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2022-23 Game Thread: Knicks @ Heat – The One

I’m not really all that concerned about the Knicks holding on to the #5 seed. I’m pretty confident that they will do so. But, well, you know, beating the Heat would be nice, anyways.

How’s the 49 win prediction looking? It’s pretty much dead on at the moment, right?

Let’s go, Knicks!

(And yes, this is a title reference to Elton John’s “The One.” Positive one songs are hard!)

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Props to the Heat for doing a Willis tribute. Clyde is pretty clearly shaken up.

That was a quality move by the Heat, especially given Riley’s feelings about NY.

Our new award is the Taurean Prince Out of Your Mind Award.

Gabe Vincent early leader tonight.

Gabe Vincent for the Lord Sumner?

Edit: Hahaha, D-Mar! Prince will never have a game like that again, that’s for sure!

I love Brunson’s permanent “What’d you just call me” scowl.

Big 4 points swing to close the half between IQ’s collapse and Martin’s line drive…

Watching the Knicks play defense in person is even more frustrating than watching from home.

I’m stuck with the Heat’s feed and I’ve never heard a couple of opposing commentators being so effusive in their praising of the Knicks…

I was gonna say we might as well just get Bertans if this is our plan for Obi. It’s hard to watch.

Anybody else see that Barrett turnover happening well before it happened?

The word for that play is ‘pathetic.’

Honestly between dumb turnovers, missed dunks, offensive fouls we’re trying our best to lose this game…

The Heat are shooting 54.8 and 52.9, the Knicks are shooting 47.8 and 34.8, and yet we’re only down 3.

Gotta say, you could probably go down to any nightclub along the Miami strip and find better dancers than this group. Although the choreographer gets dinged as well.

Knicks City Dancers not in any danger.

Well…the heat dancers certainly give the knick city dancers a run for their money…oops raven and I are on the same wavelength

If (IF) we’ll end up playing the Cavs in the playoffs,
we’re gonna be very happy they did buyout notorious Knicks killer Kevin Love…

Butler is a 90 Knick if any of of the 90 Knicks had been good on offense

What a block by Hart

Neat, another game where a garbage offense is enabled to shoot better than an entire team of Steph Currys.

It’s time to stop interpreting us being down small while allowing 60% shooting as a sign that we’ll inevitably rally when it really means exactly what it looks like: even at full strength our defense is fucking godawful and we’re no threat to any eastern playoff team as long as thst is so.

Brunson on ball D ick. The refs are cooked… they deserve a firing … F em… frustrating watching them have to overcome refs… we really do have a stigma … there’s zero doubt refs have a deep seeded malice

Is a defensive player tripping over the stationary leg of an offensive player really an offensive foul?

We really are getting no calls tonight, wait till Butler comes back in, the whistles will be blowing.

It’s taking all my will power not to run on the court and punch these refs….

We can get any random 5 Knickerbloggers and we’ll be able to get wide open shots against this Knicks defense.

We are on our way to securing defeat between our defense and one on one offense…

Randle’s defense has been the same as in the Minnesota game, alas his offense hasn’t.

We do/are NOT working nearly hard enough on defense … fucking work you shit heads

The last 2 threes Miami made were a contested shot by Herro and a 27 footer by Strus.

Not much you can do about that.

Okay, the refs robbed us in the crucial moment and this game is over, can we now break some legs?
I want Herro maimed…

Butler sure likes to talk smack but I guess tonight he can. He’s totally dominated this game.

A win tonight would have most likely sealed the 5th seat for the Knicks, but they keep shooting themselves on the legs. I don’t think they got a single stop the last five minutes. Wow! Their defense has been unrecognizable for the second game in a row.

Back to back game tomorrow, and, if they loose again, they can be in trouble.

1. This teams goes as Quick goes.

2. The defense is becoming a problem again. Maybe teams are finding the holes and targeting weaknesses better, but whatever it is, it’s an issue.

3. RJ seems to be learning. I think he should spend the summer working out with Butler.

4. I’m not sure what the solution is with Obi given his skill set, but the way we are using him now is preposterous.

Can’t the refs have a buzzer in hand … like a stopwatch… has two buttons… an 8 second button and 5 second button … it counts the seconds for you, with a short buzz at each second … long buzz to end the count .. ref cam still move his arm with the buzz… blow the whistle … WiFi, Bluetooth, zigbee whatever… signal to scorers table … can track when they start count so no funny business… BETTER YET… if it’s real-time transmission to scorers table … have an audible horn like for substitution when times up… this is easy … simple solution …

The Knicks just have way too favorable of a final stretch of games. They’ll be fine for the five.

Brian, that’s twice you’ve been optimistic after a loss. I don’t agree. The Knicks have to start defending better. They gave up 140 to the Nuggets and 127 to Miami and, as I recall, Miami is not known for their offense.

Knox is getting more playing time than Reddish now for the desperate Blazers. Not sure what to make out of that, but whatever it CAN make probably isn’t good.

Brian, that’s twice you’ve been optimistic after a loss. I don’t agree. The Knicks have to start defending better. They gave up 140 to the Nuggets and 127 to Miami and, as I recall, Miami is not known for their offense.

Oh, the defense is very concerning, I’m just saying that they’ll still almost certainly finish fifth. Separately, yes, the defense is annoying.

The officiating league wide has to be at a low point right now…not sure how it evolved to this point but i now see how Van Vleet went off last week…as a player to have to deal with that kind of incompetence must be super frusturating…

I’ve been way busy (too busy for a retired guy) to post here but I had to chime in about Willis Reed. I started following basketball at the start of the 72-73 season. By then the Knicks were the toast of the town having won just a couple of years prior. I lived out of the country in 69-70 so I missed that championship and Reed’s historic moment. No matter – Reed became an early role model for me. He helped me fall in love wit the Knicks and was the heart and soul of my team. He will be missed.

The second thing is about the Knicks. It’s almost time to panic. When a team gets good and is going to make the playoffs, that team gets scouted heavily and teams learn ways to take advantage of weaknesses. I sense that it’s happening and it’s time for the coach and players to adjust to the adjustments made to stop them. Randle’s temper, Brunson’s defense, Mitch’s foul shooting – we have to expect these weaknesses and the others exploited.

I need to see the suffocating defense back at work.

Donnie Walsh says:
March 22, 2023 at 23:26
Knox is getting more playing time than Reddish now for the desperate Blazers. Not sure what to make out of that, but whatever it CAN make probably isn’t good.

Well, Knox had a similar scoring line compared to Reddish but had 5 rebounds and was +7 compared to Reddish’s 2 rebounds and -9 in similar minutes. I’d play Knox too with those results.

I’m just saying, if you’re depending on those guys for 46 combined minutes in a must-win game in late March, your season probably isn’t going to end well. Their ENTIRE bench tonight consisted of OAKAAK super-scrubs. (And somehow they won, haha).

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