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2024 NBA All-Star Game Thread

Jalen Brunson is the only Knick involved tonight, but that’s better than no Knicks being involved!

Let’s go, Eastern Conference!

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We’ve got 3 reps. Jalen, Julius, and Pablo on Finch’s staff.

I mean in the game itself.

Not very classy of Indy fans to boo Dame because of Hali sour grapes, but I guess pretty predictable and probably would have happened in any arena with similar circumstances. Hali did have a helluva game…KAT as well although lots of uncontested dunks to pad his numbers…Brunson was off from 3 but seemed to have fun.

Oscar is kind of a get-off-my-lawn old man so I wonder if he would admit that the shooting impressed him. I don’t think he or anyone else could have predicted the kind of long-range shooting accuracy we see today.

“And to the Eastern Conference All-Stars, you scored the most points,” Silver said flatly. “Well … congratulations.”

no body is risking injury for an all-star game…nobody…

not sure what sunday’s all-star game brings in for revenue, but – you would need to pay the winning team like 5 million a player to get the players to even try…

right now the payout is one hundred thousand per player on the winning team, and $25k for the losing team’s players…nope, not gonna do it…

re: Bojan v. Precious

“There are a million stats, to me the most important stat is Net Rating”

-Tom Thibodeau

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