeah, it’s hot take-y as hell, but I’m pissed off. The ONE thing that was supposed to be guaranteed with Phil Jackson was “high-character”. That’s always been an ambiguous term, but Jackson talked about it so much you could be forgiven for thinking he had something in mind. Even if everything else failed, we were supposed to go down rooting for players who were, well, rootable. This definitely would’ve been a departure from the past in some ways, so it was welcome. For a second there, it even looked like it might be true. Lopez, Afflalo, Calderon, Grant, Porzingis, Melo, and others made varying degrees of sense from a basketball perspective, but they were a perfectly decent bunch of dudes whose success made me happy.

    Instead, we have a team whose success depends in a large way on perhaps the worst “character” to play for the Knicks in my lifetime (admittedly a shorter one than most here). Obviously Rose is the first, second, third, and so on person to blame in this situation, but I’ve spilled plenty of virtual ink on him already. Phil Jackson clearly did absolutely no homework on the character of his new max-contract starting point guard. Yes, more has come out since the trade. No, that doesn’t excuse it at all. It was already highly questionable at best from a basketball perspective, the allegations were publicly known, and it wouldn’t have taken too much digging to at least pump the fucking brakes until more information did come out.

    Long story short, Phil Jackson owes a big apology to J.R. Smith.

    Yeah, I can see why you feel that way, especially since some of Phil’s ringz were won due to high-character guys such as Kobe, Rodman, and Artest.


    Why do you and so many other fans (who should know better) expect Phil Jackson to be the capable administrator the Knicks desperately need?

    Think about it for a second. Think about it objectively. Please, please, give it an honest chance. Give it a try.

    Phil Jackson is learning a new job. He might not be good at it *ever*. Some people can’t learn to play the piano no matter how much they study and practice. Most kids wating to be in the NBA spend years playing and training and never make it.

    Phil Jackson is clearly bad as a GM, but for some irrational reason people think he must be good at it because he is one of the most successful NBA coaches ever.

    Even Dolan knows that.

    But Dolan also knows most fans want big names and Jackson is as big as it gets, therefore…

    Why do you and so many other fans (who should know better) expect Phil Jackson to be the capable administrator the Knicks desperately need?

    Not what I said at all. I had no illusions from the start about the likelihood of him putting together a good basketball team. What I said was I did think he could be counted on to assemble a cast of dudes worth rooting for, since he himself placed a ton on emphasis on that. It’s also not particularly difficult to do. It would’ve been a half-decent thing to hang our hats on if/when all the actual basketball went to shit.

    But perhaps you’re right more generally about my naïveté. I’ve said it before; the Knicks make sure I’m never pessimistic enough. I await with a morbid curiosity the next thing they do to somehow reduce my faith even further.

    ‘High character’ is nothing but a buzz expression when it comes to celebrities of any kind, including athletes. As long as the person is producing, 99.999% of people will turn a blind eye and stop questioning any character flaws. We are seeing that with Trump right now, we saw it with Nicole (O.J.’s victim) Simpsom’s family and we have seen it with Jackson himself: lots of fans, even on this blog, still believe that he somehow has a master plan we can’t understand and excuse his blatantly inept performance as a GM because they think he will eventually deliver the promised championship.

    In other words: don’t buy into the bs. Phil Jackson couldn’t care any less about character. If the Devil and Hitler were good enough at basketball, they would be in a Knicks uniform tomorrow morning, most fans would adore them and all these conversations would be nothing more than a forgotten memory.

    Winning is everything in sports. Character? Useful, but not required.

    I agree with post #9. I think you guys are way overreacting about the Knick purposefully trading for a “star” player who seems reasonably liable for the gang-rape of a drugged, incapacitated and/or unconscious woman. I mean, seriously: Does this warrant hysteria? Can we really judge him, or the executive who traded for him, over a ten-minute period of his life?


    This Derrick Rose shit is pretty stomach-turning. His lawyers are using the classic “smear the victim” strategy that defenders of accused rapists so often adopt. They want the plaintiff’s name publicly released. The reason why they say it should be released? Because she posted “sexually suggestive” pictures on Instagram. So they are trying to slut shame her to the judge so the judge makes her identity public, which will undoubtedly expose her to endless threats and harassment. Lovely.

    If any Knicks fans are completely disgusted that we have a “low character” guy on our roster, I would suggest that you take a good look at the roster of your favorite NFL team.

    Chances are there are more than a few of them.

    Fuck the NFL. They’ve helped create and perpetuate the worst public health crisis since smoking was at its peak. You’ve got kids as young as 6 smashing each other repeatedly in the head, and then we all wonder aloud why violence is such a problem in the U.S.

    Double-fuck the NFL. At some point, the NFL will only have Florida, Texas, and Mississippi (because those states are most likely to continue abusing its youth) from which to draw their exploited labor, and it will die. Until then, fuck Roger Goodell and all his billionaire masters.

    Cut it, Jowles. Truth is celebrities are not responsible for our kids. Sports are not responsible for violent crimes. The NFL is nothing compared to boxing, where the objective is to physically harm your opponent (i love boxing, btw).

    Whateve sh*t ails society (I firmly believe we inhabit the best place on earth when everything is said and done), it has nothing to do with the personal lives of famous people. The cure is at the family level, every minute of the day.

    Rose is obviously ghetto material, but that’s his problem, not ours. We are here only for the show.

    Rose is obviously ghetto material

    Woo, boy.

    Truth is, if Rose is convicted, this is the worse story about an NBA player since someone threw their pregnant wife down the stairs. I’m really, really pissed we have someone like that on our roster. Melo, Noah, Lopez, Afflalo, Galloway, Calderon, KP, even Seraphin, KOQ, Amundson were KNOWN to be good guys. Fuck this.

    What does being ghetto have to do with being an idiot. Rose is cleary dim and he took advantage of the woman. That happens with all people just not the “ghetto” ones Theo.

    I won’t miss Seraphin.

    I’ll give Seraphim this much. At least we only had to watch him for one year. Remember the Clarence Weatherspoon signing? That made as little sense as the Seraphim signing and they had that dude on the team for a few years.

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