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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Knicks Morning News (2017.11.22)

  • [ESPN] Rumor Central: Ron Baker to return soon?
    (Tuesday, November 21, 2017 10:04:55 AM)

    New York Knicks guard Ron Baker has been unavailable to coach Jeff Hornacek since the third game this season because of a sore left shoulder.

  • [SNY Knicks] GEICO SportsNite: Knicks prepare for the Raptors
    (Wednesday, November 22, 2017 12:14:28 AM)

  • [SNY Knicks] Tim Hardaway Jr. plays through ‘intense soreness’ in left foot Monday
    (Tuesday, November 21, 2017 11:59:00 AM)

    Tim Hardaway Jr. took one for the team as he played through his “intense soreness” in his left foot last night against the Clippers.

  • [SNY Knicks] Flu-like symptoms the reason for Ntilikina’s struggle Monday night
    (Tuesday, November 21, 2017 9:28:25 AM)

    Frank Ntilikina has a valid excuse to explain his worst performance as a Knick on Monday night against the Clippers.

  • [NYTimes] Keeping Score: Celtics’ Winning Streak Adds Significance With Each Game
    (Wednesday, November 22, 2017 4:11:24 AM)

    Boston has won 16 straight games, and with a schedule of winnable games, they could quickly rise in the ranks of the longest N.B.A. winning streaks.

  • [NYTimes] The Raptors Remade Their Mind-Set, Not Their Roster. It’s Working.
    (Tuesday, November 21, 2017 5:13:26 PM)

    Using the same core players, Toronto has reset its culture and become a convert to 3-point shooting, floor spacing and ball movement over isolation play.

  • [NYTimes] Why Bol Bol — Son of Manute — Will Be Your Favorite Basketball Player
    (Tuesday, November 21, 2017 2:16:24 PM)

    He has the name, the size and the attitude to succeed. A 7-footer with a strong perimeter game, Bol has committed to playing at Oregon.

  • [NYPost] Knicks veteran most impressed with this Frank Ntilikina quality
    (Tuesday, November 21, 2017 10:01:29 PM)

    The kid listens. And that is half the battle for rookie Frank Ntilikina, according to veteran Knicks point guard Jarrett Jack, who has found it is so much easier to lead and teach a guy who wants to be led and taught. And that’s especially true when you’re dealing with all the elements players endure…

  • [NYPost] The Knicks have found a guy to fight their disrespect
    (Tuesday, November 21, 2017 2:24:35 PM)

    When Enes Kanter came to the Knicks, one word stood out about his defense. Awful. And that was on the good days. “That was my focus coming out here because there were all these comments, that, ‘Oh, he can score the ball. Offensively he’s at an All-Star level, but defensively he’s bad,’” the 6-foot-11 center…

  • [NYPost] The suddenly feisty Knicks are putting teams on notice
    (Tuesday, November 21, 2017 2:08:07 PM)

    This is New York, OK? So there is pressure. There is ALWAYS pressure for sports teams in New York, just like there are traffic jams for motorists. ALWAYS. But Kristaps Porzingis, the universally regarded face of the Knicks franchise, says the pressure is reduced this year, that expectations were lower at the start of the…

  • [NYPost] Doc Rivers analyzes what’s changed for Knicks: ‘Beast’ and spirit
    (Tuesday, November 21, 2017 7:30:41 AM)

    The difference is like night and day, salt and pepper, Laurence Olivier and Pee-wee Herman. Or in this case, the Knicks offense this season compared to their offense of last season. Yup, “Hamlet” against “Pee-wee’s Big Adventure.” “They’re just playing freer. It just seems like they have a whole different spirit,” coach Doc Rivers said…

  • [NYPost] How Scott Perry immediately changed the Knicks’ direction
    (Tuesday, November 21, 2017 6:20:42 AM)

    With the Knicks off to an improbable 9-7 start this Thanksgiving week following their rout of the Clippers, it’s time to offer up thanks to president Steve Mills and GM Scott Perry for their vision. The Knicks have assured themselves a winning record on Thanksgiving Day, regardless of what happens in Wednesday’s Raptors rematch at…

  • [NY Newsday] Enes Kanter uses negativity of Knicks’ past as motivation for future
    (Tuesday, November 21, 2017 7:43:00 PM)

    Enes Kanter only became a Knick in September, but he cares about their past and is motivated by their negative history.

  • [NYDN] Enes Kanter finds his nightly motivation by scrolling Twitter
    (Tuesday, November 21, 2017 8:10:47 PM)

    The Knicks’ emotional leader doesn’t just get his extra edge from natural adrenaline. Enes Kanter also uses his phone.

  • 32 comments on “Knicks Morning News (2017.11.22)

    1. Knick fan not in NJ at this time

      Here’s a question for you draftniks out there. Now that Michael Porter Jr. is out for the season or close to it with back surgery, at what pick, if any, do you draft him next June?

    2. Z-man

      Question: Now that Millsap is hurt, the Nuggets might be interested in a big. Would you trade Willy H to the Nuggets for their #1 pick? Reunite him with his brother?

      Or alternatively, would you trade O’Quinn for Juancho?

    3. Knick fan not in NJ at this time

      My instincts are the opposite. No to O’Quinn for Juancho, yes to Mudiay. But I’d rather trade O’Quinn for Mudiay. O’Quinn’s value may be at an all time high. Mudiay isnt great, but hes young and getting better.

    4. 2FOR18, understands math

      I’d trade Willy for Mudiay if Mudiay is considered a strong defender, as that would make him a nice shot in the dark in a scoring guard dominated league But I have no idea how he is defensively; his steals are non existent and I don’t know what to think of the various defensive advanced stats.

    5. lavor postell

      Mudiay is not a good defender and while he’s currently shooting 45% from 3, he’s still just at 41.5% from the field, because he still can’t finish at the rim well, doesn’t try to get there anymore and he’s not a good mid-range shooter. He’s also still shown little improvement over 3 years in his ability to create for others and not commit excessive turnovers. Perhaps I’m giving up on him too easily, but he doesn’t impress me at all.

    6. billybaggs

      Willy H will be traded this season for a point guard (under 25)…something along the lines of the Bledsoe deal. Throw next years late lottery pick in and find the best deal out there.

    7. 2FOR18, understands math

      Funny, I thought Mudiay’s rep when he came in was a super athletic type who couldn’t shoot. So you’re saying not only can”t he shoot, but he can’t finish at the rim either? And he doesn’t play defense?

    8. Bruno Almeida

      I still wouldn’t touch Mudiay, still sounds like fools gold to me. Yeah he’s shooting 45% percent on 3s, but on 44 attempts, is still turnover prone and adds very little on defense (DBPM shows him to be a -2.4 negative still).

      I would trade for Juancho tho, he’s still producing well in very limited minutes, is quick enough to play the 3 and tall enough to act as a stretch four in lineups with KP as 5. Not much of a defender and would be a bit redundant with McDermott in some ways, but he’s still 22.

    9. lavor postell



      Juancho is very similar to Doug, but is a superior athlete and better on the glass. If you can flip one of our superfluous bigs for him that’s a move you make every single day.

    10. vincoug

      There’s absolutely no reason to trade anything of value for Mudiay. While he has improved every year going from worst player in the league to merely terrible isn’t anything to get excited over. If Denver was willing to give him away, for one of those heavily protected 2nd round picks that they never actually get, sure he’d be worth a flyer. But there’s no reason to even consider trading WHG, a guy who clearly has NBA talent, for him.

    11. Bruno Almeida


      Millsap has a pretty serious wrist injury and is out indefinitely, so Denver would in theory like to upgrade their frontcourt.

      I honestly think they’ll just start Faried for now, they have a bunch of fringe guys to cover for Millsap in Lyles, Arthur, Juancho, Plumlee etc, or even move Wilson Chandler to the 4 and start Barton.

    12. DRed

      Faried over Millsap might even make Denver better. Millsap was a fine player but he’s clearly in the decline phase of his career. I guess you could say the same about Faried too, but Denver should be able to replace/surpass Millsap’s production with some combination of the guys already on their roster

    13. mase

      denver’s frontcourt is deep they dont need millsap, i never understood that signing.they need a PG, they shouldve went for bledsoe

    14. Bruno Almeida

      Denver is an interesting team because the Jamal Murray as PG experiment has definitely failed; dude is averaging 3.2 assists and 2.8 turnovers per 36. But the team still functions because Jokic is so damn great and they have enough efficient shooting with Harris and Barton to really compliment it.

      It is constructed in such a weird way where getting a more traditional PG who dominates the ball could backfire hard, making them play less through Jokic.

    15. DS

      Jamal Murray as PG experiment has definitely failed

      He’s what we lost out on in the Bargnani debacle, correct?

    16. the don nelson era

      @18 Nah we lost him in the Carmelo Anthony debacle – he was Denver exercising their pick-swap rights. We lost Jakob Poetl in the Bargani disaster, Toronto took him with the pick Denver swapped to us/them.

    17. Jack Bauer

      No to Mudiay. Against the Clippers KP was jacking up a lot of contested awkward looking shots. He needs to learn to pass out of those situations, move, and re-set. Too many plays were throw it to him on the wing, watch him high dribble (losing it on a steal from a guard swiping in several times), back down, and shoot a turn around jumper or other difficult shot from too far out. He’s good and getting better, but he needs to work on that.

      Hardaway is turning into a useful player much to my surprise. I do like Kanter down low too. The way to punish these small ball lineups is to work it down low and take advantage inside, which Kanter is well equipped to do.

    18. DS

      @18 Nah we lost him in the Carmelo Anthony debacle – he was Denver exercising their pick-swap rights. We lost Jakob Poetl in the Bargani disaster, Toronto took him with the pick Denver swapped to us/them.

      OK, thanks for clarifying. Jakob Poeltl’s numbers look pretty good.

      Also, thanks to THCJ for taking the time to write “huh?”

    19. Bruno Almeida

      To clarify, I don’t think Murray is a bust or anything, he’s very talented and very young and has shown some production. Just that he doesn’t fit well the role that has been given to him in the starting lineup and he doesn’t seem to be a good passer.

    20. GoNyGoNyGo

      I liked Mudiay on draft day but I like KP a lot more now. Mudiay is a tweener. He should have been a point guard but he’s not. He doesn’t create enough to be a shooting guard. I would pass on him.

    21. Cock Jowles, #1 No-Trade Clause DNP-CD

      We didn’t lose Murray or Poetl. We lost the draft picks that acquired their rights. Who knows what redundant PF/C or can’t-play-point guard the Knicks would have picked?

    22. danvt

      FN no good, Jowlesy? I don’t think anyone was saying we would have drafted those particular players. That’s a superfluous comment. Opportunity cost of course. Would we have drafted worse? No need to assume that. Unless you want to make the case that Frank is a bust already. Knicks have been pretty good at drafting.

    23. ClashFan

      I’d rather at least have first round picks in the odd hope that you might select a good player rather than trade them away for the likes of Bargs, esp. if you have decent scouting.

    24. Cock Jowles, #1 No-Trade Clause DNP-CD

      Would we have drafted worse? No need to assume that. Unless you want to make the case that Frank is a bust already. Knicks have been pretty good at drafting.

      Haha, what? Even if “Knicks” were a consistent set of decision-makers, I count one player drafted by the organization in the last ten years (!!!) that has a positive BPM.

      Negative BPM:

      Fields (RIP lucky jump shot)

      I know that the Jax era wasn’t responsible for these, but you know what the Knicks are good at drafting? “Upside” and “intrigue.”

    25. ClashFan

      To defend THJ, his BPM has improved steadily for three straight years (so says Basketball Reference), inc. this year’s 2.1 so far. Willy had a 0.0 last year. He’s got a negative this year but has played little in garbage time, mostly.

      I’d like to see more of Frank and Dotson before condemning them to negative BPM oblivion.

    26. kevin5318

      Its still puzzling how averse Dotson is to steals. I know this board loves guys taking possessions from the other teams but he might be an outlier where he’s solid on D without getting much of them.

    27. Cock Jowles, #1 No-Trade Clause DNP-CD

      To defend THJ, his BPM has improved steadily for three straight years (so says Basketball Reference), inc. this year’s 2.1 so far. Willy had a 0.0 last year. He’s got a negative this year but has played little in garbage time, mostly.

      So… upside… and intrigue…

    28. danvt

      Right so FN is already a bust, you left KP off the list and the rest are low 1st or 2nd rounders which are the only picks we had because we traded our high 1sts for melobargs. So, I guess according to you it wouldn’t have mattered if we didn’t make those deals because Giannis’s brother never panned out.

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