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2022-23 Game Thread – Knicks vs. Wizards – Might as Well Go For 49 When They Can!

The Knicks host the Washington Wizards as their chance to win 49 games is still possible.

Come on, Knicks!

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“It’s going to be hard to make up for Barrett’s absence…..”

Said the Wizards coach.

Don’t think waiver wire bigs finish that lob. I will be the last to leave Obi Island.

“I will be the last to leave Obi Island.”

Is that in the same archipelago as Hyland Island?

Grimes especially has been getting torched lately. Thankfully his offense has been making up for it.

Deuce has a bit of a windup on that jumper

I guess Randle was the key to our defense like I always told you all.

Isaiah Hartenstein might be my most aggressive midseason opinion shift on a player. Love watching that dude go to work now.

Bones has been pretty good lately Z-Man so yeah I would still take him over Cam Reddish

Iq is too loosey goosey tonight…pissing off thibs

Breen called the wiz scrappy…bad omen…

I didn’t mind one of those quick shots he took, but two very bad plays. Not his usual style.

BBA, I agree about missing RJ Without RJ and Randle they have no one who can just bill his way into the paint. They would often get foul shots or kick out for open threes. So their offense has to be different.

Was at the stadium for my football/soccer team, so i’m only starting now… for the win, i hope!

We’re playing like shit, defending like the Washington Generals, they’re shooting lights out and we’re down “only” 8.

Thibs is gonna kick their ass at halftime…

What’s happening with Brunson? In the few minutes i’ve watched, he missed two easy shots because the shot was too short.

We’re not playing all that well but I think it’ll be enough to beat this “who he play for” all star team

Obi with 1 reb and letting a backup PG grab an offensive reb plus putback over him is a problem.

12 mins away from a playoff spot! Let’s hope they put them away early and not have to sweat it out down the stretch.

I am furious at Obi for missing what would’ve been the funniest 3 of all time

Say what you want, but if nothing else Obi Toppin = fun.

Oh man, hopefully it’s alright since he got up? Would be hard to watch without him.

It’s clear we should just keep Obi under wraps until the last five games of every season.

I am not sure Obi will ever be a good NBA player, but he can certainly do some things that not many players in the NBA can do

Obi’s pretty good, he just plays for a team that doesn’t play to his strengths at all

Agreed. Brunson and Quickly should already have been resting.

Now let’s get healthy and make some NOISE in the playoffs!

Playoff basketball coming to MSG! Rest everyone and let’s go Knicks!

Christian Wood missed the tying FT with 1 second left and Dallas lost again…

Edit: or not?

Edit again: This is incredible… JaVale to the line to tie or win…

Christian Wood misses the FT to send it to OT. Possession being challenged after. Dallas is really bad.

Edit: Dallas with 0.4 seconds

Holy shit!!! Atlanta fouls on alley opp pass!

Edit: but it’s Javale McGee

Grimes pays? Sounds sick in the postgame.

Missed the second half but glad we dropped the hammer.

Very cool we’ve already clinched no play in spot. Cronin was the only one who believed in us.

McGee made one of two and Atlanta couldn’t score in the remaining 0.4 seconds so it’s overtime.

Kyrie with another brick.
Dallas is settling for 3’s and throwing up brick after brick.

At least OKC is losing so they’ll keep Dallas motivated to still get 10th, Minnesota lost too. Dallas finishes with 3 games at home so there’s still some hope.

Denver fucked us by sitting Jokic against OKC… not that I’m surprised they sat him

Jaylin Williams, the non-Eason player I was raving about pre-draft last year, is leading the league in charges drawn with 40 in ~870min.

He’s got 12 more than the next guy and doesn’t even qualify for the per game lead.

Grimes pays?

he always makes these really pained faces after contact. grimes and his demeanors. should be absolute fire with the Zers.

being in the playoffs will make watching the play in games that much more fun

Maybe our best bet is for CHI to finish below DAL….they play the Hawks at home and then MIL on the road…if they lose both, then they play in Dallas.

“Not sure if this guy will make it in the NBA.”

I’m worried about how those knees will hold up. He’s not exactly shooting the lights out either…

I think the most accurate comparison for VW is Ralph Samson. Centers were not allowed to play on the perimeter much back then, but Ralph was incredibly skilled. Here’s some video of him in college, when the competition in college was much better because players like Ewing et. al. stuck around for 3-4 years.

Bill Simmons agrees:

I do worry about his high center of gravity and skinny frame leading to an injury-marred career, but conversely, if Samson played today with medical advances and load management maybe he would have lasted longer.

I don’t remember Samson having a handle like that. Or shooting. We will see.

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