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2023-24 GameThread Knicks @ Kings: OG’s Elbow Works Opener, which is luckily a thing

The Knicks head to Sacramento to take on a pretty good Sacramento Kings team, but luckily for the Knicks, OG Anunoby will play tonight despite being questionable due to his elbow possibly falling off at some point last night.

It’s going to be fun to watch the Brunson/OG force take on a good team. This is far from a “gimme” win, but you have to like the Knicks against pretty much anybody right now, as the Knicks can start making that inevitable move for the three-seed (as the Cavs lost earlier tonight).

Let’s go, Knicks!

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We need concentration on perimeter defense, and we need to shoot respectably from outside in order to have a chance. The Kings have a high-octane offense and if they get their 3s going they can be scary. Pressure the ball, stay with your man, and be quick on perimeter closeouts. We need OG to play for sure. It’s gonna be extremely difficult to win without him tonight. Hopefully, DDV has this matchup marked in his calendar. Deuce should have a good game on both ends of the ball as Kings defense is not very good. This may also be the game Burks gets it going as well. It can’t be that he forgot how to shoot.

The guy who scares me the most is Bond villain Domantas Sabonis.

And we can’t let 50 year old Harrison Barnes go off.

I don’t even know how to describe whatever this game has been for the first 6 mins.

the pace favors us, but the kings are playing at home…

this feels like a close game that will go down to the end: fox versus brunson…

Feels like both teams have missed a bunch of wide open 3s but I’ll gladly take a Knicks 5pt lead at the half.

Could be a huge turning point, DDV misses a WIDE OPEN corner 3 then Hart gets called for a flagrant foul.

Unfortunately looks like i was correct in my huge turning point prediction…

I thought Sacramento’s defense was supposed to suck?

They’re getting after it tonight

Fucking cello recitals.

As Thomas Jefferson never said, What’d I miss?

iHart looking fairly demonic under the boards. Some hustle.

OG has some rust to shake off. He’s looks a bit off on both ends tonight. This is not unexpected off an injury. Sometimes the player comes back sharp off the layoff playing on adrenaline but then drop offs a bit until they get back in peak shape.

Really other than I-hart and Brunson no one has played well.

Critical stretch will be when Brunson comes out

Precious the entire night has had no chance in hell trying to stop Sabonis.

Burks will save us tonight. He is the only one that can match this game’s chaotic energy.

The crowd is really into it. That’s an advantage for them, but it’s still nice to see.

Yeah these minutes with Brunson on the bench have been as brutal as expected.

Deuce not having a good game, but those dangly bits of hair down over his face — very ingenue look.

iHart with another incredible defensive sequence on Sabonis.

I gotta say this is a really good game. I just hope we survive it physically.

I’m watching from a bar more than a few drinks in so I haven’t checked the box score, but my eye test impression is this is the kind of game we had in mind when we traded for Burksdanovic.

Oh, also Brunson is unfair.

Every time it feels like Knicks are about to pull away Kings go on a quick run.

Noble, well, they’ve had some good stretches, but Burks is 4-10 and Bogey is 4-12 (1-5 from three) with three turnovers.

They ARE plus 7 and 13 to take first and second on the team so far. So Strat would say they’re doing great.

iHart just pulled a Randle on that drive. Good Julius that is.

oh man, that guy guarding jalen turned his head for a second, and that was all it took…

one of the best wins of the year…

I sure hope this loosens up bogey and burks going forward…

Definitely one of our best wins of the season, Kings aren’t contenders but they’re a legit playoff team

That was an incredible game and win for us. I had to watch the kings broadcast and man were they salty about our physicality.

Great win and nice to see Burks wake up and Bojan do some things in the 4th.

Gutsy win. OG with two huge defensive plays in the last min or so. Burks and Bogi with quality minutes in the 4th, finally. Tough place to win in too. Great win

“OG with two huge defensive plays in the last min or so.”

I noticed that, he didn’t shoot well but his presence was felt…

I noticed OG’s elbow was wrapped in a towel or something when he was on the bench, has that been the norm since he got back or was that new?

Also that felt like the Burks game but looking at the box score it wasn’t even that impressive 🤷🏾‍♂️

hey z-man, I hope things are well for you on your trip…

by any chance did you catch some of the defensive synergy numbers mitch had that milo shared earlier today…

it seemed to confirm the notion that defensively:
isaiah >>> mitch

I would have never believed that possible up til december when the team got their defense straight…

OG’s help defense on Sabonis was incredible all game long. Box score has him with 3 blocks and only 1 steal.

This team just has no fold in them. Every time it looks like the home team is about to make a run they buckle down and either get a stop or make a key bucket.

Like many pundits have said, no one wants to face this team if we’re healthy in the playoffs

A healthy iHart plus a somewhat healthy OG makes this a really tough defensive team. Great start to the road trip.

Burks and Bogey shot like shit again but Thibs stuck with them and Bogey at least in the 4th made some huge shots. Can’t complain about Thibs’ minutes allocation tonight!

Burks and Bogie did not play well in the first half but both came up huge in the 4th. If that is the start of them doing what they came here to do that would be nice.

Win the next one, lose to Denver and then we got 4 very winnable games.

Would really like to know what’s up with Randle and Mitch.

2 games behind the Cavs, who are still dealing with the Mitchell injury. If they somehow can split the next two games, the schedule softens quite a bit after.

Both teams played their hearts out and it was a physical game throughout. But the Kings can’t beat us on our game. This f-g Knicks team plays with the heart of a lion. They shut down Sacramento (91 one points!), and Thibs once again worked the matchups masterfully. Had we shot decently from outside, the game wouldn’t have been so close. We missed ton of wide-open threes, a ton, way-way more than the Kings. Divo shot 3-12 and all of them were wide open. Bogey went 1-5. The refs messed up a lot of calls, but it was the Knicks that got the worst of it. Free throw disparity at 26-16 and Brunson, who played like an absolute SUPERSTAR tonight, took only four free throws, one of which was a technical foul. Tremendous win, absolutely tremendous! Wow!

Rough, you made me look. The team was 29% from three in that game. That’s rough (sorry…).

But we scrapped out a win…

Edit: Although the Kings shot 27%! We were 11-38, they were 10-37.

It’s clear that OG’s elbow is bothering him on his jump shots.

When is Julius coming back? Mitch? We could have use those dude tonight.

2nd in the East is within reach.

Bojan and Burks finally did something but they didn’t impress me. While I don’t like when Bogdonovic misses a shot, I hate it when he dribbles into traffic and loses the rock.

Although the Kings shot 27%! We were 11-38, they were 10-37.

Numbers are similar, quality is not. For most of our threes there was no opposing player in the same zip code. 😂

Btw, Thibs in the press conference just pointed to that Brunson shot only 4 free throws tonight.

Orlando starts an 8 game home stand tomorrow with games against Toronto and Charlotte then final 2 games are vs Memphis and Portland. The middle 4 games are against some tough opponents but still gonna be tough for Knicks to stay in 4th going into April.

Mitchell has played past couple of games for Cleveland so they’ll probably start winning more regularly again.

I watched none of this game, but I fucking LOVE that we’re keeping teams under 100pts. This is New York basketball!!!

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