Knicks Morning News (2016.08.01)

  • [ESPN] Sources: Stoudemire to play in Israel next season
    (Sunday, July 31, 2016 2:21:26 PM)

    Sources: Stoudemire to play in Israel next season

  • [SNY Knicks] Stoudemire to continue career in Israel
    (Sunday, July 31, 2016 1:28:22 PM)

    Amar’e Stoudemire

  • [NYPost] Retired? Amar’e Stoudemire continues career — in Israel
    (Sunday, July 31, 2016 8:36:21 PM)

    Amar’e Stoudemire is taking his beat-up knees to the Holy Land. The recently NBA-retired Stoudemire will hold a press conference Monday at the Garden to announce he’ll play next season for the club he partially owns in Israel, Hapoel Jerusalem, according to a basketball source. The press conference also will include an ownership restructuring. Ori…

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    sloooooooow news week. guess it will be like that until the olympics get underway and we get a look at Willy + Kuz + Melo.

    looks like we signed Ron Baker today. Good.

    I’m psyched for Ron Baker, he’s such a great story! Check out this article:

    When asked whether he could play in the NBA, one of his college coaches said this:

    “Without question,” said former Wichita State assistant Steve Forbes, now the head coach at East Tennessee State. Pressed for reasons, Forbes offered several.
    “One, I think he’s a really good player,” Forbes said. “Two, he’s ultra competitive. Three, I can’t ever remember him having a bad practice, not going hard every play, every possession, every drill. I never walked out of the gym saying Ron Baker had a bad day today. You need to have a Ron Baker on your team to win. The intangibles, the little things … all the stuff that adds up to winning, he’s got it all”….”I’ve had a lot of NBA guys call me,” Forbes said. “And I tell them all, there are no negatives to Ron Baker. I’ve coached several guys who played in the NBA, I know their strengths and weaknesses. And I’m telling you, there are no negatives to Ron Baker. He’s one of those once-in-a-lifetime players, and persons.”

    “Jerian Grant wins the NBA Summer League Finals MVP, scoring 24 points to go with 10 rebounds and 5 assists in a 84-82”

    he hasn’t won a regular season MVP so I do not give one fuck

    Once in a lifetime players:

    Bill Russell
    Jerry West
    Ron Baker

    Great, that’s a relief. So we can pencil Ron in at the 2-spot for a dozen years with at least 5 or 6 all-star appearances, same for Zinger at the 5-spot… This team building stuff is easy!

    If Ron Baker is actually a Hall of Fame baller for the New York Knicks then we can never say another bad word about Phil Jackson.

    baker had some great defensive stats in college which makes me somewhat optimistic… i don’t think he’ll ever be much more than a bench type but he’s got a decent chance to be something in the league…

    I loved the article Z-man pointed out (thanks, Z-man). It reminded me a bit of an article I read about Steve Kerr in that Kerr was also not ever expected to do anything in the next level of basketball, but he always did better than expected. Kerr was a walk on for college basketball and not expected to be very good. Kerr did actually get drafted though, unlike Baker. They are quite different players, but both have a lot of poise. I watched one summer league game where Baker played a lot of point guard, and he seemed a smart player, sort of like Charlie Ward was. We could use a player like that.

    You guys are funny. Obviously he was talking about Baker’s work ethic, receptiveness to coaching and character. He was obviously underestimated and under-recruited coming out of high school, and now he went undrafted despite an excellent college career. It will be interesting to see if he can carve a niche for himself in the NBA, much the same as Hornacek did. He’s definitely athletic enough, can really shoot, and is a plus defender. I love rooting for guys like him to make good when given an opportunity. Sort of like Langston made good.

    I’ll go with Z-Man on this. I hate to make stock stereotypical comments, but every team could use some scrappy guys that focus on defense.

    Kerr, people might forget, was a All-American back at Arizona.

    Oh and how about that Matt Reynolds!

    Ron Baker was ranked #17 out of 67 in WP48 among’s listed draft prospects, and #78 on DraftExpress’s top prospects. This is exactly the kind of move the Knicks should be making.

    Off-ball guard who can play defense, shoot and apparently stuff the rest of the stats. I’ll take it.

    Ron Baker was ranked #17 out of 67 in WP48 among’s listed draft prospects, and #78 on DraftExpress’s top prospects. This is exactly the kind of move the Knicks should be making.

    Off-ball guard who can play defense, shoot and apparently stuff the rest of the stats. I’ll take it.

    Kay Felder was ranked #9 in WP48.

    During an interview at the draft combine, Baker compared himself to Matthew Dellavadova and Kirk Hinrich. I like the Delly comparison better.

    He didn’t seem like Dellavadova at all the one time I saw him play, but maybe I haven’t seen enough of him. Kirk Heinrich, maybe.

    Re: Kay Felder, I was hoping we would do what Cleveland did…buy a pick and draft him.

    They can’t possibly go into the season with only 2 PG’s on the roster. I like Ron Baker and hope he sticks but they need a 3rd PG, hopefully at Plumlee’s expense.

    Especially when our two point guards are Brandon Jennings and Derrick Rose.

    We need a 3rd point guard more than Mindaugas Kuzminskas or Mason Plumlee. That’s for sure.

    Depth chart:
    1: Rose, BJ
    2: Lee, Holiday, Baker (1), Sasha
    3: Melo (4) Lance, Kuz, Ndour (4)
    4: KP (5), Hernangomez (5)
    5: Noah, KOQ (4), Plumlee

    Baker is probably not an NBA 1 at this point, so it’s hard to see him making the roster over a legit PG.

    Baker is probably the new Gallo. Let him practice with the big squad and play games with Westchester when they are at home. Depending on Jennings’ and Rose’s health he’ll likely stay behind on most road trips and let him develop slowly until he’s really needed.

    The depth Chart I would like to see is

    Pg- Rose, Jennings, Sasha(2)/Baker(2)
    Sg- Lee, Thomas(3), Holiday
    Sf- Melo(4), Kuz(4),
    Pf- KP(5), Ndour
    C- Noah, O’quinn/Hernangomez, Plumlee

    @23 I think you are sleeping a bit on Kuzminskas, he was quite good in Europe last year, I think he’ll be a solid rotation player. Much better than Sasha, Baker, Plumlee, or Ndour will likely be. I like the Ndour and Baker signings for the future but I don’t see either one making a huge impact next year. I think Kuzminskas will play 20+ minutes a game for us and be pretty solid.

    @ 25 Vujacic is not a PG. He is purely a wing, especially in Hornacek’s PG heavy offense. If Vujacic is seeing any meaningful time next year, especially at the 1, we are in real trouble.

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