2015-16 Game Thread: Knicks @ Sixers

Oh, right, the Knicks are still playing basketball games. How adorable.

Midway through the third period, the awful Knicks lead the even more awful 76ers.

Let’s go! Knicks?

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Grant and Rolo have it going _on_ tonight! Tons of graceful pick and roll, in transition buckets, etc. I am now convinced that it was criminal negligence on the part of Pjax, Fish and Rambo not to be start Grant for a week or two here and there this season to see what the kid had. And Rolo has been a man posessed these past 2 weeks

Carmelo 20 points on ~20 true shot attempts with a -7 against the worst team in the league


Wow, that was one embarrassing ending. At least they got the W. 32 wins! One win away from beating their preseason over/under! They can also avoid losing 50 games!

They’re gonna re-sign Rambis AND Vujacic to multi year deals. Just you wait.

Clipperbockers trying to save Houston from themselves:

Cole: 21/18/5 stl
Prigs: 13/7/7 & 1 angry old man tech
Crawford: 30/5/4 game winning 3 in OT

That game is such a perfect reminder of how Jamal Crawford was probably the best “No no no YES!” player I’ve ever seen play on the Knicks. He would look out of control so often and yet would come through with big clutch shot after big clutch shot. Overall, he wasn’t a particularly good player, and I was happy to see him leave, but man, that dude was like TNT – he knew drama.

“We believe in him,” Clippers coach Doc Rivers said. “That’s why we signed him. We just think Cole has the ability to play basketball. He’s a terrific player.”

I know Doc must have realized how faint the praise was, so he threw in “he’s a terrific player!” as well, but that’s some hilariously faint praise right there. “we just think he has the ability to play basketball.” Nice. πŸ™‚

He’s a terrific player.

I wonder if Cole earned himself an extra little nibble of cheese last night in the summer of burning pockets. He is right on the edge of finishing at per 36 of 15/13 3blk/2stl in like 800 minutes. In NBA history, that would make him half of the club of deuce: Cole and Hakeem. That’s gotta be enough to opt-out of $1.2 million and ride shotgun on the Boban Express.

It’s almost like Cole Aldrich was actually good and the only reason his performance was mediocre relative to his career numbers was that he was playing on the worst Knicks team of all time and so was expected to take ill-advised hook shot after ill-advised hook shot.

Miss you, Cole πŸ™

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