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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

2017-18 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Clippers

After a whole, entire GAME on the road, the Knicks are right back at the Garden to host the Clippers as part of one of the strangest schedules I can remember.

The Clippers are reeling as they are dealing with a bunch of injuries. The Knicks are getting them at the perfect point for a possible win.

Tim Hardaway Jr. will play through what seems to be plantar fasciitus.

Let’s go, Knicks!

89 comments on “2017-18 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Clippers

  1. Brian Cronin Post author

    I guess they’re hoping it ISN’T plantar fasciitus. If it is, then they might have to sit him the rest of the season.

  2. the don nelson era

    I’m no doctor but my recollection is plantar fasciitis doesn’t get better with rest, only time. Playing on it won’t make it worse, it’s a matter of managing pain.

  3. geo

    guessing kp gets back to 30…typical knicks win, comeback in the 4th…

    Edit: just saw the video of ball walking away from the scuffle against the suns…yeah, that didn’t look good…

  4. KnickFanInCelticLand

    I’m no doctor but my recollection is plantar fasciitis doesn’t get better with rest, only time. Playing on it won’t make it worse, it’s a matter of managing pain

    I am a doctor and I treat plantar fasciitis all the time. It’s not quite that simple. Time/rest helps but addressing the underlying cause is the ticket to a quick recovery. pf and related heel ailments are commonly caused by tight heel cords, questionable construction of present shoes, systemic inflammatory conditions, changes in training/new moves/hard minutes, foot biomechanics, sudden trauma, and a host of other things.

  5. hornyKnickfan

    I’ve had PF and they better be damn careful or Timmay might be lost or diminished for the entire season. Cortisone shots were the only thing that helped me. And not just one.

  6. GoNyGoNyGo

    I had plantar fasciitis and while Dr. KnickFanInCelticLand needs no assistance from me, I can confirm it from the other side. And I can offer a first hand description of it. It feels like someone is hammering a nail into your heel. It brought me to tears. There are also several flavors of it. Bone spurs can be involved.

    My awesome podiatrist recommended that I change shoes, but what really helped was teaching me how to do calf stretching exercises. As a public service (THJr, are you paying attention?) here is a web site with exercises that help alleviate pain for plantar fasciitis. That has been close to instant help for me over the years.

  7. hornyKnickfan

    Did KP just wake up? Does he know to look for a pass now and then? Does he really think he’s going to overpower Blake?

  8. BigBlueAL

    Knicks need to change this starting lineup cause game after game they play no defense in the 1st quarter.

  9. Will the Thrill

    Frank looks tonight like he couldn’t even play in the G-League.

    He looked this bad last game too imo

  10. hornyKnickfan

    McDermott has pretty much forgotten his strength of perimeter shooting, preferring to mix it up on the interior. We need his lightning 3 point shooting and less of his Lance Thomas impression.

  11. BigBlueAL

    Well that turned around quickly for the Knicks shockingly thanks to Jack being re-inserted into the game. Might be his best half of the season.

  12. BigBlueAL

    I don’t think even Melo took a shot as absurd as what KP just did. Getting an offensive reb at the rim, dribbling it out and immediately launching a 3pter for no reason whatsoever.

  13. Brian Cronin Post author

    These are 2 very bad basketball teams.

    I wouldn’t say that necessarily, but they both look quite bad today.

  14. Bruno Almeida

    The Jarrett Jack game.. I can’t tell if I’m happy or sad because this half numbed my feelings, I can only take so much bad basketball.

  15. Brian Cronin Post author

    It’s a fascinating question – if they’re going to play poorly, should we still root for them to beat even worse teams?

  16. Bruno Almeida

    The fact that Austin Rivers makes more than the league minimum should be enough reason to fire Doc Rivers.

  17. thenoblefacehumper

    The Knicks have a few guys who could probably fetch something (Doug got me thinking about this), so it’ll be interesting to see how they handle the deadline.

    Taking care of business against a shitty team is always good, though I swear this is closer than whatever the damn score says.

  18. ptmilo

    I can’t believe this is true but I’m now convinced the Pacers are a playoff team and the Wolves are not.

  19. Bruno Almeida

    The Clippers really died, props to the Knicks keeping it up and making less mistakes in the 2nd half. McDermott helped a lot, Kanter too.

  20. ptmilo

    If the Clippers really did blow it up they have a ton of guys who would be useful to other teams…hi billy

  21. hornyKnickfan

    @75 I’d wager that Horny sat Frank because he was just terrible tonight. I hope it doesn’t carry over.

  22. GoNyGoNyGo

    Dotson is really impressing me. He plays with effort but he also plays under control. He has court vision and moves the ball.

  23. Bruno Almeida


    He played really, really, really bad tonight, missed everything he tried pretty much. Its the old coach move, bench the kid to show he’s not guaranteed playing time if he sucks.

  24. bockadoo

    POINT GUARD DSJr with a smooth 4-16 tonight. Scorers Dirk and Matthews with 6 and 8 shots. Smith will now be at under 39% and under 30% from 3. Keep chuckin it up there rook!

  25. Bruno Almeida


    All that, Kyrie has 30 in 13 shots and the Mavs are up by 5. What the hell is this game. Marcus Smart might be the worst shooter in the league, I can’t believe he actually has a sub .400 ts%

  26. The Glass Half Rebuilt

    I just wanna say trading Carmelo Anthony for Doug McDermott, Enes Kanter, and a top 3 pick in the 2nd round is looking like a great deal for the Knicks right now. I didn’t think McDermott could play defense the way he does.

  27. DRed

    When this team goes bad they go so bad. Still, that was a nice win. They did what they needed to do, and played some nice defense for a change

  28. d-mar

    All that, Kyrie has 30 in 13 shots and the Mavs are up by 5. What the hell is this game. Marcus Smart might be the worst shooter in the league, I can’t believe he actually has a sub .400 ts%

    He’s currently shooting .273, which I believe over the course of a season would be one of the 5 worst ever. And he’s playing 30 + minutes a game. Rozier is not much better, and yet they’re 15-2! Unbelievable.

  29. Bruno Almeida

    Kyrie went for 47 on 22 shots and Smart was 3/15, 2/11 on threes. I’m not one to question Brad Stevens much, but why the freaking hell is Smart given the green light to shoot 15 times in any game is beyond me. I get that he’s a strong defender and a decent passer, but he can’t possibly be so good that he compensates for this sort of historical inefficiency.

    Meanwhile, the Thunder managed to lose to the Pelicans with Boogie getting ejected in the 3rd quarter, with a Westbrook triple double… his shooting is screwing them up so hard.

  30. slovene knick

    Granted I only watched highlights of the game and that clipper hull is in a matador D stage of decay it’s nice to win tha have to win games for a change. The Knicks became more predictable in a positive sense.
    All of Brian’s game thread intros lately are spot on which was not always the case in the past.
    There is no thread on the planet to predict Bargniani shooting it early and giffing it all season long, Beno passing it to JR, no-one predicts Amaree’s back injury BEFORE and hand injury AFTER the game all in the PLAYOFFS …WTFFFF, and the Al thing slaping the board and i could go on and on. It was a shaqting a Knick decade and a half:(( The hardest job for Brian in the past now hopefully back to normalcy.
    And on Wednesday the game against a team which is deep and then some, plays orbital bone fracturing D and to top it all we have no answers for DeMar and Kyle is a test to have.
    If the Knicks manage to stay competitive and withstand the beating it would be a real sign of the tide turning. Oh and Frank needs to stop hallucinating on the court. He belongs.

  31. Nick C.

    In the postgame Hornacek said Frank was sick. Considering Hornacek was coughing every other sentence, it seems plausible.

  32. slovene knick

    Sickness is newer good news but in this case I’ll take it.
    The plays really looked well below the floor shown in previous games. Hope he gets well quick.

  33. Z-man

    Honestly, getting even nothing of value to get Melo’s contract off the books is a net plus. Instead, we got two players worth more than they are being paid (I think Kanter is statistically a mid-$20 million player, even though I wouldn’t want to pay him that much and McDermott is a steal) and a somewhat valuable draft pick. This was an absolutely brilliant move, made possible by not giving in to Houston.

    It is also the case that Melo retained trade value, if only by reputation, and the NTC was not as insurmountable of an object as many thought. It was a dumb idea and set us back 3 years on the rebuild trail, but at least we pulled an Andy Dufresne…came out clean on the other side!

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