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Game Thread 2023-24 Knicks @ Hornets (Randle-Less Knicks opener, which is sadly a thing)

The Knicks start their period of playing without star Julius Randle for at least a month with a game in Charlotte, against the awful Charlotte Hornets, who are missing LaMelo Ball, so, well, come on.

The Knicks will certainly miss Randle, but they sure shouldn’t need him tonight. Now, OG ALSO being out is definitely more of a problem. They should still beat the Hornets, but damn, they are missing too many freaking guys tonight! This irks me!

Let’s go, Knicks!

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Rehashing from previous thread, these are our starters tonight:

Jalen Brunson
Donte DiVincenzo
Josh Hart
Precious Achiuwa
Isaiah Hartenstein

Figure a three-man bench of Deuce, Grimes, and Sims. Maaaaaybe Evil Donte if the Hornets play small a lot? Randle, OG, and Mitch are all injured. Fournier’s away on personal stuff (which every beat person insists is a legit thing, and not trade-related), and I have no idea if any of the two-way guys are traveling with the team as opposed to being in Westchester. So Evil Donte and Archie may be the only other guys even available. I know it’s the Hornets, but yeesh.

We should still be able to beat these guys but I don’t think it will be enjoyable viewing

From the high point of the season to the very next game having to watch this starting lineup…

things I never thought I’d see in an ESPN play-by-play
“Frank Ntilikina offensive rebound”

Miller really has a very aesthetic game, reminiscent of a young Paul George out there.

It’s perhaps fortunate that Charlotte is the worst defense in the league

I just turned the game on (I was thinking a 7:30 start). It’s real small ball at the moment, 4 guards and Sims (Hart, Grimes, McBride and Divo)

It appears the 8-37 Hornets, who are missing their starting point guard and just traded away their best combo guard, got a 5 minute look at Frank Ntilikina at point guard and said “that’s quite enough of that”

Yeah, Sims have been giving enough good minutes to rest Hartenstein quite a bit, that is nice.

I didn’t see much of the game yet, but the box score says our bench has a higher plus minus than most of the starters. Given our injuries, that is remarkable.

We’re 2-15 on threes, but the Hornets are so absurdly bad that the game is still tied.

If we’re gonna survive this stretch without Randle, Grimes has got to be better than this…

Speaking of cartoons I gotta watch the new season of Masters of the Universe on Netflix!

What shocks me is that the Hornets bench scored zero points in the half. This is is despite five guys playing of the bench a total of 32 minutes.

You are correct. I misread. Still not good for the Hornets, but not as shocking.

I’m getting 2019 flashbacks from both squads. They really need to win this fucking game.

Yeah I mean literally having Brunson alone is looking like enough. Would’ve been nice if we didn’t have to give him the Secretariat treatment against this outright G-League team.

Did Frank fucking Ntilikina really just do that? I’d say it’s time to go back to Europe but there’s no way he could hang in those leagues. Time to learn Chinese buddy.

The 3s started falling, Brunson started doing his thing, and the Hornets are unraveling hard…

I’ll say this, I’m feeling kinda bullish with Precious, he’s a pretty capable backup 4/5 and I feel he still has upside to be better.

We are currently up 20 with Donte DiVincenzo as our second option, just like in the Villanova days

On this Hornets team, the guy Phil Jackson took in the lottery has managed to be the least impressive player

I still can’t believe all the stupid usage debates some people here tried to foster up after trading RJ and IQ.

when an nba team knows they suck and needs a coach…clifford must be the first guy in the rolodex…

I beg you Thibs…don’t let Brunson see any more minutes in this game. Now more than ever, we can’t afford to lose him

The Hornets are embarrassing top to bottom…

Implying there’s any sort of top on this team seems generous

Brunson is coming back in after this timeout isn’t he..

Most obvious Thibs thing ever.

Brunson is coming back in after this timeout isn’t he..

Most obvious Thibs thing ever.”

Yeah, but this time it’s on the bench, not on Thibs…

Please rest some players, Thibs. How is he this reckless with minutes? No one should be playing 40+ minutes against the Hornets.

With a 20pt lead he sits players around 1:30 to 2:00 left, sometimes 1:00. He needs a 30pt lead to really pull them early

Brunson played 34 minutes, it’s fine. Divo is the only one who broke 40 and Hart got close with 39, but without OG and Randle there’s not much that can be done there, not even Fournier was available.

Isn’t it kind of weird how anemic Jackson Jr is when it comes to rebounding? Sabonis is out rebounding him 23-3 in the 3rd quarter.

It’s true. If you have Brunson and a Basketball, you don’t need any other players. #Arewenotmen?

Im not worried about the Cavs. They’ve played a ton of home games and they have the dreaded west coast trip to end the season. They CAN’T keep up the insane 3pt shooting, can they?

If you have Brunson and a Basketball

I love that! But these are kind of wins you give major credit to Thibs for. The man has created the ethos that makes your statement true.

But these are kind of wins you give major credit to Thibs for. The man has created the ethos that makes your statement true.

This is the truth.

“Im not worried about the Cavs. They’ve played a ton of home games and they have the dreaded west coast trip to end the season. They CAN’T keep up the insane 3pt shooting, can they?”

The Cavs won 51 games last year and have since improved their roster. They have had a bunch of injuries and are just starting to get healthy again. They are also as all-in as a team could be, and are probably bitter and hungry after last year’s playoff debacle. I don’t think anyone should be surprised that they are winning a lot.

Ben Simmons with an excellent game in his return…although it looks like the Jazz were AWOL…

Seems I set my money on fire taking that 14-1 flyer on the Heat to win the East the other day. But I bet twice as much on the Clippers at 10-1 and I have a good feeling I’ll be cashing that one in.

woo-hoo we won…didn’t catch the game, will watch the replay when it’s ready…

we have a tough week of basketball coming up:
– tues, jazz
– thurs, pacers
– sat, lakers

time to go all super-nova (that is pretty cool, 3 college teammates are starting for an NBA team)…precious, deuce and jericho seem to be kicking in at the perfect time…

hopefully OG’s elbow thing is more of just resting him before a back to back, but – we’ll know more if he’s not in there tomorrow…

wow, isaiah’s on a minutes restriction…you really can’t have too deep a team some seasons…like this season…

hopefully we can keep jalen/OG/julius making 36 million and below per season when/if we extend/re-sign them…

it’s important to have some quality backups (DDV, isaiah), never know when the backups might need to become starters…

watching the replay now, it’s with the charlotte broadcast team…

they’re okay…they just clowned frank, saying he plays “ymca” defense…ha…

yeah, frank is good at: ___________…nothing basketball-wise…

Geo…you get to the part where their announcer calls Brunson “prime grade A beef”?

naw, i got a bit distracted folding clothes 🙂

i have the sound off now, i’ll turn it back on when the second half starts…

had a good night, went to one of those japanese style grills to celebrate the oldest kid’s birthday…she’s been old enough to order booze, still it’s a little weird…at least her brothers are still fairly young yet…

during my obsession of getting my home in order, i’ve been a bit of a dick dad…there’s 3 of them, and the 2 oldest are somewhat sensitive, and well, at times i too can get a little thibs like when it comes to getting things down, and maintaining order…

so, it was a good chance for the kids, their mom and i to enjoy our bonus -type family together…

days like this are simply the years and years of the wear and tear of parenting paying off…

my friend called me a disneyland dad (come stay on the weekends and holidays)…i just need to be a little wiser in how i utilize the time we have together…

people mostly just remember how you made them feel…20 years from now – don’t want the story to be my dad was a dick…

edit: the chicken and steak the dude was cooking on the grill looked sooooo good…had the chicken, and tried some of the steak and shrimp…yum…

Philly’s down 17 to Portland in the 3rd and the Bucks just lost to Denver.

Brogdon with 21-7-5 on 13 shots, just begging for Leon to come get him.

And lastly, it’s been exactly 7 weeks since Shams said Mitch would be evaluated in 8-10 weeks.

In fairness, Philly is only really in this mess bc Embiid isn’t healthy.

Indiana lost Halliburton for weeks. Cleveland’s lost half their team. Butler’s missed 1/3 of the season for Miami. We haven’t really been too unlucky, this stuff happens to everyone.

We’ll power through it. We might not go 14-2 but we’ll be ok.

What Hubert said. Plus, this rash of injuries has not affected our won/loss record in any way, shape, or form, at least not yet. I mean, we’re still 13-2 in our last 15, and still on pace to win 52 games. Even with an expected drop-off, we have some leeway here (assuming that the drop-off does not become precipitous).

The Cavs learned what they needed from their loss to us last year. They filled the gaps really well in the off season and haven’t been healthy this season. I want absolutely nothing to do with the Cavs in the 1st round again. I’d rather play the 76ers under the assumption that Embiid will be out or less than 100% for a couple of the games.

I’ve been wondering how the Heat were playing so well despite all the injuries all season long. I assumed it must be the genius of Spo because they aren’t that good. Now they are healthier and I can’t believe they are this bad.

Don’t pick on Frank. He’s had more injuries than a 50 year old WWE wrestler and hasn’t seen an NBA court consistently in so long he needed a map to find it. Some guys just don’t have the body that can hold up to professional sports and develop their skills. Right now it looks like he has nothing left. At least Charlotte is smart enough to not play him at PG.

You would think the Mavs should be dangerous against almost anyone with Luka, Kyrie and a handful of decent role players, but Kyrie hardly plays and when he’s out their offense is Luka with the ball and 4 other guys hoping they’ll touch it. Their defense is non existent, especially with Luka. I’m not sure what to expect from them. They could get healthy, play smarter and win a lot of games or they could find themselves battling for a play in spot and tanking the last few games.

Some guys just don’t have the body that can hold up to professional sports and develop their skills.

Should read:

“Some guys just don’t have skills”

There, FTFY.

Ironically or maybe obviously, the Knicks moved the ball better without Randle, but that was against the worst defense in the NBA. We’ll see what happens against real NBA teams. But if they want to score with this Randleless team, we are going to need a lot more ball and player movement and some transition baskets to get our role players some easy shots.

Should read:

“Some guys just don’t have skills”

There, FTFY.

He was a good defender and quick and accurate ball mover (my two favorite attributes). It was his shot that needed a lot of development. At a minimum he needed a consistent 3 pointer to have a role. But you have to be on the court consistently and have off seasons to work on your game to have any hope of developing those skills. He had neither. He was constantly hurt and missed several off seasons. Now he looks really slow and empty. He looks done.

Look at how much progress KP made once he had a few healthy off seasons to work on his game. He’s still getting better at 27. He’s arguably taking bigger leaps now than he was in his early 20s because he’s been healthy going into the off season and could work on his game instead of rehabbing. There’s no telling how much quicker he would have gotten there and how much higher the peak would have been without all he went through.

It is what it is. Some guys get hurt a lot.

Still dying on the Frank Ntilikina hill in 2024.

You have to admire the commitment to the bit.

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